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Woe to those who are battering My sheep! – April Denise Stefko


Woe to those who are battering My sheep!

April 10, 2022 4:29 PM
April Denise Stefko


“Tell My people to not listen to anyone giving false prophecy or bad advice. This is not about persecution; this is about your discernment.

Listen to Me. Listen to My voice… above all else, above everyone else. I am the alpha & omega. Everything you do, everything you say starts & ends with Me. You are My flock & I tend to you. But, woe to those who are scattering My sheep. Woe to those who are battering My sheep… even My prophets. You must listen, my sheep know My voice. Do you know My voice? If you don’t, you must come & seek Me.

It is time for my babes, my lambs to grow up. The time is up. The age is ending. These are My words, stern & true. Seek Me out. Find Me out. Search out the matters with Me. Stop running around, barking, chasing your tails, clanging cymbals with carnal intellect. Your fruit has become rotten. You must listen to ME. I am the head of the church. I am the great shepherd. You are to be My disciples. Clean out your ears so that you can hear truth. Stop plugging up your ears. Allow the truth to penetrate into your inner being.

Enough of this nonsense regarding the mystery of the trinity. Your intellect has become a stumbling block to you, church of Laodicea. If you knew Me, then you would know the truth that is also in My word of Father, Son, Holy Spirit. I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough! I’m tired of people allowing themselves to be led astray, going off on left field tangents, chasing their tails, arguing with each other, backbiting, persecuting, wagging fingers, & its all from carnal intellect. Enough! Enough! Enough! Enough! No more! Search out the matter with Me. Put down your intellect, & lift your eyes to Me, lift your hearts to Me. Do I not know all? Am I not God? Are these answers not all found in Me when I created everything? I am the Creator. I created you. Can you really not come to Me for the answers? Do you really think you can figure it all out with your own carnal intellect without Me? What do you need a God for then? This is idolatry… becoming your own god. That was the sin of Lucifer himself; that was the original sin, pride, becoming his own god. Are you to follow after him? Are you a child of the devil? Is that your identity? Is that the identity you choose? Or do you want to come to Me when I stand here with open arms, ready to receive you, ready to forgive you, ready to redeem you. Are you too proud to accept My gift of salvation? Are you too proud to make Me Lord? Are you too proud to put down your intellect, & seek out the matter with Me? ‘With Me’ being the key phrase… With Me…

Are you including Me in your thoughts? Are you including Me in your thinking? Are you including Me in your conclusions & decisions & assumptions & presumptions? Are you having conversation with Me? Are you including Me? Or are you running off on your own, prodigal son? Prodigal daughter?

Love is inclusive. Love does not exclude the other party. I keep you in My thoughts. Do you keep Me in yours? Do you have streams of living water welling up, springing up in your spirit? Or are you dead & dry & parched & brittle because you’ve gone astray, gone your own way?

Now is the time to come back. Now is not the time to continue in your folly, in your error, in your sin, in your pride, in your ways. Acknowledge Me in all your ways, & I will set your paths straight. Come to Me with every decision, & I will set your path straight. Lean not on your own understanding. Lean not on your own opinions & conclusions but search out the matters with Me, your Savior, your God, your Creator, your Judge.

Judgement Day is not too far off now, My children. Where will you be on that day? Where will you stand on that day? I decree & declare that those who are not fully submitted to Me will not surrender to My ways. They are those who will not enter in, damned. Do not let this be you. Submit now.

Trust Me for I am trustworthy. Yes, I am fierce but I am not harsh in My love. If you come to Me & repent, I will have compassion on you. I want to have compassion on you.

No more. No more. I’m tired of all the pagan corruption, taintedness that has come into my church, leading my people astray. So many have been led astray. I burn with anger. I burn with jealousy for my beloved. They are Mine, & they have been stolen, ripped away from Me with lies… & they don’t even know it! Come back to Me! Come back to Me, my church, my beloved! Come! Seek Me out! So that I may give you revelation of the truth.

My sheep are My sheep, even the ‘black sheep.’ Even the ones who don’t fit in, the misfits. You are my beloved as well, you are my precious. You are just as precious to Me. You belong, you belong here with Me in My fold, in My flock. You are not alone. I see you. My eyes are upon you. I see every move you make. You are not alone; I am with you. I provide the grass for you to eat & lay on. My provisions are around you, & though you suffer much, you will be rewarded greatly. The last shall be first & the first shall be last.

The winds are blowing. The storm is coming. Are you ready, My sheep? Are you ready to weather the storm with Me? Come under my wing that I may protect you, & provide for you. Come under my wing. Come into submission. Surrender all to Me, entrust it all to Me, everything that matters to you, everything that is precious to you, every desire of your heart, every need. Place it into My hands, your loving Savior. I died for you. Do you remember? Do I not love you? Trust Me. Follow Me. Follow Me, My sheep, follow Me. It may be turbulent. It may be dark. But, just follow Me. I go before you, and I go after you. I am behind you. I am all around. Take a deep breath, & breathe in My peace…. & enter in to dying to yourself. Enter into death with Me so that you can resurrect with Me.”

~ April Denise Stefko


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