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Zombie / Rapture Dream – Angel Miller


Zombie / Rapture Dream

April 19, 2021 5:33 PM
Angel Miller

I had a dream in 2017 ( don’t remember what day). I hardly ever remember my dreams but this one was crisp, colorful and vivid, and I remember every detail.

I woke (in my dream) to scratching and moaning. Yelled for my son and looked out windows of second story bedroom. Zombies were climbing the house. We couldn’t get to ammo so we hit zombies with butts of guns and they fell to ground. Then the roof had small fires igniting from flaming coals falling from sky. So we took clothes to tap the fires out.

I was instantly transorted to the back seat of my dream car, 55 Chevy convertible. No one was driving but I was in back seat, enjoying the beautiful ride through countryside on gorgeous day. It was summer with wild flowers. I could feel warm breeze in hair. But the flaming coals were still raining down and I wasn’t worried about it. I looked back to my left and saw a big white Square moving towards me. As it came closer, I saw a clock face on it. It read 11:30. It acted like a balloon. I then said, “THIS IS IT!” And jumped from the car with no fear and landed on the balloon. The balloon shot straight up and as I watched the land fall away, I yelled excitedly, “SO THIS IS HOW IT FEELS!” The next moment, I was hugging Jesus!

I awoke from my dream and went downstairs. The Christian radio station in kitchen was airing a sermon. The man said, “…at no time before have we been closer to the rapture and return of Jesus Christ. We will know the season but not the day. It’s God’s clock.” What did he just say?! God’s clock?! Wow! Usually it is said, “….Gods timing, not clock! I know this was from God. Had to be! Right now, it is just my son and I at home. My husband and other son are gone. Now it is summer. Hmmm.

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