Ye of Little Faith – Ruth Johnson

Ye of Little Faith

Nov 11, 2019, 11:23 AM
Ruth Johnson
Ye of little faith,
That can be me, my Lord!
I have it all! All the faith!
Then somehow I forget it!
I hear Your voice!
I know I do!
Then somehow I regret it!
A leap of faith, O Lord,
It is a leap!
You feel like nothing is below you!
We fear falling, and we should,
But not when You are calling!
You will lift us up!
Our foot will not strike a stone!
How often do we read this
Then leave it alone?
Well, it is crucial now
We do not doubt
Anything He says
Out of His Own mouth.
He is the wondrous Word!
He will never contradict it,
He will never trick us,
He will always be there!
We stray! We pretend
Things can be another way.
They could be Satan’s,
And will be for a while!
Faith, My child,
No doubt, My child,
It I just received this there is a strong urgency to share right away here it is.
Daniel 11:36-45
The king of the south is us,
The U.S. and all her allies,
The king of the north 
Is Russia and China,
Ready to burst on the scene.
Woe to us! Oh, woe to us!
And we have seen it coming!
We still do not know
Have not a clue
The true meaning of war drumming!
We have been a peaceful nation,
With the exception of overseas,
The Civil War was the last time
Blood was spilled on our soil!
How can a war be civil?
That one was not!
This one will not be, either,
As were any of them fought!
This one, though, will be just,
That is for certain,
This will really be the war to
For look what happens next!!!
In Daniel 12:1-3!!!
Ok, it is time, 
Verse 4 come into play!
Many shall run to and fro,
And knowledge will increase!
Amen! Thank You, Lord.

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