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May 21, 2021
Victoria Ang


Very early this morning I was in prayer , praise and worship with the Lord Jesus Christ. And got slain in the Spirit . That felt like getting shocked with high voltage but without pain.

I received a vision of heaven opening and water pouring out in a stream. I was standing at the bottom of the water flowing ( living water of the Holy Spirit). It was filling up like a pool .It was over waist deep as I stood in the water.The water was crystal clear and a beautiful blue in color( represents heaven) and then started to turn a purple color( represents royality). I just marveled at the beauty I was seeing right before my eyes.In the vision I saw my hands rise high and lowered then raised high again ( as in victory ) ! I was so happy .I then heard the Lord say “ YOU HAVE OVERCOME”!

I stepped out of the water and found a sword in my hand. I was standing on top of the mountain With the sword raised high. As in proceed onward in victory towards the harvest ,and the vision ended!❤️❤️❤️❤️

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