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When I say “Brace yourself. Be prepared.” I meant it – Amanda White


When I say “Brace yourself. Be prepared.” I meant it


Word & Vision | 1.6.21 @ 6:24 P.M.
January 15, 2021 2:00 PM
Amanda White

When I say “Brace yourself. Be prepared.” I meant it. I meant it will get worse before it gets better. All part of my plans, due to the devil’s schemes (in reaction to them). Do you not realize I am still in control? This was a ploy, a stunt, by the evil ones (re: breach on the Capitol in D.C.). Do not allow this scheme to put fear in you- instead be brave. The devil has been planning this coup for years- generations upon generations. Be ready for the next stages- the sequel to his “grand scheme.” Though, he thinks it is grand, I already know the outcome- already put in place ways to intervene. For now, my child, all you can do is prepare as I have taught you. And most of all be in me- worship me, spend time with me, pray and speak to me. I am you Father after all, for are you not my daughter?

The fate of America has been undecided. There is still time for America to change its ways. Don’t hold back when it comes to your faith and helping others find their way. View yourself as a messenger. One day they will listen to what I have told you and shown you. For now, they are scared and may slander you for your stance, as they have done to me several times.

The time is now for change- do you not see all the signs? Republicans have been corrupted- not just democrats- mocked and used as pawns by demons daily and nightly. They are going out of their minds in fear and control by the devil. There are demons hanging on them and jabbing them. Watch the corruption unfold and see that I, your Sovereign King, gave you this word- this warning. New or diehard politicians in either political party can’t stand to be with them in the same room, and behind closed doors this is illustrated with so much threat, fear and pain underneath the surface. The newer politicians didn’t realize what they stepped into until it was too late and they took their oath.

Watch A.O.C. (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez)- watch what she says and does. Time is limited, but my reign will prevail. I am Almighty God, am I not? My angels are fighting a dark, brutal battle- but not to worry for light will win. Watch (Donald) Trump and (Mike) Pence. Look closely. *Saw an image of a magnifying glass over the two of them shaking hands in a vision.* This is an inner clue to the events that will occur.

Vision shown in the middle of the word:

Hundreds, if not thousands, of people were lined up in a single file line to enter a store. There was a checkpoint with a metal detector with a nurse stationed at the entrance. Every person had to go through the checkpoint if they had not obtained the COVID-19 vaccine. The nurse checked individual’s arms with a blue light to view a symbol that existed underneath the skin, caused by injecting the vaccine. If you didn’t have the vaccine, you were given it on the spot. If you refused to take the vaccine, you were escorted to a bus that would take you to a concentration camp nearby.

Every store, every airport, every school and worksite had this mandate. Those who already received the vaccine and were deemed “elite” were allowed to enter the buildings through an express line. The injections illustrated a tiny microchip that was barely visible in the vaccine vial, which would later cause obedience of totalitarianism through the neural pathways upon a transmission switch the government had obtained to control American citizens. When the vision was over, I felt the Lord say all of these dreams, visions and words can be what happens depending on the people and their prayers, faith and repentance.

Joshua 1: 3-10

Amanda White From the Lord

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