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Confirmation on what Michelle Katherine Orts’ dream – Glenn


Confirmation on what Michelle Katherine Orts’ dream

April 12, 2022 11:33 PM


Upon reading Michelle’s post about the Lord’s blood type and other related dreams, especially when she mentioned her dream in 2020 about a large serving spoon becoming a cobra, it seems to resonate with what I had just dreamed this morning..

In my dream, I or someone else was shooting these spoons as if they were darts onto this board that had images.. And each spoon that was released was hitting their target. I asked the Lord the meaning of the dream and as I was reading Michelle’s post and read “They will use food as a weapon” this seems to be the interpretation.

Also, recently I had dreamed that a young boy which could be my youngest child was talking about vitamins and minerals; and this also jives with Michelle’s call to action about stocking up.

Lord bless you all,

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