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Women of God are warriors – Ayana C


Women of God are warriors

June 24, 2020 3:54 PM
Ayana C

Vision 8/20/19 and Dream 6/8/20

Vision- This past August I had a vision of a group of women. There was one woman standing in the middle of the group of women, she was wearing a long purple dress and she had dark brown hair. She had a sword and she was holding it in a downward position.

Dream– I dreamth I was at an adult toy convention and Satan was standing at the entrance of the convention and I almost fell for the enemy’s tricks. There were people who were there were trying to get me to use the toys. Then I realized they were demons. First I started rebuking the demons in the name of Jesus and by the blood of Jesus and then the people stopped acting like humans and started acting demonic. They were hissing at me. Then all of a sudden a sword came in my hand and I started killing the people because they were not really people at all but demons who looked like people. Some of them I was cutting the head off and some I was stabbing with the sword as I went down each row of tables of the people selling the toys. Then when I turned the corner of the convention center there were even more demons and I said please God send your angels to help me fight and then angels appeared that looked like flames of fire and they were on my right and left and I was in the middle. The angels were very big and they were fighting for me, they started killing the demons more than me, they were doing most of the work. Then the scene changed and I saw Yeshua ( Jesus) he looked see through, but at the same time firey also. He started coming towards me very quickly but he wasn’t walking and he handed me a sword. Then a flash of lightning came from the right side of Jesus and when the lightning flashed I heard a shofar blast and the Holy Spirit said this is your destiny.

Prayer: Lord raise up your daughters to be a holy army to you. Give us the weapons to destroy demonic forces and tear down strongholds through the blood of the lamb Yeshua (Jesus) and the power of the Holy Spirit. In Jesus name. Amen

Ayana C


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