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S⁶eptember 18, 2021 12:14 PM

Sept 18, 2021 @ 8:46am:

Last night was intense. After communion around 8:30pm we were in prayer and after I finished, I couldn’t open my eyes as i saw Jesus lay his hand on my head and push it down to pray humbly. I asked everyone to politely leave the room and turn off the lights and entered the time of my evening prayer out of obedience to the Lord. In my prayer i started as i usually do and i remembered that my aunt was supposed to come over today so i prayed i may be used by the Lord and that He would put His words in my mouth like a fire and the people i speak to the wood it consumes. This was one of the last things I prayed among a few other things as well. And suddenly, the hand of the Lord came upon me and i was grieving and wailing for all in the house to hear. I began wailing and sobbing uncontrollably. Sweating, shaking and trembling. At one point he said the earth will shake. It will move (as if He was forcing it while gritting His teeth). It was stressed a lot. I was shrieking at the top of my lungs in a voice ive never used in my whole life. I was screaming for all to hear. And then i screamed HELLLLLLL in a demonic sounding voice my voice rumbled and grated the entire back of my throat and then my voice softened, still crying out and God the Father said sobbing out of love so desperately, DONT GO THERE! DONT GO THERE! DONT GO THERE! COME TO ME AND I WILL FEED YOU. I AM YOUR PROVIDER. COME TO ME AND BE SAFE. I AM YOUR PROTECTOR. COME TO ME AND BE HEALED. he spoke these words of comfort out of pure love but His heart was so so so grieved and im sorry Jesus for my sins and the sins of my people. Please help us Lord. I felt in my Spirit, these screams were of the souls burning to testify of the horrendous, atrocious reality and severity of eternal death.

I spoke in tongues and had some interpretation as well. I was praying Abba and Jesus and Rammah(?) a lot. (i pray this often in the Spirit but i dont know what it means). My lips were moving faster than i thought possible at one point almost faster than a child trying to speak gibberish but every word/message sounded like a new language and fluent. As I wailed, my unsaved sister came to comfort me and I couldnt stop but grew louder even speaking in tongues uncontrollably, though i knew she had no understanding of what was happening. The Lord spoke of a darkness falling upon the whole land. His message for all to hear which got louder and louder at least twice through the prayer was REPENT REPENT REPENT REPENT REPENT. Before this entire experience occurred He said to me Warn My People. But i didnt understand or know what He wanted me to say or do so i just prayed with Him and He turned our conversation and experience into one for the whole house to hear. The screams were so chilling. The whole house was silent and i believe everyone was listening to the messages and the wailing. The Spirit of the Lord fell on my lips and i was speaking beyond my own control THUS SAYS THE LORD. My mother heard me crying and came in after my sister heard me from the bathroom and left. My sister’s attempt to console me failed as she had no understanding why i was grieving and screaming. But she rubbed my back and left shortly after, probably afraid. Then my mother came in and did the same but it was more effective as her prayers were powerful over my grief. When she prayed for comfort my wailing quieted but i was grieved for nearly an hour with a throbbing headache. When my mother asked the Lord anything in Spirit, He replied immediately and i was His mouthpiece. She tried to comfort my grief away but i didnt want her to. I love being one with the Lord in Spirit even if it is painful. Regardless my Spirit knew the Lord was answering her prayers and as it was happening and the burden started to fade away, my Spirit prayed DONT GO JESUS, DONT GO JESUS DONT GO DONT GO. When she was concerned for her country and nation the Lord agreed with her and praised her prayers. He thanked her many times for praying and that her heart understood His grief for his people. He approved what she prayed. He spoke through me for the people of the land to hear, LISTEN. LISTEN! LISTEN! TO WHAT MY SERVANT IS SPEAKING AS I LAID MY HAND ON HER. We were grieved together. The Lord was adamant to hear us worshipping Him. My mother continued to pray for comfort for me and the soul/souls I was interceding for. She prayed for joy and immediately my sobs turned to laughter. It was a very strange cry like i couldnt tell if i was crying or laughing. Very bittersweet. But i could not control my joy or my grief. I let the Lord use me and His grace was upon me to deliver an EMERGENCY message. He said WORSHIP ME. WORSHIP ME! I CANNOT HEAR YOU PRAISING ME. I lifted my arms and worshipped but after a few moments my arms were weak and i lowered them to rest. But i felt like moses because the Lord shot my arms right back up and i had to continue lifting them. He would not let me put my arms down. And He asked us constantly to remain in worship. I said HALLELUJAH so many times and gave my God glory, praise and honor. I prayed GLORY TO THE KING! GLORY TO GOD! Peace on earth. Peace in Jerusalem. Peace in Israel.
I raised a banner with my arms in victory. It was a banner of love in Jesus name. I raised it with many tears streaming down my face. Jesus raised a banner of love over the land last night—His declaration of war. It was painful but he was fierce about it. He will have victory and we are with him. He said there will be PEACE. NO MORE PAIN. NO MORE CRYING.

I am so thankful for this experience which was so powerful i cannot even begin to comprehend what happened. Im missing so much but i recorded as much as i could remember. He warned me to Write This Down in the beginning of the night but i purposely pray with the lights off in the night to give Him my full attention, so i cant write in the dark and didnt want the flow of His Spirit to get distracted as i searched for my phone or paper. Instead of writing it, the Lord declared it himself to the whole house and i am thankful for that for the boldness and authority to make such an alarming statement amidtst the current deception of normalcy and “peace and safety” in the land. I pray the Lord does a mighty work in this house and I am sharing this now as an act of obedience to “warn my people.” This is not the full message; just my recollection of all i could remembered with the help of the Holy Spirit.

I was thirsty afterward and my head throbbed because my whole body was so tense and rigid, but i felt Him move my water away. Forcing a fast and i was obedient and thankful for His commands. At least i am listening. I prayed in the Spirit the Lord gives and takes away, may His name be praised! Blessed be the name of the Lord. Give glory to God for He is good and His love endures forever and ever. We sang to the Lord through tears and sobs and it all. I went through almost 10 tissues in an hour. The rest of my tears soaked into the carpet and drenched my clothes. It was very, very serious. I sensed a lot of sudden death coming upon the land. A HUGE and POWERFUL earthquake. Everyone will feel it. And the Lord said They WILL know who I am. Or They will know I am the Lord. Or something close to that. Repent. Repent repent.

Sitting down to write this up this morning, He gave me more to write:
This means war my people. Prepare to declare war on your nation. Look to the sky. Look beneath. What do you see. I see an apple tree. Unlike anything youve ever seen. I am coming and i will rip the land, rip the fruit from your lips. You will have no fruit to eat says the Lord, for that is what you have given me. Buy and sell buy and sell is all you care about. What about me?!?!?! Dont you see i let you live?! I am the Lord your provider! Come to me! And live. Come to me and live says your God. Why cant you see your cities burning. Every state. Every nation. The whole world in flames all because of your iniquities. Your attempts to quench this fire will be futile. My will will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I am the all-consuming fire. Who may dwell with me? Only those who are refined by my trials and temptations. They know my name. They seek me daily. They repent and live. You do not. You are so stubborn in your ways. Can you not hear my voice? I am speaking loud and clear to you now. I desire mercy, not sacrifice. Love the Lord your God with your whole body, heart, mind, soul and strength, lean not on your own understanding and i will direct your path.

On the 8th, heed my words. This is to come and many are not supposed to know but i the Lord your God will not keep this from you. I love you my child. My son. Watch for me. I will see you and i know you by name (i heard Him speak my new name to me, Jezreel). From this moment on you will begin to see war and famine in your land. Watch for me. Do not be afraid. I am the Good Shepherd and i will never leave my flock. You believed in me and now you will reap what you have sown. I love you my son.

Wings. Wings. Wings. Do you hear me? You can use these now. I’ve prepared you. Come home. Fly little doves— I’m waiting for you here— in my arms. Stretch them out and come to me and drink from the living waters, my peaceful stream. I made all this for you since before the world began and I’m only getting started. Come to know me and you will see i have greater things than these. Nothing on earth can begin to compare with my love. FLEE FROM SEXUAL IMMORALITY. ALL OTHER SINS A MAN COMMITS ARE OUTSIDE HIS BODY BUT YOUR FLESH IS NOT FOR ME SAYS THE LORD. Repent oh nations and people. Woe to you for you do not hear these words. I am the Maker of heaven and earth. What i say will come to pass. Pass through my flames of love. Of burning jealousy for my land and people and die. I am coming for you sinners. Repent.

Fix your eyes on me the Son, Jesus, the Father, the Holy Spirit. Flee from the world lest you be destroyed with it. All these things must come to pass. I am warning you. Oh peoples of the earth when i come will i find faith in the land or will i find disaster and wars you cannot stopstop? You are helpless but are you willing to call out to me. I will save you but you must run. I will not do it for you. My door is open. My heart is open. Your wings are open. Find my Son. I loved him so much i gave him for you. I love you so much he came back to me. Help yourselves and flee from my coming wrath. This time next year will not be what you expect it to be. I declare war on my people for those who do not listen to me. Dont be like them. Have your lamps ready. I am yours forevermore.

-Jesus the Son of the Living God.

What about your people? My children are with me. I see his arms around them. The Lord is on fire but they are safe with Him. He is not pleased with the world. He is not smiling. The world is down below. Im looking up to Him. What about me Lord? Repent. I know you will. I say this for them. Repent. Can you stand my heat. The temperatures are rising. The sun will not scorch your head if you are with me. Can you feel the shift in the winds. The stench in the breeze? Think in all your years such has not happened before. When i declare war, i mean war. Whole nations burning and blazing. To where will you go? Whom will you run from? Run from me. I am your Heavenly Father. I see all, i know all. All of heaven and earth and everything in them is mine. You cannot hide from me. This is why we speak REPENT NOW BEFORE THE TIME COMES AND IT WILL BE TOO LATE FOR YOU SAYS THE LORD. TOO LATE.

Mark 9, 13
Romans 8-9
Colossians 3-4
John 5-6




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