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A History Lesson With Jesus: “The Mark of The Beast is Ancient” – Michelle Katherine Orts


A History Lesson With Jesus: “The Mark of The Beast is Ancient”

April 6, 2022 2:45 PM
Michelle Katherine Orts

Wednesday, April 6th, 2022

Dear Prophecy444News/Jonathan,

I hope you and your family are well and that rain has fallen. David and I hope and pray for continued protection for you, your family and for everyone who interacts with the Ministry that God has entrusted you with. Thank you to all my Brothers and Sisters who prayerfully share their interpretations of my Dreams, Visions and Words of Revelation from Our Precious Lord Jesus and His Holy Spirit. God gets all the Glory always for everything in Jesus’ Name. I thoroughly enjoy reading and rereading the Biblical messages Jesus is sharing with all of us as His Bride. Every message which draws us back to Jesus and His Word declaring Jesus is God moving us to repentance and Holiness by Jesus’ Holy Spirit is of God. We must always test everything against God’s Word.

A particular thank you to McKana, HandMaiden of The Most High, Sammy Omosh, Nurse Ashley, Carl, My Hiding Place, LYNNE JOHNSON and of course, you 444ProphecyNews for the kind mentions. I pray that I haven’t forgotten anyone or missed anyone…Please forgive me if I have done so. I pray many more in The Body step up to be used in their Giftings Purposed by Jesus in This Hour to Glorify Jesus and to bring in The Great Harvest!

I have continued to pray for Jesus to use me as He wills. And to my surprise and Joy, Jesus is Willing to continue use me, for His Purposes. I am nothing. I am filthy rags, without Jesus, without Jesus’ Holy Blood cleansing and Saving me day to day.

Thank you to you and to everyone who is praying for me and my family due to my younger sister Eva’s passing. She is being buried tomorrow April 7th, 2022. The process of mourning takes time even when I know Eva is now with Jesus.

I and my husband David, both, remain in awe of Our Kind, Gracious, Perfect Lord God and King. And grateful for His Loving Mercy for us His Children. Jesus took me to a historical time on earth to teach me about the origins of The Mark of The Beast. I do not pretend yo understand it all. It is alot to digest for me and for us all. I am submitting this for your prayerful review and publishing.

In King Jesus’ Service and in Jesus’ Holy and Agape Love,

Dream Received Monday April 4th, 2022 7:00PM Central Time
Michelle Katherine Orts aka TurtleDove and wife to my loving husband Reverend/Pastor David Orts

A History Lesson With Jesus: “The Mark of The Beast is Ancient”

I awoke speechless. Shaken, I had been taken in my spirit man as I slept. It felt very real for me. The landscape was vast and gray as if I were looking at very old photographs or was in a sienna toned, silent movie. There was nothing green left to be seen. The sun had not yet returned from behind the brand new envelope of cloud formations upon the face of the earth. It was still. There was no wind. The violent tempests had taken their course. It was time for respite. I was being shown the entire earth from end to end from the ground view and from the aerial view.

With man, this vantage point, to see everything at once, is impossible. But WITH God, Yeshua Creator God, King Jesus, The Creator of Everything and of Everyone, nothing is impossible.

I heard this Declaration from Heaven, “The Mark of The Beast is Ancient.”

It was Father God speaking to me From Heaven with Jesus’ Holy Spirit transporting me.

I suddenly was given understanding. The Fallen Ones had tried this all before.

In reality, I have taken a look online at things of Tartaria or The Mud Flood channels online. In reflection and in perspective, the pictures shared in many online Tartarian videos produced by a variety of people accurately depicted my view in this visit with Jesus. There were no people. There were buried buildings. Buried landscapes. Buried skeletal remains and buried human and GIANT remains, some were completely intact and remained as if suddenly turned to stone. Jesus did not tell me how or why but simply showed me what was.

And then Jesus said to me, “The Fallen will try, are trying this all again. This time. Fire will come by My Father’s Hand.” -Jesus God made flesh spoke to me by His Holy Spirit as I wrote this down.

And then, returning to the memory of my visit in my spirit man in my dream,

I saw, all at once, the aftermath of total destruction. The Flood of Noah had covered every inch of every living thing. For forty days and forty nights the waters below and for the first time from above gushed forth. No living human soul, or terrestial or aerial creature survived except for Noah and his family and the animals which God had selected for protection aboard The Ark. A total of eight (8) humans remained alive, unblemished, “perfect,” meaning, untouched genetically by The Fallen’s genetic influence or “markings,” The Fallen had tried this whole scheme before. And Creator God had intervened, saddened, for mankind had mostly turned against Him except for just one (1) family.

Jesus’ Holy Spirit showed me the results of The Cataclysm after The Flood in Noah’s time. It looked wartorn, ravaged, barren and mostly buried in mud. There were ancient industrial cities, with POWER, ELECTRICITY, STEAM ENGINES, WELL BUILT MACHINES OF ENORMOUS SIZE. There were “Flying Machines” too.

Interjecting a question from me here.
Why have we all been MIS-taught history? HIS-STORY? Why do we think that man before us had to have been primitive or stupid or slow or inferior? In many ways, the men and women before us were far superior for they had descended directly from Adam and Eve, walking and talking with God in The Garden. Don’t we consider how much more they knew about everything than we actually know now? Even in Abraham’s or Mose’s time, or in Jesus’ time why do we think most lived in great want or need? Even Jesus pointed out the grand architecture in his time spent living as a 100% man and 100% God in the flesh. Jesus wasn’t impressed not because the structures weren’t impressive but because Jesus’ Eternal Kingdom was incomparable in every way.

Insight given by Jesus’ Holy Spirit as I write this down.
The Fallen, The Fallen Angels had lived in Heaven. They had seen Majesty Himself and they Chose to Depart and to Fall. The Bible tells us Satan their leader, they wanted to be “like God.” Humans were created in The Image of God. The Fallen wanted to become human. They Mingled, mated among female humans. The “Giants” the Nephilim were born.

Enoch spoke with The Fallen. The Fallen taught men about how to build weapons of war, how to mine, how to use medicine, even teaching women how to seduce men with eye-makeup.

Modern mankind has been manipulated by The Fallen led by Satan, Lucifer. Deception is their tool. But many great, big things were built and created by them and with their Fallen Technological influence in mankind’s lives, in many ways.

Go directly to God, to Father God, to Jesus’ God’s only Son and to God’s Holy Spirit Whom Jesus has left to Help us. Get Wisdom directly from God from Jesus from Holy Spirit.

Back to my visit in my spirit man, Jesus showed me huge, real, SPACESHIPS. I was shown buried spaceships. Repeating for those who are disbelieving me. Jesus showed me spaceships. I was shown literal so-called, “ALIEN” spaceships. BURIED. The spaceships were all buried deep under the earth or down deep in our sea.

I was shown by Jesus that the spaceships are associated with The Mark of The Beast. This is what Jesus showed me. They are both interconnected. The Fallen created the Spaceships and The Technology to manipulate human DNA. The Mark of The Beast, the technology itself, is and has been contained within these holding tanks, these ships for many centuries. The Fallen have been waiting. The Fallen are not flesh creatures though they can manifest themselves as such.

In the Bible, God’s Holy Angels could appear as men. They could eat, walk, talk and appear human in every way. And these same Holy Angels could also walk through walls and translate themselves to different locations instantly.

The Fallen Angels still have the same interdimensional and transformative properties of God’s Holy Angels, Except The Fallen Angels seek Mankind’s Death and Destruction and want to Steal from us with our God given identities and souls as their ultimate goal. The Fallen APPEAR as Angels of Light.

Do not be deceived. If anyone or anything comes to you, no matter how beautiful or wondrous or sweet talking they seem, if they NO NOT CONFESS JESUS IS GOD IN THE FLESH THEN DO NOT LISTEN!!! RUN!!! RUN TO JESUS! CALL UPON JESUS AND BE SAVED!!!

I was shown by Jesus’ Holy Spirit in this visit and time spent learning history with Jesus in my spirit man in my dream, that this earth, ancient earth in ancient times, is where The Mark of The Beast originated from at the Enemy’s Hands. I was told and shown that The Mark of The Beast has been here since Ancient Times and it resides within The Ancient Fallen Technology. The Mark of The Beast is being implemented using Pharmakea or the Pharmaceutical Industry. Jabs, pokes, injections, potions, lotions, tattooes, pills and or patches. Anything they can use, The Fallen will use to seduce, trick and to trap humans to turn them/us away from God.

Use discernment in using traditional healthcare. As for me and my family, for those of us with Holy Convictions given, we will NEVER be marked or injected or blemished in our DNA by The Fallen. Even if it means physical denial or access to be able to “BUY OR TO SELL” and ultimately we must all prepare to NOT deny JESUS, Yeshua Ha Mashiach, even if it means death. Some family members did not have Holy conviction to refuse the jab. I am interceding in prayer for God’s Mercy to be upon them. I am pleading The Holy Redemptive Blood of Jesus to nullify the jab itself as well as praying for true Salvation for all our family members and for the entire Body of Christ Jesus on this earth.

In The Flood, God destroyed all mankind while simultaneously sparing a Remnant of Eight for a New Beginning which is what number eight means in Hebrew.

God promised Mankind He would not use water to purge the earth in totality again. The Rainbow is God’s Sign to us, a reminder of His Promise. God doesn’t lie.

This time, the earth and all unrepentant humans will be destroyed by literal fire.

Please repent. Please turn away from sin, away from fear. Do NOT fall for the deceptive false promises of short term gain. Do not take The Mark of The Beast. The “jab” is a Primer, a Precursor and for some it has already become The Mark of The Beast as the process is incremental. Willingly and knowingly taking The Mark of The Beast means denial of Jesus before men and has resulted and will result in both physical and means eternal spiritual death= spending forever apart from Goodness from God Himself! Hell is REAL! Do NOT GO THERE!!! Repent now!

Ask Jesus to forgive you, to protect and to keep you. Plead The Holy Sinless Sacrificial Blood upon yourself and ALL your lineage, all your household all your family all whom you know and love! Be Holy!

Destruction by Fire is guaranteed for all inhabitants of the earth who deny Jesus is Lord God in the flesh.

The ONLY Salvation is Jesus. Choose Jesus and Choose Life Forever.

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