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You will be here when the next 911 event takes place – Darrell & Deb Sansom

“You will be here when the next 911 event takes place.” – Darrell & Deb Sansom

AUGUST 28, 2018

On May 2, 2018 in the morning hours, I heard the Lord speak to me that He speaks to me in things that I read and songs that I hear. And I thought back on the many times I felt Him moving in me and confirmed what He was saying to me.

Then at lunch, I felt like playing some different songs, ones that had meaning, but were not Christian (we listen to Christian music here almost non-stop, so this was different). After I had played a couple of songs, Emily, my second oldest daughter, asked me to play a certain song and I told her I wanted to play songs that had a meaning (mainly because I could feel the stirring of the Holy Spirit in me). Then I played Alan Jackson’s song “Where were you when the world stop turning?” While it was playing, the Lord started moving in me. After it had finished, His Glory settled in on me and the Lord started speaking.

The first thing He said was “You will be here when the next 911 event takes place.”

When He said that, He let me feel the weight of what was going to happen. I couldn’t stop crying. I was trying to hold it back, but I couldn’t. (We are now living in our shop which is exactly where the Lord said 3 times, over the course of about 4 years, that we would have a ministry out of, but I couldn’t see it. That ministry will be about ministering to people and families that have lost everything).

I then moved to the living room and sat in my chair and waited on the Lord. It took me a while to share with the family what was going on. After I was able to gain composure, every time I tried to share, the tears would come from the extreme of what is going to happen. At this point, I had no clue other than we would be here during the next 911 event.

After I was able to talk with the family, we were discussing that I didn’t know a time and that I didn’t get the impression that it would happen on Sept 11, but that it would be a 911-like event. All this time, the weight of the Lord was on me. Then I started trying to clear my mind to see if the Lord had something else to share, but I couldn’t get my mind to leave the Twin Tower site in New York. I even mentioned that to my family that for some reason I couldn’t get my mind to leave that.

Then I saw an opening in the ground. It was shaped like a canoe in that it started out narrow at the far end and then got wider towards the middle and then came back narrow at my end (my position of viewing was like I was above Arkansas). In the middle, it was almost as wide as half of Arkansas (I could see the state of Arkansas and noticed that it was almost as wide as the northern half of Arkansas) and it was deeper than it was wide. It was straight from New York to the Northeast corner of Arkansas. It stopped just before reaching to Arkansas and then I saw four cracks extending from the end of it, but none of them entered into Arkansas.

I tried to clear that out of my mind and asked the Lord to speak and not me because I didn’t know where this thought/vision came from. Then the Lord answered, “I AM SPEAKING!”

The weight of that was incredible. His Glory sat down on me heavy and I started crying really, really hard. The Lord was letting me feel His heart in that He is grieving over the lives that will be lost. When I tried to share it with my family, the pain the Lord is feeling kept coming over me. Everything in this path will be completely lost. I got the sense that it will happen suddenly without anyone expecting it and many, many lives will be lost. No one in its path will be able to survive it.

The other impression was that this was going to be another 911-like event in that our government was going to cause it, not that it will happen on September 11.

What is coming is going to be really severe. The Lord told us before that when it is all over, we will go out and minister to the people and that they will listen because they will be broken. I believe what the Lord shared with me will only be a small part of all that will happen, but it will be massive. Each time I think about it, the pain of all the lives lost is heart wrenching.

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