Judah Lion

October 22, 2018


We are bound to conclude that the coming New World Order, just like End Time Bible Prophecy, is very much an open secret.

So why are people not more aware of the coming New World Order?

All sorts of information about its planning and its prominence in the unfolding of world history is sitting right there in front of us.

Why are we so sheepish on the matter?

Well, it is just that people are busy. And in this merchant society we tend to select what we like and avoid things that could be unpleasant. Our positivist churchmen influenced by the spirit of the age have trained many to “be positive” and not to “confess anything negative”.

Then there is the admonition, “judge not,lest ye be judged”. In the Biblical context this means we are not condemn a person unto eternity. We do not have the right to do this. But this admonition has been re-engineered to mean that Believers should not be discerning of the character or the spirit at work in an emerging issue. But is not “discernment of spirits” one of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit? See 1Corinthians 12:10.

We are not in condemning people here. And did not Jesus exhort us to “be wise as serpents and harmless as doves”? See Matthew 10:16.

At the present time we as Western Christians are too preoccupied with the pursuit of pleasure and material things to address the serious issues of our time.

The search for happiness has taken our zeal, and this fruitless quest can be quite exhausting. And we are left with little time left for anything else.

Events of enormous consequence are quietly unfolding on the world scene. Things are happening all around us, politically, economically, and most importantly, spiritually. But like the proverbial frog in the pan of water and placed over a slow fire we are not noticing the “change” and recognizing the new realities that are unfolding before us in slow Fabian style.

Many of us living under the false peace of America have an illusion mindset.

We truly believe that the ruling elites of this present age, the princes of this world who set the political agenda of nations and of this world really mean well and have the best of intentions. In this Disneyland world we have been conditioned to believe that “everything is beautiful in its own way”. We have faith in the status quo”. Our expectation is that yes, challenges may come. But we see no need and no occasion for us to become personally involved in emerging issues. We say “everything is going to pan out” and life will continue on just as it was before.

For Believers, agents of the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, this is patently untrue. Nothing could be further from the truth.

And where are the watchmen inside the Church?

The fact of the matter is many are asleep at their post.

Many are too world-weary and too ill-informed about the meaning of events to deal with the matter in a true and faithful way. So they are in subject to fear. They are demoralized before they start. Many are too frightened to get up and look at what is going on. So they cannot be expected to take any responsibility in these serious matters at hand. And as events begin to unfold they crumble on the inside.


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