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Why Children Ask Yourselves That – The Messenger


Why Children Ask Yourselves That

July 7, 2021 1:11 PM
The Messenger

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Received July 1 around 5:25 PM

MY Son please take These WORDS down from Your GOD THE FATHER ART IN HEAVEN. Children who are MINE, the ones who OBEY MY VOICE, the ones who REPENT, the ones who CONFESS all, the ones who FORGIVE all everyone, My children who are LED BY MY SPIRIT . These WORDS are not for you , YOU HAVE BEEN FOUND WORTHY AND WILL NOT BE HERE FOR MY SEVERE JUDGEMENTS.

The rest , the ones left ,the children who think that they are MY OWN, that they belong to ME ,The Heathens , the ones who do not believe period . They are the ones who never have recognized ME as your GOD, and do what they want. They preform evil in MY EYES and their sins are endless and have never asked for forgiveness. MY CHILDREN, The ones who are left here the ones standing here , that will have to go thru MY FIRE OF PURIFICATION , MY CLEANSING OF YOUR SPIRIT. You will have to now go thru what I never wanted any of MY CHILDREN who have MY HOLY SPIRIT dwelling inside them ,thru MY SEVERE JUDGEMENTS and satan’s wrath. MY CHILDREN why did I leave you!!!! as you will ask that question to yourself and Me . Well MY CHILDREN let’s turn to your bibles , ROMANS Chapter 8 and read the whole chapter not just 1 verse, Now children please read especially verses 11 thru 21 . My children if you do not walk by MY SPIRIT what than are you walking in , YOUR FLESH , if you do not walk in MY SPIRIT you are not a SON or DAUGHTER of MINE. If you are not a daughter or son of mine than what are you? You have MY SPIRIT but lack the anointing from ME your GOD. Now how do you get MY ANOINTING , can you answer that question and how do you gain My FULL SPIRIT, how do you gain a FULL SPIRIT?? . By obeying (MY VOICE , you cannot do MY WILL and MY WILL alone, by not obeying MY VOICE) . Let ME say this again if you do not want to obey MY VOICE nor want to hear IT , nor do not know how, You need to read My WORDS on OBEYING MY VOICE. It is not hard, a child can do it, but you are stubborn and prideful set in your ways taught by man, not ME Your GOD, The FATHER nor MY SON JESUS THE CHRIST Nor MY HOLY SPIRIT. Again MY CHILDREN MY WORTHY ONES, THE ONES who will not be here, THE ONES who will be with MY SON, why are they takin and not you. Ask yourselves that question. MY CHILDREN turn to THE BOOK OF SAMUEL chapter 27 , MY CHILDREN,, he MY SERVANT DAVID did all these things, committed murder, adultery in your GOD’S EYES and many other acts that only a Heathen would do . So why is KING DAVID known as having A HEART after your GOD? Can anyone answer that , MY CHILDREN KING DAVID WAS FAR, FAR FROM PERFECT BUT HE, WAS ALWAYS REPENTIVE , FORGAVE OTHERS ,AND CONFESSED TO ME HIS SINS AND ABOVE ALL WHEN WE SPOKE HE OBEYED MY VOICE AND ONLY MY VOICE. As your GOD it is imperative to walk in MY SPIRIT it is mandatory to truly understand MY WORDS and be led to their true meanings.

MY CHILDREN soon, so soon, most and I will say more than most will be utterly in disarray, shock and will not know how to handle many, almost all the situations that will be presented to you. MOST WILL FORSAKE ME and give into this world, not truly understanding why they got left behind. MY ONES you must learn now while there is but a sliver of time left to learn MY VOICE AND OBEY IT, for without MY VOICE you will perish into enemies hands. You will not have access to MY WORDS, they will be outlawed and I will dare to say, no one truly has MY WORDS every ONE memorized of THEIR true meaning down. Please MY CHILDREN, please I am saying this now learn MY VOICE, obey IT , start with simple things but you must learn and quickly because when the real threats come you will not under panic situations be able to do IT the way you need to. MY CHILDREN, I say now do IT now or perish, this is your call and truly will be your last before it is too late and than you will have to die for MY SON THE CHRIST JESUS to gain Your way to ME. End of message YOUR LOVING FATHER.


Received July 2nd 2021

MY CHILDREN when will you ever just walk away from all doctrines of men, Once Saved Always Saved ,Seven Day Adventist, Jehovah Witnesses ,The Roman Catholic Church and even the so called Bible Believers . I ask now MY CHILDREN when? When you are in the lake of fire !!!! Ask yourselves these questions, and if that church does not teach these things I say leave now . MY CHILDREN TRUE BELIEF ON WHAT MY SON TAUGHT WHILE WALKING THIS EARTH DURING HIS MINISTRY AS WELL AS WHAT HE DID ON THE CROSS. TRUE REPENTANCE FROM ALL STRONGHOLDS, ALL SIN IN YOUR LIVES. TRUE FORGIVENESS OF OTHERS OF EVERYTHING THAT THEY HAVE DONE TO YOU AND THAT MEANS YOU SHOULD HAVE NO ILL WILL, YOU SHOULD FEEL NOTHING AGAINST THEM LIKE NOTHING EVER HAPPENED. TRUE CONFESSION OF ALL, EVERY SIN EVER COMMITTED ,CONFESSED TO ME , YOUR FATHER, MY HOLY SON JESUS THE CHRIST, OR MY HOLY SPIRIT. MY CHILDREN YOU MUST BE FILLED WITH MY HOLY SPIRIT AND LEARN TO WALK IN THE SPIRIT, IF THE CHURCH IS NOT SPIRIT LED LEAVE NOW!! AND THE LAST THING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT, HEARING MY VOICE AND FOLLOWING IT . THIS IS A REQUIREMENT NOT SOMETHING THAT YOU FEEL LIKE DOING . MY CHILDREN IF THEY DO NOT TEACH OUT OF A BIBLE LEAVE NOW . ALL THE THINGS I JUST NAMED, CAN YOU GUESS WHAT THEY ARE ? THEY ALLOW YOU TO WALK IN MY HOLINESS AND GET TO WHERE I AM AT WHICH IS HEAVEN. MY CHILDREN all these doctrines of false truths will only lead you to hell. Please listen up, MY ONES, time is done, has ran out , MY MERCY is holding back MY soon to be released JUDGEMENTS on Mystery Babylon and this world, it grieves ME how America has become, and the influence satan has had on you and how the father of lies has been able to deceive you . Children you have made many poor choices and decisions with your ETERNAL SALVATION by angering ME to wrath.

I AM. GOD THE FATHER AN ALL POWERFUL ALL RIGHTEOUS ALL HOLY , JUST, MERCIFUL GOD AND I HAVE FORESAW YOUR ENDS.If I let things continue on the path that you are on, most do not all, truly walk in MY HOLINESS , it is not easy to walk in MY HOLINESS that is why the narrow road leads to ME and the wide path to the lake of fire. Many truly do not understand about ETERNAL LIFE and HEAVEN. MY CHILDREN you must, repeat, must become Holy and walk in IT to be where I am at in HEAVEN .I demand PURITY to be where I am at and PURITY comes with a price. I as your FATHER can smell it , It is a freshness a sweet freshness to MY NOSE and few people, few of MY OWN possess this sweet aroma.
MY ONES who will be left behind , I gave you multiple chances, many to truly seek ME and learn MY WAYS, not man’s but you never truly did, the world was way more important than your GOD . MY CHILDREN you will regret all the choices that you made when I take MY TRULY WORTHY out of this world . Than you truly wonder and many will cry out too, and will not understand the true depths of why I left you. Children, especially MY OWN, there have been countless messages through the years thru many messengers and all the true ones all will preach and talk about what I had spoken earlier . Wake up MY CHILDREN wake up before your time is truly up .

MY CHILDREN please turn to THE BOOK OF ACTS chapter 2 please read it, what MY CHILDREN is Peter trying to say what is the true meaning . Turn MY CHILDREN to Revelation 17, can you MY CHILDREN truly tell me what it means can you? How about THE BOOK OF GALATIANS chapter 4 verse 3 to 7 can you tell your GOD . Please open up 2 CORINTHIANS 5 verse 9 thru 15 again ask yourself what Paul truly is saying , now turn to EPHESIANS 5 , verse 2 thru 9 and lastly ROMANS chapter 11 ,verse 5 thru 12. MY SLEEPY ONES without MY HOLY SPIRIT and MY VOICE telling you the true meaning you will never know the true meaning. Do you know why ? It is because you are truly not a SON or DAUGHTER of MINE!!! Do you know why??? because you do not walk in MY SPIRIT and hear MY VOICE that is why someone who walks in MY SPIRIT and OBEYS MY VOICE will find all answers to all questions if they seek enough ,if they truly seek . You MY SLEEPY ones do not ,nor ever have. Until you learn that walking in MY SPIRIT and OBEYING MY VOICE you are truly ,truly lost . Time is running out choose wisely is it going to be me Your GOD or this world? It is your choice make it now while I still can be found. End of message your FATHER WHO ART HOLY IN HEAVEN

Received Friday Night July 2nd 2021

MY Son please take these WORDS down to convey to MY PRAYER WARRIORS , MY REMNANT ,MY BRIDES MY FAITHFUL. MY CHILDREN many, many, many prayers have come in for those that have takin the Covid 19 vac. I as your GOD THE FATHER IN HEAVEN have heard All of them concerning them . The ones who have takin the Vac . MY CHILDREN, if they repent and have not been warned but took it for lack of knowledge of what it will truly do to you physically and spiritually and they TRULY REPENT and ASK FOR TRUE FORGIVENESS and CONFESS to ME YOUR GOD, THE FATHER or My HOLY SON JESUS THE CHRIST OR MY HOLY SPIRIT I will forgive them, please read 1 JOHN 1 : 9 . MY CHILDREN if they were warned and did not seek me and took it after being warned than I will not heal them physically even though I take everything into consideration and their heart, I will work their healings on a case by case bases. This all depends on how I want MY GLORY to manifest and be shown. MY CHILDREN oh MY CHILDREN , even though they will not get healed physically. and the other ones I will heal physically, as long as they TRULY REPENT, TRULY ASK FOR FORGIVENESSES AND TRULY CONFESS to ME, I will not hold it against them for their soul. Otherwise they made there choice and the father of lies is there true father. MY CHILDREN the toughest thing to do is to get a person who took it to admit they were wrong or scared and relied on man more than their GOD , it is a pride issue. I hate pride , I abhor it , it has no place in HEAVEN !!! MY CHILDREN soon enough things will drastically change America, USA , Mystery Babylon landscape shall change . Let ME say it again Mystery Babylon landscape shall change . It needs to be cleansed and purified and that time is now. As your GOD I have made a decision , I LOVE ALL MY CHILDREN but they all have FREE WILL to make their own choices for ETERNAL SALVATION, as your GOD , it pains ME to see people make the wrong choices, it pains ME to see them be deceived . MY CHILDREN there will be one more chance for those who have so much pride to REPENT of their choice. Soon, so soon all those who took the vac will each be giving a choice in one way or another to tell your God, Me Your Father In Heaven that they were wrong . That they relied on man rather than me , MY MERCY calls to ME to do this , My Son calls out to me to do this and I will honor it, the cries and prayers from MY WORTHY BODY OF BELIEVERS. I will not say how , where , why nor when this will happen but will be for My Glory and My Glory alone . MY CHILDREN , MY BODY is truly asleep and it is MY HOPE that this will awaken those in a drunk stupor, sleeping there ETERNITY AWAY. MY CHILDREN keep praying it Avila much with your GOD .I love all MY CHILDREN but time is oh so short .

End of message

signed Your Father Who Art In Heaven

The messenger

1Jn 1:8 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.
1Jn 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.


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