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Zombie Dream – Terri Graham

Zombies by Gan Khoon Lay from NounProject.com

Zombie Dream

December 15, 2021 7:22 PM
Terri Graham

Good evening,

I am sending to you a zombie dream that the Lord gave my husband, Vaughn Graham, on 12/12/21.

I think it is important to note that I prayed before going to sleep that the Lord would give me more information about the Covid vaccine and if it was meant for evil.

I looked around and felt uneasy because I felt as if I were being pursued. I was in the middle of a small field with tall grass, and as I walked to a tree line and into the woods, I started to see a lot of people walking around.

They seemed to be walking aimlessly. I remember not wanting to be seen by them because a group of people were chasing me for some reason. I knew I couldn’t stay there so I just kept moving through the woods. Then I got to an area that was very stony and rocky like a new quarry. It wasn’t deep at this point. There were more groups of people. Their clothes were torn and dirty and then when I looked in their faces, they had a blank look, and some looked to have blood on their face. Some of them had very odd, shaped heads, but still appeared to be human. I had the sense that these people were zombies and if they would catch me, they would probably try to eat me or harm me in some way. Then I saw a small group of men talking but moving much quicker than the other people. They were zombie like, but they were communicating with one another. I felt, and thought I heard them say they were looking for someone (probably me), and they meant that person harm. I quickly ran across the quarry and into more trees and then down to a river where again there were many people, all zombie like, walking around aimlessly. I thought I should cross the river as quickly as I could and see what was on the other side. I knew I needed to keep moving.

I woke up.

God Bless,

Terri Graham

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