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A Nation Divided – Robin Pease

A Nation Divided

Oct 14, 2019 6:24 PM
Robin Pease


received 10-13-19 around 7am

(after I saw Sister Barbara Francis’ messageSister Barbara Francis’ message and Jeff Byerly- warnings from Amos that he posted) I wasn’t sure if I should share because it was so similar to these other words but I feel God is just driving home his point with many confirmations! Here is the word:

Yes, a nation divided and plundered. Death everywhere. It’s stench will fill the air and nostrils of the people. You have allowed yourselves to be divided! You have fallen into the snare the enemy has laid for you! O foolish people! You should rather turn off your t.v.’s and radios and seek your God! Why have you listened to man but have ignored your God? Am I not worthy of your time? Do you not believe I would speak to you if you were to seek me with all your heart? Did I not say this in My word? Those who seek me with all their heart will find me!! Sluggards! You have itching ears and are too impatient, as Saul was, to wait upon your God for His answer and guidance and have instead turned to mediums and spiritists who tell you what your itching ears want to hear. So the lion takes the prey- the eagle swoops and is caught- the bear devours and the wolves scatter the sheep! Only those who can pray Psalm 91 from their hearts- knowing I Am God- will be spared in these days. All others will perish and be utterly destroyed because of their trust in man. Am I a God far away? You claim I am near but you do not hear me? You claim to see, yet are blind to the deception. Wake up! The shaking has come and who can stand in the day of the Lord?


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