A Fight for Life – Ruth Johnson


A Fight for Life

October 20, 2021 3:24 PM
Ruth Johnson

It has become a fight for life
The life You gave, it is our right.
God given for us to live
It is Your Breath to us You give
That they want to take away
Any way they can.
They are a scourge
Upon the land
The one You called
Out of the depths
Of nothingness,
Of darkness.
Light You brought
Beautiful Adoil,
Sight You brought,
Touch and smell,
Ears to hear,
A voice to sing
From the Giver
Of everything.
And so it goes and so it goes
A fight for life
Is all we know
For they do not want us to own it,
Would like to take it from us,
A life they have no right to,
A life they do not fight for.
We do. Against them.
And they will not win.
Now it begins again,
Every waking day,
Each passing hour
They expect us to pay,
They want us to cower.
We do not live because of them,
We live because of Thee,
And very, very soon, my Lord,
The likes of them will see
Your Great Hand reaching down
Just to set things straight.
You want none to perish
Is the why You wait.
But You will not be late.
Let them run, let them hide,
Let them see if that works
When You, the Creator of all
Reveal where the scum lurks,
The ones that want to suck our breath,
Them that strive to cause our death.
I bet they are underground
Working among the graves
Believing they will not be found
And forced to behave.
They simply do not know You
And all Your capabilities,
They think their victory will ensue
With their limited abilities.
And so we fight for life,
But we fight with You,
Who has already won
Way before it had begun.
You are the Alpha and Omega,
The Beginning and the End,
Our Heavenly Father,
Your One Son You will send
To end this farce
Once and for all
For all Your people
Who heed His Call
To life! To life! To life!
La Chaim!
Your Great Kingdom
He Will bring
While Your Holy angels sing!
To life! To life! To life!
No more pain, death and strife!
We love You, Lord,
More than all!
We harken to Your trumpet call!
You gave us Breath
You will end death
On bended knee
We thank Thee!


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