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Jeremiah Johnson


In 2015, I had a series of encounters that led to the Lord Jesus Christ appearing to me for the third time in my life, clothed in white garments with fire in His eyes. The holy fear, trembling, awe, and pure wonder totally consumed me and was the same experience I had with Him the two encounters before. His sheer beauty is terrifying and His presence takes your breath away. The light that radiates from His being is so pure that you become more aware of your great need of Him than ever before.

I will never forget our conversation in that specific encounter and I believe I’m suppose to share it now publicly for the first time. I do not take lightly or treat these encounters haphazardly. Anyone who claims to have actually seen and interacted with our risen Lord needs to carry a serious fear of who He really is and a undeniable mandate on their life to make Him known. This is not a joke. It’s very weighty and does not involve vain imaginations.

As the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me, He said,

“Jeremiah, many know the Lamb who went to Calvary, but few know the Lion who is returning to devour His Father’s enemies. The same wrath that was poured out in Mercy and Grace on the Cross will be the same wrath that will be poured out in Judgment upon my return.

I am releasing apostolic and prophetic messengers that will trumpet my end time judgments to the Church and warn of the consequences of those who only know the Lamb of mercy and grace, but reject the Lion of judgment and wrath.

Many only know Me as the great Intercessor, which I am, but I am also the coming King and Judge. There is more than intercessory prayer. For I will teach My people in these last days how to pray kingly and judicial prayers. I will establish My government in the earth and make My enemies a footstool. I will rule and reign with an iron scepter.

Jeremiah, many will be offended at My return! They have created a god in their own likeness and image and will deny Me when I come with all My glory, power, and splendor! You must warn the Church of the scoffing spirit that will come, of the overemphasis of My goodness and never teaching on My severity, of never proclaiming and warning of My wrath and judgment that is here now and is yet to come.”

The look in the Lord Jesus Christ’s eyes as He said these words to me were so intense yet so deeply grieved. He then asked me if He could entrust me with these words and I said “yes”. When I did, He turned around and vanished out of my bedroom.

I shook for days and have still never recovered. I pray that those who have read this sobering encounter for the first time publicly will pray and seek the Holy Spirit concerning your own view of who Jesus really is and prepare yourself for the days ahead.

With Tears,

Jeremiah Johnson

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  1. Jeremiah, your message is so on point and another confirmation for me. Please contact me at I, too, have had a visitation from not only the Lion of Judah, but THE FATHER Himself!

  2. Alejandro

    Yes Jeremiah, the Lion is coming and churches only are interested in prosperity and they lose the sight on the Messiah, they’re interested only in themselves. But as your good Yahweh prophecy says, “a few know that I am also a Lion”. As with Moses, the cloud in the day and the fire in the night, the same Allmighty with two different manifestations. Now we know a cloud is basically water on the air, Yahushua is water as He said, but in this last days will come the Fire, the second manifestation of Yahweh.

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