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Worldwide Earthquake – 2Timothy236

Worldwide Earthquake

Feb 27, 2020 8:12 PM

dream on 2/27/2020

I had this dream that I was overseas and there was a massive earthquake worldwide. I remember praying for everyone in the house I was in to keep us safe as the structure went up and down like it was a box on a hill, and it was so violent it was knocking people off their feet. I remember looking outside and the ground had fallen down about 100 feet and the house I was in sat within 20 feet of the edge.

I turned on the television and saw that an earthquake hit the central United States and I saw a cone shaped reading like the attached picture

to where was close to the peak of the chart around a 9 or 10. The picture was red on the spike, and I saw a big red circle over Manhattan that there was great damage there.

This dream was a definite warning that confirms my other dream I had earlier about the United States and the great damage from the first dream. I wasn’t given any dates, but know with the Lord he gives plenty of warning ahead of time. However, I remember after the earthquake running down a flight of marble stairs after the earthquake and someone telling me “Happy New Years!” I also heard when I woke up the Lord told me to share this dream and tell people to repent while there was still time.

I believe we should all pray also that when this earthquake happens that it is lessened, because from what I saw the death toll worldwide will be massive.

Also, be bold for Christ while there is still time as we as Christians are the salt of the earth!



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