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April 10, 2020
Diana Nolan

Several years ago I had a dream about an alien invasion. I was floating above a city and all the lights were out. The only light came from crafts that were shining lights on the streets and following people. Those people were running for their lives and flying creatures were after them. I knew that if the lights found them, a creature would swoop down and grab them up.. and I woke up.

Sometime later I had another dream that I was running up the steps in a sky scraper because the power was out and I was looking for a place to hide. I could hear what sounded like war outside and lights were flashing in the windows. I finally found an empty office and went into a closet and shut the doors. Then I heard creatures searching the building and people screaming as they were killed. They didn’t find me and they retreated, but as I was about to leave the closet, I felt and heard the building begin to sway and then start to fall over.. and I woke up.

Fast forward several years and my daughter who just turned 14 had several dreams last year of absolute carnage. In one dream particular, the landscape was burnt up, trees and grass black, buildings full of holes and burnt, and black triangle crafts flying around blowing stuff up and dropping what she thinks were beacons.

In another dream, one of us was watching the sky for the fallen ones and the other was watching the ground. (We both see demons now in various places) so we were keeping watch as we were on the move to safety. (We were caught outside) People were running past us screaming like they were just going crazy out of their mind.

I believe we are seeing instances of them making themselves known now with the uptick in ufo sightings around the world. I seen a craft myself when I was 12. I always wondered if “aliens” would play a part in the endtimes agenda. So many people claim to be star children. Many false religions and cults put emphasis on being descendants from a race of aliens that built civilizations here long ago. Of course I believe they are talking about the Nephilim but they are believing a twisted truth. God’s word says it will be as the days of Noah, and I believe it!

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