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Worldwide Earthquake – 2Timothy236

Worldwide Earthquake

Feb 27, 2020 8:12 PM

dream on 2/27/2020

I had this dream that I was overseas and there was a massive earthquake worldwide. I remember praying for everyone in the house I was in to keep us safe as the structure went up and down like it was a box on a hill, and it was so violent it was knocking people off their feet. I remember looking outside and the ground had fallen down about 100 feet and the house I was in sat within 20 feet of the edge.

I turned on the television and saw that an earthquake hit the central United States and I saw a cone shaped reading like the attached picture

to where was close to the peak of the chart around a 9 or 10. The picture was red on the spike, and I saw a big red circle over Manhattan that there was great damage there.

This dream was a definite warning that confirms my other dream I had earlier about the United States and the great damage from the first dream. I wasn’t given any dates, but know with the Lord he gives plenty of warning ahead of time. However, I remember after the earthquake running down a flight of marble stairs after the earthquake and someone telling me “Happy New Years!” I also heard when I woke up the Lord told me to share this dream and tell people to repent while there was still time.

I believe we should all pray also that when this earthquake happens that it is lessened, because from what I saw the death toll worldwide will be massive.

Also, be bold for Christ while there is still time as we as Christians are the salt of the earth!


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  1. Susan Elizabeth

    Yes yes yes

    After Israel is split

    Natural Israel will be split as Prophetic sign of the finalisation of the split in the spirit realm of the Church between the true and the apostate, and also of the refined, sanctified and ready as the John 17 Unity of the First Watch is happening now.

    Then America will be split.

    Focus on John Chapter 17 prayer Jesus prayed to make us one in Him.

    I need to post the dream He gave me about this…

  2. Maria

    Praise be to God, He tells us DO NOT BE AFRAID…I pray daily that He helps us to walk in faith and gives us the strength we need for days coming…He also promises to be with us even before death…sigh…still scary but we need to trust in HIM!

  3. Christine Cook

    I believe there will probably be a world wide earthquake at the resurrection of the dead in Christ.

  4. Праверка

  5. bryan Johnston

    The opening of the 6th Seal is heralded by an earthquake larger than any other on earth before now (see Revelation 6 verse12.) As we are now somewhere between the opening of the FIFTH Seal and the opening of the SIXTH, this COULD be a warning that such a mega-earthquake is imminent ( “IMMINENT” in GOD’s timing is not the same as “imminent” in ours because of course, to God “A day is like a thousand years” and vice versa.)

  6. Ireland Marie Johansson

    There is a beautiful black woman on Youtube.com who dreamed of a worldwide earthquake. She seems very kind and filled with God’s spirit.

    I believe her name is Amara Onubia. She seeks no fame or anything like that. She had a dream, inside of a church, and there was an earthquake that shook the whole world.

    Two things I believe are very upsetting to the spiritual balance:

    1. All of the bad face surgeries. Almost everyone is getting them. People look horrific. They are marring God’s creation. Have you seen Catherine Zeta Jones? Meg Ryan? Mickey Rourke?

    2. At the recent Planned Parenthood vs. the undercover journalists trial, we were told that at Stanford University, live beating hearts taken from aborted babies, living babies, were used in medical experiments. This is in the public records. There was and is no outcry. The journalists lost the cast and were fined. Planned Parenthood said their “brand’ was marred. What is the brand, exactly?



    Let this sink in. Stanford University is the best university in the world. And this is what is going on there.

    These kinds of things might lead to a global earthquake. Something people cannot blame in “climate change.” God is being mocked. God is being pushed. And God will push back.

    There will also be major giant tsunamis on the East and West Coasts of America. There are Russian submarines in the Gulf of Mexico, and elsewhere, loaded with the Status 6 Tsunami Torpedoes.

    China and Russia consider America’s culture to be a disease. Putin’s main religious advisor believes America is controlled by Satan, the Antichrist an so on. Michael Snyder published an article about this, “Putin’s Brain.” Russia and China can turn America into radioactive ash.
    Status 6 is laced with cobalt. It will render the land uninhabitable for a long time.

    Americans have traded society for social media. Security for sensuality. Fake printed Monopoly money. War in Yemen. Drugs. Weapons sales. Abortion. Gangs. The new Bruce Jenner. Drag Queens as cultural icons and civil rights leaders. Syria. Afghanistan. Iraq. Assassinations. Drones. Regime change. ANC. Funding ISIS to kill Christians. Sending our industry to China. Funding global abortion through the United Nations. Mocking God on Saturday Night Live skits. The TV show Messiah on Netflix asks this question: “To whom have you, America, brought justice and goodness and liberty?” Hollywood. MTV Music. Beyonce at the Super Bowl halftime. Swiss tunnel opening ceremony.

    It’s all in plain view now.

    The Satanists don’t bother to hide themselves.

    We need to fast and pray against the Satanic elites. All of us.

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