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Photo taken @ New Hope Church, Abilene, TX by Jonathan
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Words from the Holy Spirit

February 12 2021 8:21 PM

Usually the Holy Spirit will give me an in depth message. This week though I have been receiving random words which I have shared below.


TRIBULATION IS COMING (Only God knows when this will occur but we are certainly moving closer to that time)

CHURCH REVIVAL (On 1.19.21 the Holy Spirit gave me a message that this nation America would soon experience revival after a time of great upheaval)


A TIDAL WAVE IS COMING (This is all I was given. This could be either in the natural or in the spiritual)

I HAD A WEDDING DREAM WHERE I WAS GETTING MARRIED (I don’t recall any details aside from the fact that I was wearing a wedding dress and veil. Also the previous day I had recommitted my life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ)

LAWLESSNESS (Word given by the Holy Spirit as I thought upon the world and saw the pervasive evil especially in America’s Capitol)

BUY SILVER (Recently the Holy Spirit placed on my heart a desire to invest in silver of which I know next to nothing. However for many years the body of Christ has been instructed to rely on other sources besides the American dollar as it will soon collapse in the coming financial reset)

While on the site the Holy Spirit led me to the post ‘Assembling the prophetic pieces by Jon Stokes 2.9.21. I was moved in the spirit while reading it and the Holy Spirit impressed several words upon me. Below you will find the phrases and the sections that it pertains to.

RECEIVED THE VACCINE – ‘In the event you’ve already received the vaccine, take heart; God can easily reverse the effects if you seek Him for help.’

TIME IS RUNNING VERY SHORT – ‘The church in America needs to wake up and consider the events unfolding all around the world and the times we’re living in. Many who’ve sat in church all their lives need to ask themselves where Jesus truly fits on their list of priorities in life because time is running very short. The gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life and through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of heaven; sacrifice and repentance are both required in the life of every Christian. These realities are everywhere in Scripture, and the Bible is clear that Jesus “became the source of eternal salvation to all those who obey him” (Hebrews 5:9). He paid the ultimate price for everyone who follows Him and gives them the greatest hope they could ever imagine, namely living forever with Him in heaven. We’re thereby called to obey His commands out of love for Him.’

PERSECUTION IS COMING – ‘To those reading this who already claim Jesus as Lord: persecution is coming, and religious freedom will soon be at an end in America; fighting the government will prove fruitless and invariably backfire. Persecution will come in the same forms it’s come to every nation throughout history: mocking and insults, physical violence, gross taxation, prison time, and ultimately martyrdom for some. Jesus spoke very plainly about this and told us what to expect as we approach His second coming. His disciples and millions of others throughout history followed their Savior all the way to the end, and it cost many of them their jobs, their reputations, their families, their freedoms, and their lives.’

JESUS IS THE LORD OF LORDS AND KING OF KINGS – ‘The world is entering into the darkest days it’s ever known, and Christians will soon be the only source of love and hope to the people around them. God is faithful and He won’t forsake His people in their hour of need. He has everything under control and we can all rest in His promise: “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand” (Isaiah 41:10). Jesus Christ is Lord over all the universe and His power exceeds, beyond all comparison, that of mortal men. He is the Lord of all lords and the King of all kings, He loves His people, and death will never hold them. This life is a vapor and then it’s gone, so let all who are in Christ forget what lies behind and strive forward to what lies ahead: a new home in eternal heaven, where life truly begins.’

FINAL OFFER OF SALVATION – ‘America and the world will soon witness the greatest Christian revival in history. Christians in America will form an underground church and possess the same spiritual power as the early church, and the body of Christ will return to the spiritual condition Jesus intended. Millions of people will escape Satan’s grip and embrace Christ as their Savior and Lord in what may be His final offer of salvation.’

The Holy Spirit has spoken. It appears that the hard times are just around the corner but fear not for we are not alone, for greater is He that is in us that He that is in the world. May we all be found worthy and persevere to the very end.

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