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WHATS COMING: another warning from God concerning America – Steve Holmes



another warning from God concerning America

December 5, 2020 2:58 AM
Steve Holmes

Received Fri December 4, 2020

I want to talk to you…about what’s coming. I want to warn you so you are prepared because what’s coming is going to be a disaster for your nation and your economy. A great storm approaches, the likes of which have never been seen by man. Intense upheaval, uncertainty, danger, fear, contempt, irrational behavior and poorly chosen responses will become common place. Martial law, quarantines, arrests for anything suspicious, lockdowns, prison camps, curfews, rioting, rebellion, sadistic torture and murder, violence and mayhem will soon be in your streets. Gunshots will be heard in every major city and even in small towns, villages and yes, even desolate places. Fear will be rampant and will drive men to madness, hopelessness and despair, confusion and terrorism. It will not be safe to go out in public for a season and you will be under lockdowns as civil order is attempted to be brought back in to your society.

I am allowing this to show America that I am not mocked. I said it in my eternal word and I meant it. I have no grace for such open rebellion as your country’s seething cauldron of rotten decay spills over into the streets. Your nation has chosen to make Satan it’s god, rejecting my goodness and grace, therefore you shall have neither, but you will have Satan’s wickedness everywhere. I have restrained him until now but I can no longer justify it. America will reap what it has sown, and it has sown to the tornado, the hurricane, and to the forces of darkness that it will soon regret…beyond human measure.

I take no delight in America. It is repulsive in my sight and an abomination above all others. If it were not for my children there, I would not hesitate to destroy it as I did Sodom and Gomorrah. A country that slaughters children does not deserve a place before me and America has given up it’s seat at my banqueting table.

Soon, your enemies will attack and invade your shores, killing with impunity- even joy. Americans have not even considered that such a defeat and conquering is even possible, but with me (God), ALL things are possible, including complete annhilation, just as the dinosaurs that used to roam the earth are extinct.

I have called America to repent more times and in more ways than your mind can comprehend. My pleadings are over. My judgment is just and out of the exceedingly great hardships you will be forced to endure, I will bring forth a pure, holy, spotless bride who is 100% dedicated to me. Many shall die in this process. Many shall depart from the faith and say to me, “I never knew you.” But I shall have a bride for my son that meets my standards and requirements, filled with love, mercy, kindness and compassion that matches his, and holiness that matches mine. I said to be holy for I am holy.

I love my children eternally. Nothing can separate them from my love and no man, demon or trial can rip them out of my hand. But I have given each one free will and they need to exercise it wisely in the coming darkness and deceptions. The enemy of souls lurks not only in darkness, but also in the false light of deception. Be forewarned: he has plans to deceive if possible even my very elect, including and especially my appointed, hand picked leaders within my church. The gravity of the danger of his plots and deceptions cannot be overstated. Be in alignment with my word. Wear your armor. Try the spirits. Be in constant prayerful communication with me. Hope, trust, have faith and be encouraged in me, for my children’s names are written in the lamb’s book of eternal life, written in his own blood in covenant with me. That is a great honor that all are called to but precious few enter into without departing when times get tough.

By year’s end, there will be shocking changes and many will be overwhelmed and distraught. Be merciful and kind to them. They will be in a state of shock for they are not prepared for what is coming. Many will be utterly broken, having put their faith and hope in a lie greater than they can comprehend. Bring the willing to salvation. Their hope is not in this world but in me and I am faithful and forgiving of even the worst of sins. That is the manifestation of my great love for mankind, my creation that is eternal and dear to my heart.

There are worse plagues coming than your current virus “pandemic.” Countless multitudes will die the world over. These are the wicked creations of evil men who don’t even have the courage to face their enemy, their fellow man, face to face before mercilessly slaughtering them and their families and even their little children. That is worse than history’s horrific genocides that have killed millions. It is pure cowardice and loathsome hatred for my creation. I have not given man permission to perform such wickedness and those who are a part of this wickedness shall know my wrath for eternity in the lake of fire with the devil and his angels and all who reject me and my grace for them.

Behold, I have risen from my throne. Judgment is set and pronounced by my own mouth and shall not be turned back. America is lost and her utter destruction comes hastily. Be on guard for your souls, my people, and for the souls of others. The devil is as a hungry, roaring lion in your midst, poised to attack and kill his prey. Be hidden in me and I will protect you even as I protected my servant Moses and my people Israel in the barren desert for 40 years, and even as I protected my servant David as Saul sought to take his life.

Be of good courage, my precious lambs and warrior bride saints! My son Jesus defeated death, hell and the grave on your behalf. Keep looking up- your redemption draws near if you are found worthy to be my son’s bride.

Your approachable Abba, who loves all of my creation and all of my children with an everlasting love. Show the world and the enemy of your souls, the already defeated devil, that you are mine and that I dwell in you.


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