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God’s vengeance being poured! – Shepard

God’s vengeance being poured!

June 19, 2024 2:42 PM


So, I had a weird dream. I am convinced it came from God. It was unusual, and I feel like I should talk about it.

Pray the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ for this dream for discernment as well.

Here we go :

I was on my balcony overlooking the view from my apartment. From there, I could see a storm coming from a cloud. There were 2 lightnings that were coming from that storm.

As I continued to look, I noticed that something was being poured from that cloud into the world, something black, and the storm was growing bigger and bigger. Colors were beginning to fade away, and the sky was growing darker because of it.

I called out my mom to tell her what was happening.

I tell her “Mom, come watch!”.

She says “What? What’s going on?”

I say “It is God’s vengeance being poured!”

My mother arrived to watch from the balcony when suddenly, the sky turned black.

Very, very black.

The darkness was so dense I could feel it. Things were silent. It was as if the colors were drained from the world. As if I was seeing the world’s colors fading away and it was just black.

The blackness of the sky was reflecting on the entire world.

We kept on watching this black sky when suddenly, an explosion of colors happened in the sky as if there were fireworks, and I saw planes.

Thousands of planes were flying so fast I couldn’t see them. One second they were there, the next they disappeared. Yet, I knew they were planes.

I could also hear an alarm in the background.

The sky was exploding in colors, and the planes were not dancing, but they were flying so fast you couldn’t see them, as they were leaving contrails in the sky (those white lines you see in the sky when a plane flies).

I could feel this feeling of war in the sky. Those planes were fighting and going somewhere to fight an enemy. War was there, and I just knew it.

We kept on watching the sky, and the wonders above us, me and my Mother, until she put her hands on her mouth, in a display of surprise.

And then I wake up.

So this is my dream. Feel like I need to talk about it to someone, and I decided to send you all an email about it.

Pray the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ for discernment. I feel as if war is just right around the corner.

That is all.

May God blesses any who read these words

With Love


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