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WW3 started, I died, then the judgment – Kierra Alba

WW3 started, I died, then the judgment

Nov 14, 2019 7:30 AM
Kierra Alba

I had dream today in my dream i was walking with my son along a road holding his hand then suddenly I look up the sky and i saw long white line above the trees so my eyes start to follow the line then I have noticed that was some kind of plane which look like military plane then the plane was making turn and was fired up some kind of explosive device ( missiles ) I believe was nuclear weapons then I look to the left I saw more army’s planes coming form every direction going in circles firing up missiles the planes was fast at look like star wars . Then I voice saying “get your children in your arms ” so I picked up my son up in my arms it was frightening I knew that nuclear war has begun . Then I look back and i saw 1 person behind me was screaming from pain as the body was melting from the blast from nuclear weapons . I kept running away with my son and other child and suddenly in split second me and with my son was in a place which I believe was Heaven because when we was their I felt so peaceful I didn’t see anymore army planes . But what I have seeing when I was their was multitudes after multitudes people heading I believe towards the Throne of Leaving God . Then I said to my son we are here to stand before the Throne of Leaving God to be Judged and i was holding my son tight whisper to Him here we will be judged and i believe those multitudes of people it was countless I could not see the end I believe was waiting to be judged . Suddenly I wake up and look at the clock was 11 : 00

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