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🔥The Lords Protection and Binding Prayer🔥- Melissa Hall

Melissa Hall

August 26, 2018

I want to share this. This is the very first spiritual warfare prayer the Lord led me to three years ago. I prayed this prayer daily and it is powerful!

🔥The Lords Protection and Binding Prayer🔥


Lord, please forgive me for what I have done that was not pleasing to you and what I have failed to do that would be pleasing to you. In Jesus Name I cancel permissions for oppression against us. I call upon the Holy Angels to pray this prayer with me.


I break and forever disable every curse, hex, evil wish, spell, seal, link, restraint, assignment, devilish wile, and stronghold against us and our angels. In Jesus Name, for it is written that “No weapon formed against us will prosper.” (Repeat these two sentences three times then continue) I pray that what you do allow we will conquer with your grace. Some trust in horses and some trust in chariots but we will trust in the name of the Lord our God!! Our Strong Tower and Mighty Fortress.


Father, I forgive and bless from my heart, those people who have chosen to be our enemies and pray that your love would heal and convert them. “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

THE LORDS PROTECTION: (you pray this over yourself, family members: say them by name: Also, Gods Messengers, persecuted Christians and anyone else the Holy Spirit puts on your Heart to pray for).

Lord, you promised that no weapon formed against us would prosper, I humbly entreat you to fortify the globe of angelic protection surrounding us and to send your Holy Angels to make a complete sweep, removing every demon, and evil practitioner, blocking every projection, disabling every cursed object and device of evil and fortifying this globe beyond the ability of the enemy to penetrate, sealing off every portal: Air, earth, Fire, Water, and Interdimensional with the Blood of Jesus. As well as this protection whenever we or our animals go. Lord, Please send your Holy Angels to stand guard and stop our enemies or cursed objects and forces of evil from entering.

I plead the Blood of Jesus over our Angels and our Spirits, Minds, Hearts, and Bodies and ask that every dark matter weapon aimed at us or anyone pertaining to us, or our ministry, families, and animals would immediately be intercepted or destroyed by Your Holy Angels. “Lord, deliver us from evil, silence all tormenting voices, the tyranny of memories, and sever the cords and projections of the wicked.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, I loose us and our angels from every demon and evil device, I disable and bind all their demon leaders, backup and forces of retaliation, every spirit force coming against us, especially those causing Miscommunication, Condemnation, Scrupulosity, Fear, Panic, Anxiety, Depression, Unbelief, Apathy, Gossip, Slander, Lies against Gods Character, including all spirits of Jezebel, Lying, Religious, Pharisee, Bigotry, Beguiling, Hindering, Deceiving, and Seducing Spirits sent against us or our ministry to provoke us to sin.
In the name of Jesus’ mighty name and according to his will, I loose us and our Angels from every demon and evil device. I disable and bind their leaders, backup, and forces of retaliation, especially those associated with forgetfulness, Distractions, Sabotage, Rebellion, Disobedience, Self-will, Lying, Torment, Fear, Pride, Jealously, Judgment, Anger, Laziness, Discouragement, Avarice-Greed/Acquisition and Hoarding, Gluttony, Lust, Disease, and Lying symptoms -from provoking or acting against us, our volunteers, and ministry, friends, pets, and families.

In Jesus name, we bind every demon and disable every device causing. “twisted or blocked communications, confusion of speaking, hearing, writing and reading” on all sides of a communication with every person involved. We pray Holy Spirit that you would impart proper understanding, on all sides of communication, with everyone involved. We ask you Lord to send your Holy Angels to protect our electronic, phone, and internet connections. (Here you can add your personal preference from the list at the end)

In Jesus Name, I bind all forces of Opposition, Inter dimensional, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, and Dark Matter from affecting us or our Angels. And bind them from obtaining reinforcements or retaliation against us, Our Angels, friends, volunteers, families, pets, and resources; and that every demon force with all their associations, their leaders, backup, forces of retaliations and devices of evil acting against us, or named in this entire binding prayer be dispatched by the Holy Angels to the pit never to be released.


I pray Holy Spirit that you would pass over our whole beings, spirit, soul, and body with your Glory and increase and restore our Passion for God, our Love for others, Mind, Memory, Health, Vigor, Endurance, Focus, Faith, Peace, and Joy to the places the enemy, the world, and our flesh have defiled. Lord, what you have not restored we offer to you for the work of converting the lost.


Thank you Jesus for the Power of Your name. Please cover and sanctify us with your Blood to be conformed to you in Humility, Obedience, Charity, Purity, and Courage. I pray you would Fortify, Sustain, and Bless mightily our Angels in Battle against evil.


Lord, I humbly ask you to release the Glory and protection that you sent with your people, Israel, fire in the midst of them whatever they went and to restore seven fold, all the enemy has stolen from us.


I speak Divine and Supernatural favor, Double favor, Additional favor, Abundant favor, Extended favor, over our Angels, over us, and our “Works” for the Lord. Jesus We trust in You. Jesus We trust in You. Jesus We trust in You.

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  1. Sean

    Melissa, where in any of your prayers do you ask that His will be done and not your own? You copy down prayers as though they are magic spells instead of focusing on what prayer really is. A conversation and relationship with your Father, your savior, your creator.

    Read the word. You have no power of your own except that which is through Christ Jesus. He will grant us all we need when we are praying that His will be done. Our goal is to become obedient to where our prayers are no longer selfish, but mirror His will instead.

    My prayer is that you find a loving relationship with our savior where you beg for him to allow you to struggle so you have someone to choose Him over. That you beg the opportunity to give up your life for Him rather than protection to save it. That you allow Hom to move in you to dispel your pride, and fill you with humbling obedience.

    I say this with a loving heart and as your brother in Christ who is no better than you, but worse, and who’s sins are worse.

    • Sean

      My apologies for the typos. Something to choose him over, not someone. And Him rather than Hom

    • Betty

      Sorry you don’t know if she is not obedient to the Lord. You’re judging her, which is ONLY the Lords work!
      In this prayer she takes the responsibility fighting the enemy, wich is also obedience.
      God bless you

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