Dec 28, 2019 7:56 AM
Collins Ouma

Shalom brethren.We received on Chrismass 25th Dec on our 16th day of prayer and fasting;

I am here together with you.I am Emmanuel the Lord God with you.I have come to fellowship with you.I come and fellowship with them that walks righteously before Me.You have not called Me here.I come and fellowship with them that walks righteously before Me,who trembles before My word.I have come because you have made My heart to be full with joy because of the worship of truth and spirit you continually give Me.I love obedience.If you obey Me you become My friend.You are My chosen people.I have called you and have made you great.No weapon that will be fashioned against you will be successful. The enemy is pursuing each of you but he will never succeed.I have hedged you round and about with My Holy Fire wherever you shall go I shall be with you. Continue to be faithful to Me.Do not be anxious over anything.Take worry out of your heart.All your needs,necessities and requirements are always and continually before Me. All you ask of Me, I will do : Believe and you shall receive.
Every vision, dreams, prophecy have given to you I will perform them all. My plans and purposes for My ELECT MUST COME TO PASS. I will keep each and every one of you together with your family and little ones. All of them will I will preserve through the trial that shall visit the earth. I am bringing My other Sons and Daughters here to be protected,preserved and kept safe. There are others WHO ARE NOW READY.I HAVE KEPT THEM READY. THEY WILL COME HERE TO HEAR MY WORD THEY ARE COMING QUICKLY. THEY ARE SET AND READY TO COME AT MY HOLY MOUNTAIN.THEY ARE ONLY WAITING MY SIGNAL AND MY WORD AND THEN THEY WILL COME. I had preserved this place for a REASON.

Pray that I give you a heart of a father and a big heart for many of My Sons and Daughters will come here.Ask from Me Wisdom,Knowledge and Understanding and I will give you.I am releasing My annointing and My Holy Spirit upon you because of this work ahead of you. All MY ELECT who shall come here will without measure pour My Holy Spirit upon them.I am giving you My power and authority to destroy all works of the devil and his schemes .You will do sign and wonders. The world and many of My people will not understand you but I will manifest Myself miightily in you.They will wonder where you have come from,who you are,who is your mentor, your denomination,who taught you?

The Holy Spirit will help you in every work I am calling you to.Dont be afraid .Just believe Me.I am taking away from you tears,No more tears.The time for mourning is now past.You will never weep again.Wipe your tears My Sons and Daughters.I am giving you confidence.You will speak forth My word with boldness and power with no fear.Speak forth what I put in your tongue,mouth,heart.

I love you My children witrh a special love .I LOVE YOU ALL. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.IT IS ME, EMMANUEL ,THE LORD YOUR GOD.

God bless you brethren
Happy and blessed New Year 2020

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  1. Ireland Marie Johansson

    It is Christmas Day. I see Collins Ouma climbing the giant mountains in Kenya. I see him face to face with the Lord. I see him seeking and fasting before the Lord.

    Is Collins Ouma one of the Two Witnesses?

    We must prepare and live in purity and holiness. The world and the pride of life must be put away.

    There are clearly now two camps. The Wicked and The Saints.

    Thank you Collins Ouma for your fasting and prayer. May you continue to do this and receive many revelations for us all.

    You have a great mission. You will reach higher levels in God, and through your interactions with the Remnant.

  2. SCJ

    in according with the Bible the word of God the two witnesses during the tribulation are men of old. I believe Elijah and Moses Mister Colin couldn’t possibly be one of these two witnesses

  3. Crying in a desolate wilderness.

    Who knows the mind of the Lord?? Without the Spirit, there is NO TRUTH!! To those who question, just WHY did Jesus tell the disciples the following about John/Elijah??
    Only HE CAN GIVE you the true answer.

    Matthew 11:11-15.

    11 “Assuredly, I say to you, among those born of women there has not risen one greater than John the Baptist; but he who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he. 12 And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force. 13 For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John. 14 And if you are willing to receive it, he is Elijah who is to come. 15 He who has ears to hear, let him hear!

    Our battles, quarrels, back-biting, sniping and blood-letting are NOT the ways of God, but are the ways of THE ENEMY. The famous “philosopher”, Pogo, had it right when he said:
    “We have met the enemy and HE IS US!”

    I pray that your ears would hear.

    A brother.

  4. Ireland Marie Johansson, don’t do that. Do you know how William Branham became a false prophet? people told him, he is the Elijah and so he became proud and went wrong.
    Nobody knows who is Elijah and who will be the two prophets. I think, Elijah and Moses or Enoch could be.
    Ask the Lord to clean you from false teachings. All these false prophets from Africa or America or other where tell people the same thing: God has a big ministry for you, you will become famous, rich, ….lies, deception, seduction…don’t seduces the heart of brother Collins!

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