Worse Nightmare – Alexander Black

Worse Nightmare

Aug 4, 2019, 5:20 AM
Alexander Black

My inquire about this if you can or not of answer about is “death at door”

Dream & Vision show very offer in 2019 but never before show real nightmare is Death at door waiting to welcome anyone coming inside and never come out !!

Because death machine is kill people in it..that machine is abrupt and kill anyone it are berserk act worse torture atrocious done. whoever name on lists of book on mark to go to place that machine eater body of flesh by person who general sophistication engineering done, my quite conscious that machine can do despotic done to body of human and animals too to be destroy completed it seem cannot escape or avert out
of place determine understand about machine is as weapons to kill our flesh in any spot or etc for sport ? to convince hostile way it seem abundant machines it meant is not one machine also liquid is involves pour on person is toxic and acid of chemical , however this not jovial under truth prove agnostic holy virtuous. because machine give
no lenient justify act. please think hard same familiar of TV show “futurma” show that
Bender go to suicide booth that machine kill for you.. but my vision & dream show more artful mastermind engineering done but killer machine that seem eater person or animals into near as b vapor! “gones” same point to chemical done to flesh is acid or toxic but show pour over on person it seem peal human leather quick left is muscle it horror act of worse than movie “hostile” and “hostile 2” for sport? it insane i ever see!! God help us!!

other vision pre 2017 show that big ship that nudist body piles is reach high to heaven on ship
on sea or on fresh water sea.

thank for your listen of what those warns to me in dream & vision ,i am felt helpless watch
those people died even children involves died by hostile deathly machine to any flesh and
liquid of fluid is too hostile deathly reach to skin or inside of body fill up fluid and be killed.
monster people done to disability and not disability?…it are seem worse than holocaust done..
i am hope correct to interpreter of dream & vision however since i write to 444 news hope all same
of my best i can to report of truth story of what i saw.

from deaf second language English
Alexander Black


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