A Call to Prayer & Fasting – Linda Hasche (BelieveActs2)

A Call to Prayer & Fasting

June 11, 2021 2:49 PM
Linda Hasche (BelieveActs2 -HARVEST)
(7 minutes 21 seconds)

INTRODUCTORY NOTE TO THIS TRANSCRIPT: Linda followed with another video on June 11, 2021, giving more details.

“Greetings, brothers and sisters in Christ!

This is a call to a twenty-one-day fast, starting sundown Friday, June 11th to sundown Friday, July 2nd. I believe we are entering into the time when we are going to start seeing people manifest similar to what Jesus faced in Mark 9:14 through 29. And in verse 29, Jesus said, “This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting.”

We are in the perilous times the Bible talked bout that will be increasingly unfolding. Right now is a strange sense of weird “normality”, where people have just gone back to the same old same old. –Here in this small town in Northwest Iowa, I really don’t see anybody wear a mask, except on occasion, and it’s just a strange, weird … “normal”. –And what does the Bible say: Peace and safety and sudden destruction?

If you look at what’s happening globally, and if you look what’s happening politically … something’s about to give.
–It may be “9-1-1 2.0”.
–Or, as Brother Jeff Byerly (HolySpiritWind) … has been told to call, “The fiery kickoff event”. And where is the location of that? It will be in Manhattan. And what is the purpose behind that? It’s a planned economic collapse, to cause more chaos and destruction.

We have to be prepared, individually, in that secret place with the Most High. –Psalm 91 is not a special magic potion formula: “I’m claiming Psalm 91!” –THAT DOES NOT WORK! Psalm 91 is an outline for those who are in Christ Jesus; who are walking with Him; who’ve picked up the cross and are following Him; who’ve died to self and live for Jesus.

So this call to fast is to prepare us individually in the secret place with the Most High … allowing the Holy Spirit … yielding to the Holy Spirit to bring up any area of sin. –It could even be in the past, that we forgot about that we need to repent. And any person that needs to be forgiven – that maybe we cast aside (“Nah, I’m forgiving; they’re forgotten”) but we really need to forgive … and Holy Spirit will help us do that. –It’s not just a mouth thing; it’s a going-deep thing, and the Holy Spirit will help.

I have been dealing with a situation for over a year, where I have to keep turning it over to the Lord. There’s a Jezebel spirit involved, which I find very difficult to face. I had to step away from that situation and continue to turn it over to the Lord, ’cause I don’t want my heart in a wrong place. –Even though it was a manifesting of Jezebel (“[screeeeeech”]), that person is lake of fire bound, unless that person repents. So keep yielding and yielding and yielding. And I’m feeling a heart change, but this has been over a year process. –Because I don’t want to be in an unforgiving spot, thinking I’ve forgiven and it;s still mot. –How do we know? If there’s still that barrier attitude: “I don’t want to be around that person.” I’ve felt the shift in the last few days, where it’s more of a compassion for that person.

So I’m sharing with you, I have areas as well. And that one was very, very difficult, ‘cause it hits really close to home. –And that’s all I can say about that. And if you know about … Elijah and Jezebel, it was NOT a pretty picture! I mean, he ran and hid in a cave. So I didn’t run and hide in a cave, but I had to step away from that because I could not endure the manifesting of that … but from a distance be praying for that person. And I’m grateful to the Lord He’s helped me peel off that layer, layer, layer of areas to have a heart change toward that person that He created.

So: A call to fast, sundown Friday June 11th through Friday July 2nd.

I can’t do water only. –Physically, I just can’t. So I’m choosing to do a Daniel fast: That’s fruit, nuts, seeds, water and … –I don’t even like to talk about it, ‘cause we’re supposed to not talk about fasting … but I felt like I needed to share with you that call, so we can all be prepared, AND my struggle that I had with this person that has a Jezebel spirit. And I can’t pray that away … but I can pray for mercy and for truth to be shown … for this person is heading into a career in one of the “alphabet agencies” … Not Good! –So that has also helped soften my heart. –It’s like, Oh, Lord, have mercy!

Anyway, brothers and sisters in Christ, the comments will remain closed, ‘cause it’s time for us to be in that communion with the Lord Jesus, the Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit helping us along the way.

I’ll share as the Holy Spirit leads, but I am with you in this. We have to get ready, ‘cause there will be a point in time when things shift suddenly and we’re going to be propelled out to take the Gospel and bring healing – TRUE HEALING – deliverance and hope to people. Many of ‘em are sitting in the “frozen chosen” box social clubs on Sunday – talk about Jesus but don’t really know Him.

Anyway, you take care. God bless. And I will speak with you soon as the Holy Spirit leads.

In Jesus’ Name.

Amen and amen.







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