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A double witness confirmation- and a warning – Todd “Andrew” Farley

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A double witness confirmation- and a warning

November 18, 2023 6:50 PM
Todd “Andrew” Farley

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November 2023 “A double witness confirmation and warning.”

This is a testimony for the body of believers (in Jesus) and to or for some that the One True God (My Father) draws to it, and speaks to as He wills.

Over the years there have been a number of occasions that the Spirit of YAH (God) has surprised me with different variations of very sudden and unexpected communications, outside of the “hearing The Voice” prophetically from time to time, and scribing when I do.

By this I specifically mean BIG or significant “nuggets” or WARNINGS that He then tells me to share, mostly for the body of Christ. (Previously published examples include: “2 suns dream/vision” in 2017, a coming asteroid/sudden impact testimony I shared in ‘18, a testimony about WW- III that I shared 8 years ago (for and about the season we’re in now) and a prophetic compilation/ and detailed warning about the weaponized “injections”, 5 months before they rolled them out; among others.

I’ve shared quite a few prophetic words “in the fear of the Lord” after I heard them and then documented them. Then there are times I’m very surprised by something that suddenly happens; this is one of those times!

He has led me through something nearly 2 weeks ago and then clearly spoke to my heart by His dunamis Holy Spirit, and instructed me to SHARE what happened as a witness.

I prayed, consecrated myself to Him as his vessel, and in obedience I’m going to share it now and I asked the Father to help me (once again) not be one word too long, or one sentence short. In the general/specific sense this warning is to “the church” in the divided states of America, daughter of Babylon.

The testimony of what happened 2 weeks ago on Friday, November 3rd, a little after 11 AM EST:

While I consider myself a full-time bond-servant of Jesus, earlier this year He helped me through prayer and leading to a secular/professional job again, near my elderly mom’s home, who I’m overseeing or helping again, through very challenging times for her.

So, on this day I was at work and at my desk. I very rarely look at my phone during the work day, but I have to pay attn for texts related to my family member, so I do keep it nearby. Most notifications (but not all) are turned off at these times on my phone.

I’m plugging away on some things in Excel and on my computer when I heard a “bing” sound and saw something out of the corner of my eye with my phone’s screen at the same time. This time I chose to stop and look right at it, so I did.

It was a message post in a prayer group & fellowship I’ve been a part of for quite a while, and from one of my close friends (and Kingdom sibling/sister) Diana Pulliam.

Here is what I was looking at, this was something she shared at the time in the flow of other conversations going on that day in the group, that I hadn’t yet seen.

I looked straight at this when I decided to pause and open it:

Screenshot 1, 11:07 AM; 11/3/2023 (the time shown in posts is not when it opened on my phone, as the timestamp of my phone or the screenshot is not showing on this photo):

I felt the Holy Spirit rise up in and over me as I glanced at this. I’ve known Diana for quite a while, I had never seen this post from Z3, but I knew I’d check it out it later, and I glanced at or noticed the time, and it was 11:07 AM.

Within 3 seconds or less of noticing the time, I watched the time switch to 11:08 am and then 2 seconds later- I heard a “bing” (text notification) as something else popped up on my phone right then while still in my hand. (this was from another prophetic friend/sister I’ve known around 6 or 7 years)

Here is a screenshot of this 2nd text just below, the circled/highlighted part is what my eye went straight to, but of course I also saw the scripture:

As soon as the 2nd message came through, the Holy Spirit spoke loud and clear to My Spirit.

Long story short, He let me know this was a “double confirmation witness” (from Him directly) and that I was to pray, and then sometime soon to share this event as a testimony and a witness. What really got my attention was something along the lines of:

“If you don’t, blood will be on your hands.”

Wow…THAT is not something He’s ever spoken to me before, but it really impacted me because I instantly knew what He meant…
If I DID do it soon enough in peace with His timing and in obedience, then whoever (and however) He drew people to this warning, through it He is using this testimony (or will!) to help or save someone’s life or blood from this future event. In addition, if someone reads it and the Spirit helps them to see IF they’re not as right as they think they are w/God, they’ll seek Him diligently and their eternal future may be more secure.

This is the only reason I’m doing this my brothers and sisters, I don’t like getting the heavier things and I’m not about scaring people, but I am about being obedient to The King of kings and Lord of Lords!

Also, the Spirit of God fairly frequently with me, uses “numbers” and leads me to and through them to scriptures, and sometimes Strong’s Concordance nuggets, or both. In this testimony, He did that again.

When I knew something was happening in my heart right when this started and I took screenshots, I wasn’t even thinking about “times”. But before it was all over, He very clearly spoke briefly to me on that, and told me to look up (I knew it was Strong’s, not scripture) 11:07 and 11:08, the 30 seconds on my phone screenshots when both of these messages came; first with Diana’s post to the prayer group, and then with the prophetic friend who prefers to remain nameless- in the mountains out west.

1107 when I looked it up in the Greek is gnorizo.which ultimately means: “to make known; subject to know: — certify, declare, make known, give to understand.”

Of course next, I quickly went to 1108 as well and it is “gnosiswhich means “knowledge or knowledge of”, basically giving another double witness of the warnings He gave through these two sisters and those who follow and serve Him, and who’ve known for some time this type of thing is also coming one day. (After what recently occurred in Israel- the time could be short, only YAH knows?)

After my mind was processing this and feeling the intensity of the responsibility of it, I felt compelled to write a quick note to a fellow minister I know and tell them a snapshot version of what was happening while I was at work. 10 minutes after I sent it- I was thinking about what a heavy witness it would be, and I had told this person He was clearly instructing me to write something up about what had just unfolded.

Right at that moment literally when that thought was in my head, The Holy Spirit again told me to look at the time I had sent that email, so I did. I went to my “sent folder” opened it and it was 11:25, and after I looked it up, I just shook my head. I’ve said it before, but you can’t make this stuff up!

It was: “grafo: a primary verb; to “grave”, especially to write; figurative to describe: — describe, write (-ing, -ten).

Here is a link or the address shown in screenshot 1 from Diana’s dream post, it’s still up on Z3 from its original post-date almost 8 years ago now, please read it and pray about all of this. (Plus, Diana back then also gave good biblical advice and encouragement!)


God is faithful to warn… He used two prophets, one almost 8 years ago with her dream and popping it into her mind and then onto my phone at work 2 weeks ago, and the other sister to send me her message 20 seconds later. Then He picked me, to give the “double witness confirmation” and now I’ve testified by giving witness, and I have been obedient.

So, now what or what is your response if you were drawn to this?

I will prayerfully conclude with what He leads and inspires me to say in the fear of YAH (The Lord), and put scriptures below for anyone led to read them, which we all should, after all there’s nothing more important than His word!

The Most High, is sovereign, period; over everything! He does not Himself DO these things that our adversary and his army (including the other fallen messengers, principalities, as well as his multitude of earthbound demons) does or are planning; but there is nothing terrible or evil that happens, unless He allows it. If He allows it, there’s a plan and it’s ALL in the fullness of the true Word, Genesis through Revelation!

Being outside of our space and time and seeing the beginning from the end, He sees and knows everything, including everything in each individuals heart. In addition, He has seen the absolute infiltration of His “house” or the churches, with “dressed up ministers” who are self-appointed; who are worshiping or under the influence of a different father, instead of the true Father- without realizing it.

Apostasy at the end of the age is now rampant. He is thoroughly exposing it in this hour and His judgments will fall in this (and many other things) with a goal confirmed in His word to judge all evil; all friendship of the world, for He is a jealous God.. Yet in the midst of the coming months and years- the King of Glory will seek out and find every lost and broken sheep, so that through adversity He will bring them to the end of themselves. So that He can then (finally) pour out His love, break any chains of fear and bondage, and literally transform everything!

This will happen when the “stragglers” unplug from adultery and idolatry. For the carnal man is held in bondage by the teachings of those dressed up as light who are sharing so-called truth in a house of God, that He never built or called those listening to them to assemble at!

These “leaders” are those who deliver nothing but religious rules that break and bruise His sheep, or there are others who share “ear tickling” doctrines, all through the spirit of error!

There is a true body (the body of Christ) He is drawing together in unity. Sadly, there are future “body parts” who are currently lukewarm (like I used to be!), who are holding onto idols of the world, most without even realizing that they are naked and wretched, because they think they are lacking nothing. He is waiting for them to submit and cry out to Him, then He will clothe them in mercy, grace and truth- by the Spirit of reconciliation!

The true body of Christ is not a building with walls. Yet, true fellowship at this time is something we are instructed to do in Hebrews, even more so as we see the day approaching. The Father does not want His own to abandon where He Himself has directed them, if it happens to be a church building where He has them hearing the truth of the word and they’re in solid discipleship or being equipped. Often He’ll send specific people to churches, wanting to use them (or you!) for their love and Holy Spirit gifting, to assist in that same process for others!
There are a few “remnant” churches out there, I’ve visited in a number of them around the country in the last 10 years. Most are houses falling apart however, and He’s led and now leading many to “come out of her My people!” There is a harlot church, and there is a Bridal company- it’s all in the Word.

That said, there are others who are gathering in buildings one time a week and so called “pastors” twisting His word as they raise colorful flags inside and out- ignoring much of His Word, and those who haven’t submitted to Him, because they did or do not have ears to hear, they just sing and say “amen!”.

They celebrate abominations; they are victim to spiritual blindness. They say “love is acceptance”, but in their chains of bondage- they see not their own stubbornness and they honor Him with their lips but their hearts are far from Him!

They refuse to acknowledge the truth which is that He made them fearfully and wonderfully, and to “accept” not only their own gender, but also His sovereign will in their lives, so they can have their own blinders removed, and He will overwhelm them with His love and lead them to their eternal purpose and identity!

The adversary, is a skilled deceiver, a murderer and a liar from the beginning, and is continuing to perpetrate “identity theft” at a high level. He wants to prevent as many of the Father’s children, from being adopted or grafted into the true “house of Israel.”

The only way YAH has left for many- to bring them out of deception- is to bring them to their knees, for it is the goodness of God that leads men to repentance!

I don’t know all of the aspects of this coming attack, only He does. However, the scripture that says it “rains on the just and the unjust” means that it’s POSSIBLE some houses of God that aren’t apostate, but they’re not discussing key issues on the Father’s heart as Great Tribulation is close, could be vulnerable.

Each and every individual, should pray diligently from the depths of their heart if there’s any gray area.
Are you at a church or fellowship you know beyond a shadow of a doubt He led you to and wants you at? (if so, STAY and you are where you’re supposed to be, and you won’t have ANY fear reading any of this because you know you are “dead in Christ and hidden in Him” according to Colossians 3!)

But, if someone has any conviction and uncertainty, ask Him to lead and guide you and for His will to be done. To shut any and all doors in your spiritual life or walk, and in friends/family etc. that need to be shut; and to increase your discernment and discerning of Spirits.

If you’re a true believer (we’re ALL at different points of our walk) and love your chuch, then pray and stay if you have peace. But advice, IF there’s a time up ahead where you’re getting ready to go and things are coming against you. (the kids not cooperating, the car not wanting to start, or that kind of thing- maybe it’s “the day” that you’re not supposed to go- and the Spirit of God’s showing you that- so on that day, please stay home!

The only fear any believer should have, is the fear of Yah/The Lord, it’s the beginning of wisdom. Everyone who’s covered by the blood, and is at a bible believing fellowship where the Spirit of Truth resides, has nothing to fear. They are those who know, they were made for times such as this, and they know that in the book of Daniel it’s said: “Those who know their God will do great exploits.”

My prayer in general to a diverse audience that only He knows:

Father, speak to your son or daughter reading this and show them anything that needs to be shown for their safety physically and spiritually. Draw them to discernment and conviction of any adjustments they need to make in their life, on this subject or any other.

Deliver any who are in a lukewarm condition or at a lukewarm church, of any error, pride, bitterness or spiritual bondage and quicken them into the fullness of their position in you your end-time church!

Quicken them into understanding of the war they are in and strengthen them in greater love, greater faith, and your power in our weakness! Give them wisdom, knowledge, understanding, counsel and might by the Spirit of the Lord and in the fear of the Lord.

Bless them Father with protection and provision, blanketed in your shalom and peace multiplied-in the mighty name of Jesus (Y’shua) I say amen!

T. Andrew Farley / Indianapolis, IN

-I testify that Jesus(Y’shua) came in the flesh, died and shed His blood, and three days later rose again as the Resurrected One- providing forgiveness of sin and iniquity in a fallen world, to those lost sheep who believe Him and hear and trust in the Living word.


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Photos courtesy Depositphotos

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