You are living in the time of Darkness – Sue Piccini

You are living in the time of Darkness

April 23, 2019
Sue Piccini

Matthew 4: 16-17

“ You are living in the time of Darkness”

“ Come now people of the darkness and come into the Glorious Light of Jesus My Son. I have given him to you as a Redeemer and now is the time to come to Him before it is to late. The days are falling away quickly, as my return is imminent. My Children know the time is approaching when they will be Home with Me and I wish for many more of you to come.

Listen to what My Watchers are saying and believe that all things that they are saying are true and have come from Me. The disasters and the horrors you are seeing and hearing about will surely increase in these last days, but the Great and Horrible Day of the Lord will soon be upon you and then you will have to suffer to come to Me.

Beware of the many things that are happening around you and know that I am allowing these things to happen, so that you might see my judgment and not My Wrath. Those who are My true and faithful ones will surely not see My Wrath, but will be in My presence and will be safe. Those who choose to not believe in Me will suffer the terror that will come upon the Earth and the rule of the Evil One Satan. The Mark of the Beast is at hand and many will die in their sins and live in torment for all eternity.”

“War is coming upon your Nations very soon, so prepare and be ready for your King to come for you.”

“Now People, Come Now, for your fate is in your hands.”

Yeshua Ha Mashiach!

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