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YOUR HOUSE DIVIDED – Barbara Francis


Barbara Francis


Speak to Babylon and her King. Everything you all have I have given you. I have blessed the land of your fathers. Now what remains is a WICKED, UNREPENTANT GENERATION. I will allow your enemy from the North to wage war against you. Your other enemies will join forces with them to plunder and pillage your nation.I will humble the proud and rich. I will allow their stored up treasures to be carried away. Because of pride and power your nation is DIVIDED. You will not be able to stand against the coming enemy with YOUR HOUSE DIVIDED. King of Babylon, your task should be UNITING your people. The enemy has distracted you and has made weapons ready to launch against you. YOUR HOUSE IS NOT IN ORDER . Inhabitants of Babylon, you will be forced to defend yourself and your families. Have you prepared ?The enemy will exterminate  the sickly, the old, the prisoners. Women will be taken captive and sold as slaves. My Messengers and Watchman have sounded the alarm . The shofar is blowing WAR drums beat in the distance. Prepare for war.

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