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Assembling the prophetic pieces – Jon Stokes


Assembling the prophetic pieces

February 8, 2021 10:40 PM
Jon Stokes

Hey Everyone,

I imagine many of you reading this have reached a point of exhaustion, perhaps even despair, wondering if events that have been prophesied will ever come to pass and if God will ever release you into the next phase of life.  I think He has a lot of us in the same boat right now and my aim is to give you some encouragement with several insights I’m compelled to share. Having a tentative timeline concerning things to come helps immensely in staying the course, so I’ve sought to assemble the pieces of the prophetic puzzle over the last year in order to paint a clearer picture of the future, particularly in America.  Let me first provide a brief backdrop.  This will be long but I hope it’ll be worth your time. 

In October 2019, I received what I knew to be a prophecy over the course of several nights; I’d never received one before and I haven’t received another one since.  God branded three absolute notions into my mind concerning things to come, so I took the next year of my life to investigate these things and flesh them out.  He’d provided the border of a puzzle and I was resolved to fill in the missing pieces, as I believe this was how the biblical prophets acted upon receiving insight from the Lord (1 Pet. 1:10-11, Dan. 9:2, Lk. 1:1-4, e.g.).  While I don’t claim the office of prophet, I know the Lord framed a very distinct portrait of what’s coming and I’ve felt a tremendous responsibility to take it seriously in both its development and deliverance to the body of Christ as well as non-believers. I’ve always feared misrepresenting the Lord and I would never release something like this into a public forum unless I were fully convinced He’d given me the green light to do so, and I have nothing to gain from what I’ve written.  God told Ezekiel that if He instructed him to speak and Ezekiel kept quiet and the people perished as a result, then the blood would be on Ezekiel’s hands (Ez. 3:18); so I want to be obedient to the Lord. 

I’ve attached the insights in a letter I sent to friends and family. I’m certain the forecasts will begin before Easter (God does provide timeframes for a variety of reasons; see Gen. 40:12-13, 18-19, 41:25-27, Num. 14:33-34, Jer. 28:16, Dan. 9:26-27, Ez. 39:9,12, Jon. 3:4, e.g.)., which gives people a few more weeks to really pursue the Lord.  My basis for the timeframe and the specific events and locations I’ve provided in the letter is rooted in hundreds of hours I’ve spent examining and reexamining the clues God’s provided in a handful of people’s visions and dreams, from both the past and the present, and a myriad of cross-references. 

We’re entering into a time in history unlike any other and, quite frankly, I don’t think humanity will be around much longer after this decade. This should give us great reason to rejoice, devote ourselves fully to Jesus, and boldly venture outside the camp to reach the droves of lost people around us.  The multitudes will soon have nowhere left to turn to secure any sense of peace, purpose, or consolation in life outside of the gospel.  I’d encourage everyone to pray in earnest over your city, town, and county in the weeks that lie ahead.  Entire regions in America will soon be won to Christ while others completely reject Him.  Pray for a spirit of unity, humility, and sacrificial love to sweep through the body of Christ.  Pray that your local pastors would preach the full counsel of God no matter what comes against them.  Pray that those who know you, both friend and foe, would be drawn to Christ upon seeing the Bride’s unwavering faith in the goodness of a loving God.  Pray that God would raise up new leaders and prayer warriors in areas where church leaders refuse to repent and preach the truth.  The Lord has warned many of us of things to come, and now more than ever we should be ultra-diligent in praying for the harvest.

I wrote a book last year in order to expedite spiritual growth in new and nominal believers when the revival begins; it’s called Anchored: The Christian’s Field Manual, and in it I sought to provide a concise overview of the most essential doctrines in Scripture as well as practical advice on how to pray, study the Bible, evangelize, endure hardship, combat demonic opposition, etc.; I essentially merged biblical and practical theology into one short book. I hesitated mentioning this at the risk of people thinking it’s a shameless plug, but God had me write it for a reason and I wanted to share it should it be of aid to anyone in their discipleship and ministry efforts.  I listed it on Amazon for $5.  
Lastly, I just want to encourage anyone who’s struggling to hang in there.  It’s always darkest before dawn, but I’m fully convinced the long season of pain and sorrow that’s buffeted many of us will come to an abrupt end in the coming weeks. In the meantime, the Lord will remain faithful to those who’ve patiently endured despite every obstacle.  He’ll carry all of us through these last few weeks so don’t let Satan try to derail you at the very end by cracking the door back to Egypt.  In the event you do slip, take heart; God is very gracious and I believe everyone’s already past the point of no return.  Now it’s just a matter of staying focused and looking forward to the imminent joy coming with the Spirit’s outpouring and the abundant life and fellowship He breathes into His Church. 

If anyone needs prayer for anything, please don’t hesitate to email me at stokesjr21@gmail.com.

Yours in Christ, 

Jon Stokes

Be strong and courageous, and do the work. Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the LORD God, my God, is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you until all the work for the service of the temple of the LORD is finished.   -1 Chronicles 28:20


January 23, 2021

Dear Friends,

I’m writing to warn people of America’s imminent future so they can both pray and prepare accordingly.  Many events are about to unfold in this nation that people are unaware of, and I’m compelled to inform others of what’s coming.
It’s easy to get caught up in everyday life and tune out the events around us, telling ourselves that everything will be fine and all will soon return to normal.  Americans in particular have never been threatened nor faced any real sense of suffering as the majority world has, so it’s only natural for people living in the west to avert logic when it suggests something sinister is in the air.  Tribulation is foreign to us, and many Americans have a hard time believing this country could ever face the trials that every society invariably faces; but trouble is on the horizon.  God’s judgment will soon fall upon this nation and I believe without question His final judgment will follow shortly thereafter.  At the same time, He’s offering Himself to people as their source of hope, peace, and salvation when life spins out of control in the days that lie just ahead, a commonality that will soon affect all of us.  He’s giving people the opportunity to trust Him and to surrender their lives fully into His hands so He can help them through the chain of events coming down the line.  I wouldn’t take the time to write this letter unless I were fully convinced that all of the events I’ve described herein will transpire, and that the Lord provided every prediction as a means of warning and preparing people, and encouraging them to turn to Him when there’s nowhere left to turn.  Some may scoff at such a notion, and that’s fine; people are free to take my words however they wish.

Human beings have always craved power above and beyond all else, and the most depraved minds will do anything they can to obtain it.  A worldwide plague creates enormous opportunity for the wealthiest people in the world to commandeer global power, and COVID-19 has been the horse pulling that cart.  The initial strain of COVID has not been that dangerous, as most people have become aware, but it’s on the brink of serving its intended purpose, namely to bankrupt every economy around the world so the super-rich can create a one-world government.  The convergence of a plague, a political quagmire, super-advanced technology (Neuralink, SpaceX, 5G, augmented reality, to name a few), and many other factors have all contributed to a perfect storm that’s on the precipice of being fully exploited.  The reason for the lockdowns and excessive regulations is to wipe out the middle class in order to create the necessary conditions. 
People must come to grips with the reality of the evil that’s at work both in America and around the world.  The people puppeting all of this — most of whom are part of the World Economic Forum — do not care about the well-being of others, but only their personal quest for global power, and this is not a conspiracy theory; it’s part of a masterminded agenda that’s been in the works for many years, and technology has finally caught up with the plan and expedited its fulfillment.   

First, on the subject of COVID, of the current 340,000 deaths reported in America, only 42,000 have been persons under the age of 65; and 40,000 of those 42,000 were patients battling other severe upper-respiratory illnesses.  Additionally, in November 2020, Johns Hopkins University published a now-deleted article examining the effects of COVID on death totals in the United States, using CDC data to support the study. The study compared the total deaths in each age category from before and after the onset of the pandemic, using data from each year between 2010 – 2020.  Their findings revealed that the total deaths in each age category was nearly the same in 2020 as it was in each of the other ten years. Hospitals are paid a healthy sum by Medicare, pharmaceutical companies, and other entities for every death they cite as COVID (for undisclosed reasons) which is why the totals are roughly the same.  If someone dies of asthma, pneumonia, influenza, or simply old age, they’ll say COVID caused it.  But it’s no deadlier than the flu.  

Furthermore, when the media shrieks “new cases!” it doesn’t mean new infections.  A “case” is simply someone who’s been tested, and the tests are highly inaccurate.  Almost everything the media has purported since the onset of the plan-demic is a lie, even among outlets once possessing some measure of journalistic integrity.  I just wanted to provide the facts as a means of reducing anxiety in those who may not be aware.  

Below I’ve listed the imminent events to pray over and prepare for.  I don’t know the order in which they’ll transpire, only that all of this will come to pass.  I haven’t written any of this to incite fear in people; I’ve written it because there will be tremendous loss of life in the months that lie ahead, and God is still giving people a chance to repent and call upon His name to deliver them from the far greater fear of being eternally separated from Him.  The calamities will begin to fall just before Easter this year, and my hope is that Christians reading this will pray as much as possible, especially for those in the specific regions God’s revealed. 

1. Vaccination will soon be required in order to live most of your life, to include air travel, school attendance, keeping your job, crossing state lines, leaving your home at certain hours, etc., and efforts to mandate it will only intensify.  I would strongly caution against it, though, and think through ways to circumvent the conundrum, for a number of reasons. 

The vaccines received Emergency Use Authorization but were never approved by any regulatory agencies, such as the FDA. This is because they use a form of biotechnology that’s never been tested called messenger RNA.  Traditional vaccines are comprised of small doses of a disease-causing organism that are introduced into the body to both provoke and strengthen your immune system’s response to a virus.  MRNA vaccines are entirely different in that they override your immune system’s natural response to a virus by rewiring it; MRNA doesn’t strengthen the cells in your body, it weakens and rewrites them using medicinal artificial intelligence, a.k.a. biotechnology.  This alone should be cause to reject the idea altogether. 

Moderna vaccinated 196 participants — representing the world’s population — and reported 11 COVID cases following vaccination, giving themselves a 94% effectiveness rate.  However, if you read the fine print, 92 participants actually contracted COVID between the first and second shots, so they were removed from the study. That means you have a 50% — not 6% — chance of contracting COVID from the vaccine itself, in addition to many common — again, common — side effects, such as Bell’s Palsy, cardiac arrest, anaphylaxis, and death (listed as a “severe adverse effect”). Pfizer’s 94 participants had almost identical results.  You can read statements from Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Vice President at Pfizer, for more information on the company’s ethical practices.  His twitter alias is Yardley Yeadon and his message is clear:  do not take the vaccine; your immune system is more than capable of fighting off the virus quickly and effectively.   

This is a massive scandal, and the new government — which is now a totalitarian technocracy — will only continue augmenting the lie.  You’ll continue to see an increase in fear-mongering and never-ending reports of “new outbreaks” and “spikes” because the vaccine itself is causing them.  Concerning the celebrities and politicians who’ve received the shot with all the world watching, they do it to assuage your suspicions so you don’t look into the fine print.  Companies do it all the time.  They earn your trust by attaching their product’s safety to a celebrity’s endorsement of it.  None of whom you saw in the vaccination photo ops were actually vaccinated; they simply had too much to lose by not going along with it.  Integrity rarely gets anyone to the top. 

Finally, consider what the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (Gates has played a large part in both the manufacturing and funding of the vaccine) — together with the World Health Organization — did in Africa and India in the 2000’s and the aftermath in the women and children they experimented on with similar vaccines. Many of them either died or developed severe health problems and few of the women could subsequently conceive a child.  The intent was population control, not public health safety, and we’re seeing the same thing now unfold on a global scale.  Please consider the reality of what’s at stake and why these people are so desperate to stick a needle into your body, when COVID poses so little threat to your health. It’s a weapon corrupt people are using to enslave the entire world and they’ll only continue to exploit it.  As it’s been said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”  In the event you’ve already received the vaccine, take heart; God can easily reverse the effects if you seek Him for help.

2. The stock market will soon collapse and cause the greatest global economic downfall in history. The S & P 500 will drop 70% and the Baltic Dry Index will flatline, as trade around the world largely ceases.

3. The biggest earthquake in world history will strike under the central point of the Great Lakes and trigger two other major earthquakes; one will be in southern California and register 11.0 on the richter scale. The first earthquake will physically divide the nation at the border of Kentucky and Indiana, and everyone on earth will feel it.  A nationwide blackout will occur around the same time. 

4. A meteor will hit the Gulf of Mexico, triggering a tsunami that floods bordering cities and the entire state of Florida.  New York City will be struck by much of the trailing debris, reducing all five boroughs to ashes.  Washington D.C. will also be devastated. 

5. There will be a severe disruption in food supply chains and distribution and this will trigger a nationwide famine and drought.  I’d stock as much food, water, and medicine as possible while there’s still time. 

6.  The violence and chaos emanating from the disasters and imminent governmental collapse will create a climate of rage and survival, and many will take up arms against each other. 

7. The Russians and Chinese will invade America and commandeer control of the nation under the guise of U.N. support.  Military personnel, humvis, transport vehicles, and airplanes will fill the streets and skies.

8. Barak Obama is waiting in the wings and will soon find his way back onto the stage to address both America and the world at large; his return will be catalyzed in part by dire changes in weather patterns such as the world has never seen.  He’ll propose solutions to the new problems the world faces, and many will naively be drawn in by the sense of false hope he provides; but I would plead with you not to buy into the new system he and others will present in the not-too-distant future. 

9. America and the world will soon witness the greatest Christian revival in history.  Christians in America will form an underground church and possess the same spiritual power as the early church, and the body of Christ will return to the spiritual condition Jesus intended.  Millions of people will escape Satan’s grip and embrace Christ as their Savior and Lord in what may be His final offer of salvation.  

Thousands of years ago, the Bible predicted all of these things would happen within the same narrow time frame.  They’re recorded in Matthew 24:4-31, Luke 21:10-28, Revelation 6, 8:7-9, 17, 18, Zechariah 4-6, Habakkuk 3, Hosea 10, Joel 2:28-32, and Isaiah 13, 24, among other texts. 

God is alerting the world to His imminent return while people still have time to repent.  He has a very long wick but He can only let arrogance, evil, and corruption go on but so long before He intervenes, and I believe humanity has long since crossed a certain line, particularly in America.  This is God’s world; He and He alone is the supreme Ruler of it and He holds absolute power over the affairs of mankind.  A superficial glance through Scripture will quickly evince the reality that God’s mercies and His judgments are equally evident in the Bible, and He often brings mercy through judgment because all of us are inherently stubborn.  God is nonetheless patient and loving toward the human race and wants to save people from the consequences of their sin, if only they’d admit their desperate need for His mercy and choose to live by His rules.
The Lord’s presence and His power will soon be known throughout the world, and I pray that those who don’t believe in Him will come to believe when these things begin to take place.  Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven, and there is no other name under heaven by which you can be saved.  I would urge anyone who’s never placed their faith in Him for the forgiveness of their sins to do so, as many lives will be lost in the days ahead.  Acknowledge before God that you’re a sinner, you cannot save yourself, and you need Jesus to come into your life and have mercy on you.  Pray that He’d enable you to repent and turn away from sin and transform your life with His grace.  Ask Him for understanding in this; He will hear you, He will help you, and He will save you.  The God of the universe sacrificed His own life for yours to save you from hell and give you eternal life in heaven, and I’d plead with you to accept His free offer of salvation while you still have time.  Everyone who believes in Him receives forgiveness of sins through His name, and there’s immense freedom and peace in the new life Christ offers those who repent and trust in Him.  If Jesus were willing to save a once drunken vagrant like me, I know He’d be willing to save anyone. 

To those reading this who already claim Jesus as Lord: persecution is coming, and religious freedom will soon be at an end in America; fighting the government will prove fruitless and invariably backfire. Persecution will come in the same forms it’s come to every nation throughout history: mocking and insults, physical violence, gross taxation, prison time, and ultimately martyrdom for some.  Jesus spoke very plainly about this and told us what to expect as we approach His second coming.  His disciples and millions of others throughout history followed their Savior all the way to the end, and it cost many of them their jobs, their reputations, their families, their freedoms, and their lives.

The church in America needs to wake up and consider the events unfolding all around the world and the times we’re living in.  Many who’ve sat in church all their lives need to ask themselves where Jesus truly fits on their list of priorities in life because time is running very short. The gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life and through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of heaven; sacrifice and repentance are both required in the life of every Christian.  These realities are everywhere in Scripture, and the Bible is clear that Jesus “became the source of eternal salvation to all those who obey him” (Hebrews 5:9).  He paid the ultimate price for everyone who follows Him and gives them the greatest hope they could ever imagine, namely living forever with Him in heaven.  We’re thereby called to obey His commands out of love for Him.

The world is entering into the darkest days it’s ever known, and Christians will soon be the only source of love and hope to the people around them.  God is faithful and He won’t forsake His people in their hour of need.  He has everything under control and we can all rest in His promise: “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand” (Isaiah 41:10).  Jesus Christ is Lord over all the universe and His power exceeds, beyond all comparison, that of mortal men.  He is the Lord of all lords and the King of all kings, He loves His people, and death will never hold them.  This life is a vapor and then it’s gone, so let all who are in Christ forget what lies behind and strive forward to what lies ahead: a new home in eternal heaven, where life truly begins.

This is the last generation the world will ever know, and all of us will soon stand before God to give an account for what we did with our lives.  Christians will stand alongside the millions who’ve gone before us and be cleared of all transgressions, never again to experience any pain, sorrow, war, or injustice, but only peace and joy. The present sufferings of what remains in this life cannot be compared to the eternal redemption that lies just ahead, and that should be the greatest news a Christian could ever imagine. 

I pray the Lord sheds His great love and mercy upon all of you. 

Jon Stokes


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