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horrible earthquake, hyper inflation of US dollar – 2Timothy236

horrible earthquake, hyper inflation of US dollar

Dec 27, 2019 12:55 AM

My website is vijnm.org to find out more on our mission about sharing spiritual authority and teaching about spiritual warfare. Now I know that I am not a prophet, but I know I have prophetic gifts and dreams is one of the gifts. I dream almost every night, sometimes several times, but many messages are for myself and our ministry, however I do get an occasional warning dream for other countries.

This is the dream I had on November 6:
I had a dream that there was a horrible earthquake. It was so intense that the land moved up like a wave 20 ft off the ground.
I woke up and immediately went to the Lord in prayer, and said oh Lord, where and when will this occur and what nation?
As I went back to sleep I immediately entered another dream and saw a big book with the golden letters spelled out “United States of America.”
The dream suddenly changed to where I was in crowded market back in the US and I saw I had a US 20 dollar bill in my hand and I asked the clerk how much the near 3/4 of a lb of hamburger cost and he told me $15.76. Then the dream ended.
When I woke up I clearly heard to he Lord tell me to warn the people in the US to repent of their wickedness when there was still time. 
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