Burn, Death, Destruction, Famine, Invasion, Plague, Prophecy

Woe to you America – Krystal Beall

Krystal Beall

October 23 2018

I AM grieved. I weep from all that I see and hear before me. For the moral depravity man has fallen and succomb to. I have been rejected in America. America showed no concern then and the same goes today. I have been rejected on American soil and my sorrow and indignation boils over America more than any corner of the earth. I have beckoned you America to repent. In the midst of your cruel rejection of me I had extended my arm, exposing my heart for all to see as tears streamed down my cheecks. It is you whom have slammed the door in my face and with blasphemous vulgarity have rejected me. I alone know what has occured on American soil. I alone know the price I paid thereof. Yes, it is so. For this is the last hour and much is to be revealed to man. It is harrowing for me to look upon a nation, a people whom not only have rejected me but continue to do so. You took something from me America, in which my wrath falls hard upon you. I AM justified in what is to come. For the breath of life is also the wind of destruction. I blow upon America not life but death. I have warned and warned yet you have as you are accustomed to, rejected me. I have given messages, dreams, visions of warning. War, famine, pestilence, plague, fire and death will grip the nation with a choke hold and pull it under. I will not relent until I am satisfied. The nation is UnGodly, a whore before me and I have come to abhor America complelty. America has REJECTED me and the very same ones are those in line to purchase a ticket in hopes to pocket money. If they win they will share because God does not like ugly. Hard to hear coming from the lips of one who closed the door to me. AM I a mockery to you? Do you take my passion as a joke, having witnessed first hand some of the sorrow in which I bear? I have been tossed around and aside as a rag doll in America. Trampled and dejected. Woe I say to you America. Woe. For the pain that is through your door shall be agonizing. Vengance is mine. I shall repay. I shall leap coals of sorrow upon your heads. I shall strip you bear, naked full of shame and exposed in the street. From my children in the womb to my aged souls I shall remove. The loss for this nation shall be as immense as the passion you have bestowed upon me. I HAVE SPOKEN. My word shall not return unto me void. I strongly say to ALL to pray, cry, wail that I be merciful to a nation that has rejected and pierced me with out cease, without remorse and whom has confiscated my fruit. In one hour this nation shall be brought to ruin. That hour is now. I have been rejected and Americans go on vacation. You are entitled somehow? You wonder why I burn with fury. I gave my life. I gave my ALL for man. I laid myself down. I raised myself up again for man. My gift to ALL. My sacrifice is shunned and scorned. I AM not mocked. A man, a nation reaps what they sow. You reject me. You have sown death, and that you shall receive. My heart is DEEPLY mournful for the atrocity of America. Much of what is written has come to pass and has unfolded before this generations eyes yet you remain blind, deaf believe, receive and accept not. There will be much weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth in the land for the horror in which she has comitted. I have allowed the nation to go down to the pit even now it is sunk as the blood cries out. The blood from the wombs to the foreign fields and that of your own. My warnings are ceasing. My pleas shall be heard no more. The nation shall be bound.. indwelled with fire and held captive. The ransom I have paid yet men reject. Woe to you America. Woe. You think me harsh? I’ll show you what is harsh and you shall beat your breast, rent your garment, cover your head in ash and the lamentation shall be great as the wound is fatal. I had visited thee in love, mercy, acceptance and compassion. Love and forgiveness was my hymn yet you would hear none of it. Drowned out by your banner of pride and lust for war, blood shed and greed. I have heard enough degradation. The clamor from among you are as gehenna to me. Your sins are a stench unto my nostrils. Your pride, acceptance of evil, arrogance and your carnality has brought you death. I cast the first and final stone America. One you can not move. I HAVE SPOKEN. Behold my loves I come quickly. I long for you with ALL I AM. I will heal, deliver and restore you. I shall reveal to you that in which you did not know.

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