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Word for the Nations – BRIDEOFYESHUA-RS

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Word for the Nations

September 26, 2022 5:23 AM

The following is what I heard during my daily prayer time of praying in tongues for the nations from 09-15 to 09-26, 2022, I have put them all together, and I implore you to make sure to take them all to the Lord in prayer.


Taiwan will soon be added to the territory of China.

Taiwan is my beloved, I have used her to spread the gospel of Me, Jesus Christ, but she has now turned away from Me, and the spirit of pride, witchcraft, sorcery, and Jezebel have infiltrated My church with her permission, and has taken control of My church, leading many members of My body to the wide road to the pit of hell.

But on this beautiful island there is still a remnant that I have preserved for Myself, who will rise up at My call, raise the banner of the Lord, and go forth in My name, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who came in the flesh, to win souls and to take possession of the land for Me.


Japan is a sinful, cursed nation, by its cruel, blood-shed sins the enemy reigns greatly in this land, but I will reverse all that the devil has done for destruction, to awaken My children in this land, and raise them up to bring more souls to Me and into My eternal kingdom.


India is a country where idolatry is widespread, her people are under the oppressive rule of the powers of darkness, bound by many filthiness and sins. I will save this country, pull her out of the dung heap, deliver her from the bondage and oppression put upon her by the enemy.

The Middle East  

The Middle East has My mercy, they are the children of Ishmael, I love them in the same way, I will remove their hatred against Israel, and break the yoke which the enemy has put on their necks.

Middle East, Middle East, you are My beloved, I will break the yoke that the enemy has put around your neck.


The two witnesses will soon appear in Israel, the day is not far off when the nations will gather against Israel and attack My holy city, My feet will stand on the Mount of Olives which is before Jerusalem, and destroy them with the breath of My mouth.

Israel is the apple of My eye, and he who touches Israel touches the apple of My eye.

Israel is the apple of My eye, and whoever divides My land, I will divide their land (in the spirit feels it is earthquake(s) that will split the earth, a great magnitude one).

My heart weeps for you, O My Israel, that you have put your trust and hope in man, and not in your Most Holy One, the Most High of Israel, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Woe to you, for you are like a delicious cake, the nations seek to devour you and make you their prey.

Return back, O My Israel, and look to the One on whom you have pierced, the true Messiah whom you long for day and night.

My Israel, the one you rely on and trust in is the one who conspires to divide your land and tear you apart into pieces.

Return back, O My Israel, I alone Am your only dependence, I love you so much that My love for you has never changed in the slightest.

The United States  

America will divide My land, she will be judged by Me, and all those who have participated in the division of My land will be judged by Me severely.

America will soon face a 2nd “9/11”, America’s days are numbered, I will personally lead My people in America exodus.

America grieves Me, My heart breaks for her, I love her so much, but she ignores My grace and tramples on My Son mercilessly

For more souls to return back to Me, I must lift My hands and allow severe judgments to fall upon her. America will cease to exist, but the people who belong to Me will rest under the wings of My protection.


China is an antichrist nation, a nation of great red dragon, and her persecution of My people is the cruelest and most cruel. XI will die in office, and the One after him will bring China into an endless abyss of unprecedented calamities.

But I will protect My people, and through My judgment, through these disasters and persecutions, I will revive My people in China.

China is My beloved, China has gone through much suffering, I will take her back from the hands of the enemy.

China is about to face an unprecedented catastrophe, and there will soon be a dramatic change in China. The wheels of war of China are sailing across the world, and the flames of conquest will soon be burning in the land of Taiwan and the United States.

The church in China will wake up, and under the severe and frantic persecution, My children in China will cry out loud to Me, and My Holy Spirit will soon kindle a burning fire of revival in this land that has been long ravaged by the devil.

China will undergo an overwhelming change. XI will soon be killed and die in office, and the next one will be an extremely cruel man, but China will see a great harvest of souls.


Russia is the bow with which I judge the nations, and Putin is the arrow that executes My judgments.

While praying for the Russian in tongues, I saw in my mind a big bear (black bear) standing upright and beating against its chest with its arms, and I heard: Russia is like a mother bear protecting her cubs, which is extremely fierce.

May God richly bless you,
Photos courtesy Depositphotos 


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