You Have the Power – Ruth Johnson

You Have the Power

Nov 4, 2019, 11:05 AM
Ruth Johnson
You have the power, He says,
To cast out demons.
You have the power, He says,
To heal the sick.
You have the power,  He said,
To raise the dead.
You have to get out of your head!
You think you know,
Have thought it all through,
But you have never heard your heart
That is where I AM knocking
That is where you start.
Your eyes see the physical
Yet I AM invisible,
So are the evil haunts.
I can see them, you cannot,
And I know just what they want.
They want you to never know
The power you possess,
Because you know Me,
You are TRULY blessed.
I AM knocking on your heart
Love opens the door,
It is the precious key
From infallible Me!
If you want to be smart
Follow your heart
Let Me in and we will start
Down that crooked path,
And not the yellow brick road.
My road leads to Paradise,
That one does not even lead home!
She had that power all along
She just had to choose!
The only problem was
She thought it was in her shoes!
You, My friends, My children,
   My Own,
You have the power to come home!
Mourning and weeping
In sackcloth and ashes,
And not in white dresses
With blue satin sashes!
The world is dissolving,
I AM dissembling it,
It was not appreciated
By most of its emirates.
The mountains are melting
Into the rivers,
The rivers are taking them
Down to the seas.
The mud and debris
Are washing away
Houses, stores, cars and trees.
Dams are bursting,
Fires exploding,
When will My children
Fall to their knees?
Bow their heads,
Open their hearts,
And call out to Me?
I AM here! Very close!
Desiring to free you
From Satan’s trap,
From Satan’s grip
Grab My hand
You will never slip!
But you must reach out
And grab it!!!
I AM here! Not out of reach!
I ALONE give hope and peace!
Satan’s minions,
And they are in the millions,
Will defeat you without Me!
But you have to ask Me,
Pray to Me
On your knees,
Do not wait for later!
Satan’s  jaws are huge and fierce,
His teeth worse than a gator’s
He will grab you, take you down,
And spin you round and round!
But he is not swimming
In a river of water,
He is drowning in a lake of fire!
Awake,  My people!
Get off the shore!
Before your names are erased
Look up and reach for Me,
While you still can,
Open up your hearts,
Long to understand.
My love, it is love!
Satan hates the world,
And he hates you!
He is spoiling for your blood,
His plans were laid out long ago
He relentlessly pushes them on,
Six thousand years now,
Starting seven.
All who believe him,
His dastardly lies
Will not be living with Me
In Heaven!
I have warned you
For thousands of years!
Written it in a Book!
My prophets have screamed
My Sacred Message
They are slaughtered by Satan’s crooks.
Repent, My people!
Repent right now!
Do not wait another hour!
We are both here,
Satan and Me,
The choice should be clear
Who will set you free!
Listen to me with your heart!
Close your eyes to deception!
The evil one pours out death!
Out of his mouth runs sewage,
No human can clean up!
I love you! I love you all,
I want you by my side!
I miss my many offspring!
I want with you to abide!
You have the power,
The power to come home!
Use it! Do not lose it!
I love you, My Own.
Your Father in Heaven


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