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X/Twitter Compromised (Betrayal) – Lloyd Immanuel Acree

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X/Twitter Compromised (Betrayal)

July 9, 2024 3:56 PM
Lloyd Immanuel Acree
Jul 8 2024
In this dream I was flying over the ocean in a small airship. This obviously represents my ministry. On the underside of the airship was a communications hardware array. I saw this as if from outside the airship: There was a teenage mutant ninja turtle upside down, clinging to the bottom and he was handling the comms gear. The last thing I saw in this dream was that he gutted this antenna-motherboard and release it out into the sky to throw it into the ocean. The dream ended.
This antenna system has nothing to do with local ministry or street life; it is about my broadcast to the world, which means in my case the internet. The airship is flying with the Holy Spirit. The medium or channel was social media. I haven’t had a Facebook for over a year. The only one I use is X. The anonymous teenage mutant ninja turtle represents someone who is perceived to be a public hero, and who is highly skilled, and is considered a big public team player, as the ninja turtles are a team. The ninja turtles live underground away from people, which shows that this betrayer in the dream is from the people and is not the government. Also, he was under the airship, and that implies that he was a support or the platform on which I broadcasted.
Draw your own interpretation from here.
Lloyd Immanuel Acree

X / Twitter


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