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WOE TO YOU – Krystal Beall


October 16, 2020
Krystal Beall

Woe to you America. Woe to you. I have said it and I AM saying it again. OH NATION THAT HAS REJECTED ME.

WOE TO YOU. America you are filled to overflowing with sin. You are an evil, Wicked and most fallen nation. How blind and deaf many are.  I AM UNKNOWN BY SO MANY. These people profess my name with their lips yet their hearts are far from me. Where is your focus set? Is it on things above or the things of this world , the earth, that is in EMNITY with me. So many think they are free when they are in bondage, having been deceived and are led to the slaughter.  AMERICA YOU LOOK AND SOUND NOTHING LIKE ME!!! DECEIVED NATION. Destruction is an act of my love and mercy. Trust me. I behold sin and corruption all in and across America.

Woe to you. You have REJECTED ME. Just that. Rejected GOD. You cause me great Suffering. Great sorrow. Great sadness. I will be vindicated in full when you are destroyed by my hand alone. Who desires me above all else, Even your own lives? I have gone before thee. Why do you doubt? Why do you fear? Trust me. A rebellious people are you America.

To those whom are weary and heavy whom cry to me without cease for the mockery and looses you are suffering and enduring for my namesake. Rejoice. Rejoice. Rejoice. I too suffered and am still Suffering!!? Do not be deceived. I AM NOT MOCKED. Vengeance is mine. I will repay. Take heart. I have overcome the world. I reign.

America you can not fathom the destruction of it all. Smoke and ash. Burning. The dragon is wroth. His tail will whip your nation and with fire shall you be brought to naught. The bear’s paw ye shall not escape. I HAVE WARNED. WARNED. Fear not. Trust me. Do you trust me? Do you trust me? Do you trust me? Fear not. Recompense has come to you America in full. You took my most precious fruit. For that alone I will slay your nation.

Woe to all whom trust in man. Many of you have not sought me. Discernment is lacking. Do you believe evey word you are told? Too many voices filled with lies flood the air!!! A choir of filth. Silence. Peace. Be still. You have been so misled and so deceived. In mercy I will shatter this beast system and lay it waste. I AM a jealous GOD. I AM not known as GOD…nor as man. I weep coupious tears. Oh deceived nation. Corruption has made you drunk and ye stagger as a man blind and lost, groping in the midday. As an intoxicated man ye shake, stumble and fall.

I AM HOLY. BE HOLY. Who seeks me? Who? Indignation. Enough. I AM not into your politics!!!! DECEIVED. THE KINGDOM OF MAN WILL BURN. COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM!!! Lost in a spun world wide web cast over this generation. Oh generation. Who takes notice among thee?

Blessed are all whom have warned, deny themselves, Pick up their cross, die to themselves, and are vessels who I reach souls through. Great are your rewards. Great. I know many are weary. I know many are longing. In an instant their shall be a most loud blast, a spark, a twinkling, everything changed.

WOE TO AMERICA. YOU ARE SO GODLESS. SO LOST. Your nation is finished. Found wanting. Given over. Fear not little flock all I AM. All I have is yours. It will be known to all men how much I truly SUFFERED. How my soul travailed in my love for mankind. The Good Shepherds heart bleed. Still I suffer for man. So little loved AM I. Rejoice I SUFFER not in vain flock. Neither do you. I AM with thee. All things new. Prayers answered. Restored humanity. RESTORED Garden. All things new.


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