4 Ships = 4 Nations Destroyed By The Destroyer! Plus Testimony – Michelle Katherine Orts

4 Ships = 4 Nations Destroyed By The Destroyer! Plus Testimony

July 8, 4:04 PM
Michelle Katherine Orts

Friday June 24th, 2022 to today Fasting Friday, July 8th, 2022

Two weeks ago from today, Fasting Friday July 8th, 2022, I received and submitted a prophetic dream from Jesus on Fasting Friday, June 24th, 2022. Since then this Prophetic Dream, Jesus has shown me, has been partially fulfilled and Jesus tells me right now that it is now continuing to be fulfilled. As we know, Prophetic Dreams and Visions can be literal or figurative or a mixture of both.

Ship 1 = Israel
Israel’s parlimentary government has been completely dissolved as of June 30th, 2022.. Netanyahu now has a chance to return as Prime Minister soon to finish what Creator God Yeshua Ha Mashiach desires for him to do to protect Israel in these last days.

Ship 2 = England (affects all Europe and UK)
On 7/7/2022 (The Double Numbers Theme Again)
UK’s Prime Minister of England Boris Johnson shockingly and suddenly resigned July 7th, 2022, as Prime Minister as “Mutiny” was declared against Prime Minister Johnson by his very own Conservative Party.

Ship 3 = Japan
The former leader of Japan, Shinzo Abe, who served as Prime Minister for Japan for an historic eight (8) years and eight (8) months, was just assassinated today Friday, July 8th, 2022 by a gunman who shot Abe twice while he was delivering a Campaign speech.
Note: Shot 2X, Abe served 8 years and 8 months. There again is “The Double” theme of numbers Jesus has shown to me appearing in the news. The Enemy is attacking “The Double = The Double Elisha Generation.”
In this video, the current Prime Minister is seen devastated as he speaks to comfort Japan and the world:

Ship 4 = (?)
I believe is USA.
Jesus is telling me the fourth (4th) Ship in my dream is USA. We will next see great change in our US Government’s leadership. I believe Jesus is telling us that we will see the Rightful Return of God’s Chosen “King” The 45th United State’s President Donald John Trump BEFORE the next election. This change will be swift, sudden and SHOCKING!

This has not yet publicly come to pass but it will…

The four (4) ships in my dream represented Presidents or Prime Ministers of four nations. I was not certain if they were all from Europe or not. In my dream I was standing high on a cliff in Gaeta Italy overlooking the destruction of those four (4) ships by not of this world weaponry, by The Fallen. The ships were all the same size which means that these leaders and nations were all of similar stature, influence and importance.

Original Dream Title: 4 Ships = 4 Nations Destroyed By The Destroyer!
New Title Given to me by Jesus today Fasting Friday, July 8th, 2022
4 Ships = 4 Nations Coming To Pass!

Plus Personal Holy Spirit Led Testimony and 2 Rhema Words received by

Michelle Katherine Orts aka TurtleDove and wife to my loving husband Apostolic Reverend/Pastor David Orts

4 Ships 4 Nations Coming To Pass
I dreamed of four (4) ships burning from the inside out. They were docked in the water. It was the coastline of an ocean in a calm bay. I was myself in the dream and I was observing from above. I was in my spirit man standing on a high cliff directly above the ships observing right above the shoreline. It was nighttime. Everything was dark. I saw no stars. The water was very calm. Other than the sound of cracking wood and occasional pops and small explosions there were no other sounds that could be heard. I smelled burning wood.

My attention was immediately pulled into focus upon my gaze upon four very large vessels, which from the outside, were completely intact, but from within were being decimated by white-hot, yellow and red consuming flames of fire.

All four boats were equally sized and almost identical to each other. These were sturdy well designed and well built ships the size of very large and long private pleasure yachts about 150′ to 175′ feet long from stem to stern. These were diesel powered boats. I saw no sails on any of them.

I was given knowledge from Jesus’ Holy Spirit that they had all been occupied with many passengers and with their Captains aboard. Even though it was pitch black I was able to see that all four boats were very well made with the finest wood. It looked like mahogany, teakwood and possibly a mixture of other fine, rare, hard redwoods.

I was made to know that all the occupants which remained aboard and had not gone inland, including all four Captains, had already perished from the intense, unnatural, fervent heat which combusted from the intensifying furnaces of fire within seconds or within less than a few minutes of each other. I was shown by Jesus Holy Spirit that no one had time to escape the fiery attack from above or to even call out a call of help from within their own quarters. Trapped inside, everything and everyone was incinerated from the center outward as if superheated in a fusion reactor and as intense and as powerful as a mini sun.

Jesus gave me knowledge that this was a purposed attack on humanity and mankind’s livelihoods. This act was an act of war. The Fallen Angels and their Nephilim progeny were attacking from their second heaven perch using their alien technology to destroy mankind. They chose the element of surprise under the cover of darkness to strike with their weapons of fire. Our US Military call them D_E_W weapons as well as other energy weapons not readily known or understood in our general population.

(Examples shown from Official US Military Navy Source: https://www.nre.navy.mil/organization/departments/aviation-force-projection-and-integrated-defense/aerospace-science-research-351/directed-energy-weapons-cdew-and-high-energy-lasers)

I was given the knowledge from Jesus that these four (4) ships represented four nations. Jesus showed me that The Anti-Christ is going to attack four (4) similar almost identical (in appearance) nations, their (4) four unique Presidents and/or Prime Ministers of these same nations. I believe these are European nations, since as I am writing down this prophetic dream in obedience to Jesus to share with my fellow Brothers and Sisters and the Endtime Remnant, Jesus tells me as I am writing this down to share with you that the cliff I was standing upon is in Italy.


I was observing the destruction of four (4) ships which represent four (4) nations from the Italian coastline high upon a cliff. I believe the cliff Jesus is telling me is located in Gaeta, Italy. In the natural, I know that our US Navy has an active US Navy Base there right now on the Island of Gaeta, Italy.

Gaeta, Italy is the homebase port to our US 6th Fleet USS Whitney.

Official US Navy Source: https://www.c6f.navy.mil/About-Us/Our-Task-Forces/CTF-63/USS-Mount-Whitney-LCC-20/

*Note to 444ProphecyNews/Jonathan

1st Rhema Word.

Right before waking Jesus spoke the following name to me with two different spellings: “Kah-ba” and “Kath-ba.”

I am not familiar with these words Jesus spoke to me. I looked both spellings up in Strongs Hebrew/Greek Concordance. Because Jesus hyphenated both words, I looked up each syllable separately.

This is what I found so far.

“Kah” means “Here” in Hebrew and is spelled Koh in Aramaic. Kah’s number in Strong’s Concordance is 3542.


“Koh” means “thus or here” in both Hebrew and Aramaic. Koh’s number in Strongs Concordance is 3541.


“Ba” means “Owner” and “al” means Lord. The conjunction in Hebrew can mean married to or husband of or master. In Strongs Concordance the Hebrew number is 1167.

“ba’al; a master; hence, a husband, or (figuratively) owner (often used with another noun in modifications of this latter sense) — + archer, + babbler, + bird, captain, chief man, + confederate, + have to do, + dreamer, those to whom it is due, + furious, those that are given to it, great, + hairy, he that hath it, have, + horseman, husband, lord, man, + married, master, person, + sworn, they of.” https://biblehub.com/hebrew/1167.htm

In verb form “Ba” means “to marry or rule over” in Hebrew and the Strongs Concordance number is 1166. https://biblehub.com/hebrew/1166.htm

“Ba” is also found within the Proper Name “Baal or Ba’al” and it means a heathen god (false god). “Baal, plural Baalim. The same as ba’al; Baal, a Phoenician deity — Baal, (plural) Baalim.” In Strongs Concordance the Hebrew number is 1168. https://biblehub.com/hebrew/1168.htm

“Kath” or “Kata” in Kath-ba means “Godly” in Greek.”596 katá (a preposition, governing two grammatical cases) – properly, “down from, i.e. from a higher to a lower plane, with special reference to the terminus (end-point)” (J. Thayer).

2596 (katá) is written ‘kat’ or ‘kath’ before a vowel

Strongs Concordance number for “kat” or “kath” in Greek is 2596. https://biblehub.com/greek/2596.htm

Jesus is telling us with these Rhema Words that we can either choose Life by being (spiritually) married to The True (Godly) Creator Christ Jesus Who Lowered Himself coming to earth being born as a human baby by The Virgin Mary. JESUS = 100% human being AND 100% God Incarnate, is Pure and Perfect in every way, OR we can choose death by choosing to worship a false heathen god which would cause us to be (spiritually) married to a false satanic pagan deity and suffer eternal separation from Creator God Jesus.

Jesus leads me to interrupt your reading this for a moment of prayer. If you do not know Jesus as Lord then you are lost forever unless you repent now! You may not have another moment to receive Jesus’ forgiveness for none of us are promised a tomorrow. Life compared to Eternity is very short!

Repent to Father God in Jesus’ Name, for you and I, all, have sinned and fall short of God’s Goodness. Immediately entrust your soul, your will and your life to Creator God Jesus. Ask forgiveness for all you have done wrong and invite Jesus to be Lord of all. Then right away ask Jesus’ Holy Spirit to fill and Baptize you with the Holy Fire of Baptism with the evidence of speaking in tongues and Angelic Languages. If you already know Jesus as Lord God then Praise Him, right now!

There is one other Rhema Word I also received at that same time from Jesus, a warning specifically about Ginger which I will give at the very end of sharing everything here with you. Sometimes things sound random and unrelated in the natural realm but when we step back and allow Holy Spirit time to speak to us listening with attentive hearts, we learn a great deal even receiving scriptural, life changing and eternal life saving epiphanies.

Jesus knows what I know and what I do not yet know. I like to learn a variety of things. Jesus knows that I have studied the history of Islam and what I have learned from my personal past educational research, is that those who practice Islam faithfully, worship the pagan rock “god” a FALSE god of “Allah” called the “Ka-abah rock.” This Kaabah rock is what devout Muslims rub and kiss and basically worship when they pilgrimage, at least once in their lifetime, to their “Holy Site” when they walk in circles around their cloaked Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Recent News on Kaaba:


Housed within the large black square material draped super structure is that one small pagan rock “god” called the Kaabah Rock, Allah’s Rock, which Muhammad historically preserved after he destroyed all the other pagan rock gods which he found on that same geological site. Muhammad also spared one other idol, Maria. Catholics call her The Madonna and many Christians of all denominations call her Mother Mary. In reality, I believe many have been misled by the idol because it is not Mary The Mother of Jesus but it is ISIS with her male infant in her arms and also is her incestuous husband which she marries who is known as the false “son god Rah.”

CERN in Switzerland is allegedly built directly atop the pagan worship site of Appollyon. These false idols historically, and currently worshipped, are representative of Fallen Angels and their Nephilim Children who became known as “The Titans” and “The Mighty Men” the “Giants” of old. They and those aligned with them serve Satan and commit atrocities on our earth. The sacrifice of innocents occurred in King Herod’s day and it is repeating even now. The massacre of nineteen (19) innocent children and 2 teachers in the Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas on May 14th, 2022 was an example of the malevolent Satanic Worship by those who planned it and stood by to allow it to occur. The elite gain Satanic power by committing unthinkable acts of bloodshed.

Jesus, The Just Judge, will avenge all the innocent children and babies who have been murdered from Adam until the End of Time, on The Last Day!

Our current global governments which desire to become One World Government through “The Great Reset” all belong to one Luciferian Cabal and they hate Creator God The Father, His Son Jesus Yeshua God made flesh and The Holy Spirit. These Fallen creatures and those allied with The “Dark” hate us with intensity also, we who are The Remnant grafted onto The Chosen Vine, The Tribe of Judah. This is why the mRNA genocidal jabs are being pushed even now, still to this day, upon babies as young as six (6) months and even while in the womb of their pregnant moms.

Muhammad’s young prepubescent wife, Muhammad married her when she was just nine (9) tears old, was allegedly raised Jewish and could read unlike Muhammad, who was illiterate. She read Muhammad The Bible which was in existence at least 600 years before the creation of the Muslim Koran. I personally believe that the Koran is a twisted plagiarism of the bible. Remember that Satan used scripture to tempt Jesus during Jesus’ forty days in the desert. Jesus spoke The Word “It is written” right back at Satan defeating Satan at every turn. JESUS WAS, IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE LIVING LOGOS, GOD MADE FLESH! Jesus is The Word of God made flesh.

All that I am telling you is relevant to my 4 Ships 4 Nations Destroyed by The Destroyers dream.

I believe Jesus is telling us that the attack I saw in my dream will have Islamic roots. In addition, because Italy is involved, we can be forewarned that Italy’s highest governing Authority, Pope Francis, whom Jesus has shown me is indeed The Biblical False Prophet, will also somehow be involved.

I was also given a reminder by Jesus to obey one of my mandates from Him, Jesus, which I received well over twelve (12) years ago now from Jesus directly. I am mandated to, “Tell USA, and NOW again, tell the world that Barack Hussein Obama’s family is fake, his marriage is a sham and Barack Hussein Obama is indeed THE ANTI-CHRIST spoken of in The Bible.” -Jesus God made flesh. Logos Incarnate!

In reality, Barack Hussein Obama speaks fluent Arabic, knows and obeys all of the Islamic Customs and is not a heterosexual male. Obama has no desire for women. Obama has repeatedly mocked and sneered at God Himself while standing on camera in a variety of church pulpits. Obama actually covered up the Latin inscriptions pertaining to Christianity and the Holy Symbols of The Cross on at least one occasion before he would enter a Church to speak. Obama declared that he, Obama would make the oceans rise and that he was , “The Anointed One.” Obama appeared posing on the cover of a well known magazine as “The God of Shiva” which is “The Destroyer.” https://www.foxnews.com/politics/newsweek-depiction-of-obama-as-lord-shiva-upsets-some-indian-americans

The same Destroyer in a very large sculpture is stationed in front of CERN in Switzerland which had Satanic Ceremonies with global Delegates and Heads of State in attendance. https://detechter.com/the-scientific-symbolism-of-the-statue-of-shiva-nataraja-at-cern-switzerland/

The CERN Celebration was filmed and can be found still on the Internet. The documented revelry was a shocking site of many dark, demonic and Satanic symbols acted out by dozens of zombie like actors dancing in ritualistic fashion reenacting out perverse activities in their choreography. https://vigilantcitizen.com/vigilantreport/opening-ceremony-worlds-largest-tunnel-bizarre-occult-ritual/#prettyPhoto

There was also an alleged “mock” Satanic Sacrifice Ritual which occurred on CERN’s grounds in front of The “god or lord” Shiva sculpture. https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/a22429/cern-human-sacrifice-prank/

There is a Prayer Room called a “Meditation Room” or a”A Room of Quiet” at The United Nations in New York City. It houses only one symbol. A giant black monolith square in the middle of the room. There is no mention of Christianity or Judaism and to my knowledge, no other Holy symbols are present. https://www.un.org/Depts/dhl/dag/meditationroom.htm

The Vatican built their last large building in the shape of a Serpent’s Head and the interior is complete with venomous fangs seen clearly from the audience’s vantage point. There is also a large sculpture of contorted hellish figures with the main one purported to be Jesus in the center. To me all this is blasphemy. Not to mention the “PachaMama” idol of fertility statue which was placed on the alter in one of the main Roman Catholic Cathedrals in Rome, Italy. It was later thrown in the nearby river by a devout, faithful Catholic who apparently felt the same way as I did. https://novusordowatch.org/2019/10/pachamama-idols-cast-into-tiber/

Jesus leads me to share a small portion of my personal Testimony of Faith with all who desire to listen.

I do not believe Pope Francis is of God. I have been shown Pope Francis is aligned with Satan and The Anti-Christ for this Pope preaches another Gospel which goes against The Holy Gospel of JESUS CHRIST. Jesus is The ONLY WAY to God The Father. There is no other Gospel and there is no other way except Jesus.


I was raised in The Roman Catholic Church. I was Christened (Baptized) as a an infant, as a baby. Many find this controversial however I do not. Just as many Protestants “Dedicate” their infant and even yet to be born children to God in the Church, the same is done in Catholic Churches. I was “Confirmed” at Assumption Catholic Church after studying the Bible Teachings of The Catholic Church, when I was 13 years old. This process of Confirmation in The Catholic Church was simply confirming my personal Faith in Jesus as God and gave me and my peers, the other teenagers Confirmed alongside me, the opportunity to publicly declare that I was, that we each, were in agreement with our parent’s public action of Christening us as an infant.

Skip forward to 1990, I was already married (but not by The Church) and I became a young mother seven weeks before I turned twenty-one (21) years old. I started attending Full Gospel Businessman’s Fellowship Dinner Events with my husband.

After listening at home in Westport, CT, to an AM radio station preacher teaching on The Book of Acts and how to receive all of The Gifts. I asked God for “All of them. The Full Works. Whatever God wanted to give to me.” That same evening while sitting in the back seat of my car with my husband driving up front while I was nursing my baby safely in the back, I was Baptized by The Power of The Holy Spirit. I Sovereignly received The Holy Baptism of Fire with no one prompting me or laying hands on me.. I began to speak in Tongues and also shortly thereafter received The Gift of Interpretation. It was just me and Jesus. Me and Holy Spirit. I then began to receive Words of Knowledge and Divine Prophetic Revelation. I had always uncannily said things before they would happen and would surprise my parents and grandparents as a young child telling them my Dreams and Visions, many times dreaming of real life Dragons yet to come upon the earth as well as a horrible World War that would occur prior to Jesus’ return that we would experience in our lifetime, or at least in mine and my children and grandchildren’s lifetimes. I knew by Jesus’ Holy Spirit’s Witbess that I had a Pre-Destined by Creator God Mission yet to be revealed and that I belonged to God.I knew there was a war on for my soul. I was a strange child. I preferred to sit and listen to the adults speak instead of going outside to play with other children my age. I didn’t fit in very well with children my age.

Perhaps you the reader, were a similarly strange child as I was? Jesus wants to give you GOOD GIFTS from His Holy Spirit! Just ask Him! Jesus is no respector of persons. What Jesus has given to me He will also give to you!

Fast forward to receiving The Baptism of The Holy Spirit where everything that I had experienced as a child began to make sense. I was a spiritual, eternal being. I belonged to Jesus and His Holy Spirit desired to speak with me even before my reception to receive His Holy Baptism. I began to attend The Assemblies of God Church at Harvest Time in Connecticut as well as St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Darien, CT. Terry Fullam who pastored there became famous for how Jesus’ Holy Spirit used him in service as a leader, a Pastor, an author and for his part in, “The Miracle in Darien.” https://virtueonline.org/rev-terry-fullam-episcopal-charismatic-figure-dies

My late physicist father AJ Meyer II used to take my younger sister Eva (also now recently in Heaven) and I to that church. Many wonderful memories were formed there.

(For those interested, here is my father’s obituary which was written by my late sister Eva Elizabeth Meyer-Nash.)


Testimony continued…

I asked a myriad of different Pastors of Spirit Filled denominations to pray for me to confirm that what I had received in private, The Baptism of The Holy Spirit, was indeed authentic from Jesus. It was. I also began to receive Prophetic Warnings and Words for the nations. God began to tell me where and when earthquakes would strike. God called me to speak for Him. I am noone really. I am weak but God is strong! And in my weaknesses God’s Strength is revealed. God soon told me that I was a Prophet. I am a Prophet, a female Prophet, a Prophetess for Jesus. I did not give myself this title but to disagree with who Jesus says I am would be dishonoring to Him as this is who Jesus says I am. All Glory and honor goes always and only to Jesus My King.

As a newly Baptized in The Holy Spirit Catholic, I had many questions and my Catholic Priest, a transitional Priest in my confirmation Church at that time, had no answers for me. He was not Baptized in The Power of The Holy Spirit.

I also visited some nuns at a Convent, also located in Connecticut, which I had become aquainted with due to my time spent there with other Catholic Christians on two “Emmaus Weekends” as a teenager. We, teenagers would take turns either serving as cooks, servers, or if chosen then we would be speaking, basically giving our personal Witness and Testimony in front of all of our peers as to Who Jesus was to us personally and how Holy Spirit had changed our lives.

This one particular nun who had befriended me, to my surprise, shared with me her same Baptism of The Holy Spirit. She had taken me into the Chapel before The Consecrated Host, Jesus as The Bread of Heaven, and layed hands on me praying in The Power of The Holy Spirit speaking in her Heavenly Angelic Language as is written about in The Book of Acts. I hadn’t known prior to this experience that Catholic Nuns could ALSO be Holy Spirit filled! I had thought that I had to leave the Catholic Church because I was Spirit Filled but I was very guilty of misjudging.

I will save much of what is my very lengthy personal testimony for a later time. God uses everything, bad and good, for our GOOD when we place our full trust in Jesus.

If we believe every “jot and tittle” in God’s Holy Bible then we know very well that The Anti-Christ is given to unnatural propensities and will accomplish much evil before he is Judged and Sentenced by Jesus Himself upon King Jesus’ return to defend Israel and those remaining in The Remnant hidden on earth from total annihilation and destruction.

Please take this Prophetic Dream, Rhema Words, my Personal Testimony of Faith, and everything I, and everyone else shares, directly to Father God in Jesus’ Holy Name, Jesus being Creator God made flesh asking Jesus’ Holy Spirit Our Teacher for Holy Wisdom in all things so that you will not be deceived by any man or by Fallen Angels or their demonic progeny.

Europe and Italy will be in the Headlines very shortly!

We are in a Global War even if it is not wholly acknowledged by the fake news global media false prophets!

2nd Rhema Word.

Jesus told me to, “Tell everyone to closely examine all produce especially Ginger Root and anything, even soft drinks, or soda, made from Ginger with China as its origin. The Enemy desires to hurt My Children and will continue to use “Food as a Weapon.”-Jesus Holy Spirit

Jesus’ Holy Spirit has previously given me this Rhema Word warning us to be cautious about examining our food supplies and has repeatedly given me and other Servants in Christ Jesus, other relevant warnings for us, His Endtime Remnant Church which are published here in the archives on 444ProphecyNews.com

Here are just two specific related posts:


Prophetic Dream Title: “Spoon Weapon” found within this 444ProphecyNews post here: https://444prophecynews.com/global-famine-and-gods-promise-of-wine-oil-and-bread-michelle-katherine-orts/

Remain in prayer praying Mercy and for Salvation of Souls in Jesus’ Mighty Name above all names! Perfect love overcomes all evil!

In King Jesus’ Service I share all these things with you my Forever Family in His Holy and Agape Love,

Michelle Katherine Orts aka TurtleDove and wife to my loving husband Apostolic Reverend/Pastor David Orts

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