A Father’s Love For His Son’s Bride – Ricky Wade

A Father’s Love For His Son’s Bride

Aug 4, 2019, 1:00 PM
Ricky Wade


If you had never lied
I would not had a Mission.
It was for this very cause
That I gave you a heart of Contrition.

I knew from the Beginning that you would probably stray,
Possibly even say to me that you were even gay.
But your actions could never affect my Eternal Plan
Because I had Foreknowledge that you would not stand.

It is who I am that I will ALWAYS wait for you,
With hopes & desires for your soon return to me,
We have much to catch up on, so come on through,
To receive all your Treasures in my Everlasting sea.

Your journey has been horrid to watch from above,
Cause you seldom focused on your One True Love.
The angels whispered what’s He see in that Wretch,
But I saw only the Glamour of My Beautiful Catch!

You seemed to enjoy playing the role of the Harlot,
You stole & you Squandered until you finally got it.
My life has been Dull without you in my Grasp,
But your actions proved I have but ONE Task!

I am more focused than Ever to have you Return,
There is only one other place & there you will Burn!
My Eternal Purpose can Never be Swayed,
So Come to Me NOW that We may Forever Play!

Life as you have known it is Coming to an END,
For THE GREAT TRIBULATION is About to Begin!
Please don’t Forsake MY Love any Longer,
For the Trumpets are blowing Ever so Stronger!

My Heart Pounds to have you Forever by My Side,
But your love for Me is as the Prevailing Tide.
I know what needs to be done to Protect you from what’s Coming,
But I will Never force you to stop you from Running!

Please, PLEASE think Only of Me before it’s too Late,
Time is So very Precious & I miss you So Much,
I hate it when you use Me as Only a Crutch,
Or toss Me around in your Religious Debate

You seem to worry about only Yourself,
Being Bound to this System & all that it Offers,
The attractions are many & so are its Coffers!
Therefore, if you continue to run, you will soon be Expelled!!!

Why oh Why do you not take me More Serious,
How much does it take before you are Curious?
The Signs Are Becoming Greater Than EVER,
I Love you So Much, I Want you Forever!!!

You’re Gonna blow out soon like a candle with no Wick,
Everyday you party until you get Sick.
To have you NOW is MY BURNING Desire,
If you don’t return to Me soon, you risk The LAKE OF FIRE!!!

You no longer need to live as a Harlot,
I’ve given you My Kingdom & ALL that is in It!
My Most Precious Gift, I’ve Invited you to Receive,
So turn to My Son, so you will Never Again Grieve!

What are your plans today, do they include Any Time with Me?
It’s been so long since you’ve been in My arms,
Please turn away now from all of your Wicked Charms,
And Receive My Son’s Love to Live in His Glory!!!

I have watched you from Afar with GREAT Joy in My Heart,
To the day you turn to me & Never Again Depart.
My love for you is AMAZING, I know that you See,
The Only thing missing is your desire to Believe!

It won’t take much more Before you Drown,
Please Come to Me NOW before you GO DOWN!!!
Now Rise Up In ME to Stand By My Side,
To Take your Place as YAHshua’s BEAUTIFUL BRIDE!!!

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