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World War 3 broke out without warning – ROCKY96

World War 3 broke out without warning

May 6, 2021 3:21 PM

Brothers and Sisters I had a dream not long ago and I have to share with it.

It starts out so beautiful and sunny [something like August carefree holidays] and suddenly World War 3 broke out without warning. There were tanks everywhere on the earth: planes, the army of all armies. former long-range missiles with warheads of mass destruction. Everywhere there was FIRE AND PILLARS OF SMOKE, something like a tsar bomb from a massive nuclear bomb exploding; as in the book of Joel 3. There was nowhere to run and Everywhere BLOOD, FIRE: also people were burned alive by the sun. The screams of the people were unbearable with the pain. A fiery star from the sky hit the Pacific Ocean wiped everything off the face of the earth 200/400 meter tsunami waves cleared everything. rockets are nothing. All buildings destroyed Scenery like from terminator 2029 or Oblivion or something. Darkness everywhere, destruction, dust from the fall of nuclear warheads or Firestar. few survived. a handful of people survived unscathed, they were holding a book with a cross – the Bible. The light came on and I heard “JESUS” and I woke up all sweaty and wet because I had the impression that it was going to happen soon and I drew Luke 21 in the night. I have a feeling that something is going to happen soon and you need to hold on to JESUS ​​ONLY. I have the impression that I have to do something else for the KING OF GLORY.

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