Whole city block on fire – Sylan Jarnagin

Whole city block on fire

November 11, 2020 9:32 PM
Sylan Jarnagin

I had a vision and I feel really sure its from the Lord as I’ve been getting similar visions and they have been coming to pass and im wrong sometimes but im truly seeking His truth and please pray and see if He shows you the truth. I feel lead to share also recently when I get these types of visions they are happening as I’m getting them or are super close. Which is another reason I need to share bc I know everyone knows this will happen but now I believe it will be very soon.

So I saw fire then I saw alot of fire then I saw a building on fire with people in it screaming then I saw a whole area like a whole block of a city on fire also the building looked like a gold color. And I saw a plane.

Something to do with a plane which made me think of 911 I’m pretty sure this was the 911 repeat false flag fiery kick off event Jeff Byerly speaks of its the first thing that came to mind. Thank you please let me know what you receive in prayer.


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