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Ye shall not escape his paw – Krystal Beall

Ye shall not escape his paw

July 2, 2020
Krystal Beall

July 2 2020

Destroyers are prepared and in place for America. While you sleep America…Ye shall be destroyed. Even now they are in place and wait. The tail of the dragon is Swift to strike. The bear is among you. Ye shall not escape his paw. I have warned you America. All nations that forget me…GOD are turned into hell. America forgot me. America REJECTED me. I have turned my back to America. Fallen are you O nation not desired. Yea, even unto the pit. Lamentations abound. Sackcloth. Ash. The smoke of her burning is seen. Wormwood. The water is bitter. Most poison is it. Defiled. Deception abounds as a thick fog descending it blankets the people. Covered in a gross darkness. The streets filled with blood. Empty. Slain are the masses. My people are destroyed and perish from a lack of knowledge. I warned America. I warned. Out of my love and mercy..I warned. You can not reject me and I not recompense you in full. Vengeance is mine. I will repay. REPENT has fallen on deaf ears. It is midnight. A 1,000 fires devour America. Weep not for this nation. I have been REJECTED on American soil. You America shall weep for me. Weep for the blood you have shed and the LORD you have dismissed. I hand America over. The hour has come. To all who love me..look up. Watch. Pray. Stand. Faith, not sight. I am the LORD. I AM the light of the world. I AM the God of all flesh. All things new. The appointed time is now.


Jeremiah 21 KJV

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