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Vision of Jesus Returning – Kristin Mitchell

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Vision of Jesus Returning

Febuary 17, 2024 6:07 PM
Kristin Mitchell

March 7, 2014

Isaiah 42:13

“The Lord shall go forth like a mighty man of war.
He shall cry out, yes shout aloud;
He shall prevail against His enemies.”

I had a vision as I closed my eyes. I was awake the whole time as I could hear my kids talking. Once again it was a technicolor movie not my imagination.

I saw Jesus with the head of a lion (Lion of the tribe of Judah). He was on His white horse and had a sword coming out of His mouth. He was headed down to earth fast and furious.

Then the scene switches to the aftermath of a previous vision where there had been an actual earthquake and tsunami. A man walked me through the muddy water. I could feel the cold and the death around me. I saw children draped over rocks dead and others floating in the water. I was so moved I began weeping. It felt like I was really there. (I had asked the Lord that week to confirm that previous vision, this was the confirmation)

Then the scene flashed back to Jesus but this time He was closer to earth on His white horse and looked like a man of war, a mighty warrior. He had grey hair to His shoulders and He was very strong, veins were popping in His neck. He looked like a warrior not to be messed with! He looked at me straight in the eyes and SHOUTED at me 5X each time louder than the next :


I can not ignore that! He is making it really clear. Those who have ears to hear will hear.

As He finished yelling I was drawn into His mouth where I could see the back of His teeth. I felt safe and thought this was a good place to be. Literally IN Jesus. Not Luke warm but in Him. As He opened His mouth I could see that we were about to touch down on the earth where there were bombs going off. It looked like a war scene, grey and red and everywhere. Then we touched down and the vision was over.

This vision rocked me as I literally felt everything happening! He is making His point to me that He is coming very soon. I believe much sooner than anyone thinks. Remember the parable Jesus told about the 10 virgins? Will we have oil in our lamps or are we those Christians who say “ya we know He’s coming at some point”…or are we looking for Him, expectantly. Calling out for Him to come. The reality is most of the church is unaware and fixated on THEIR lives and needs and homes and….all nice things but Jesus warns us to be ready and not deceived by satan as we do not know the hour He is coming. He wants to be the King of our Heart! Jesus as the Lion of Judah represents His righteous judgement. His fiery anger and warrior spirit to come and make all things new and right. The reason He gave His life up for us and resurrected was to crush the head of satan in our lives and bring us to the Father in salvation. He will bring judgement on the earth, separating the sheep from the goats. Today is the day of salvation.

The wise virgins are looking and waiting for their bridegroom. The oil & flame are important so that they can see and not be deceived in the last days



Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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