What will our glorified bodies look like? – Brother Moses


What will our glorified bodies look like?

April 28, 2022 1:38 AM
Brother Moses

What will our glorified bodies look like? The scriptural answers to this question are that our glorified bodies will be:

The spiritual aspect of our glorified bodies is indicating the imperishable and perfect nature of our new immortal bodies. Since we have transformed from mortality into immortality, this means that we will be able to stand in the presence of and relate to Almighty God (Jehovah) who is a glorious Spiritual Being.

Our glorified bodies have been designed by our Lord Jesus Christ for eternal life in Heaven (New Jerusalem) for eternity! Eternity has no end. We will live in our glorious Heavenly mansions forever (John 14:1-4). Yes, we will enjoy blissful existence during the Millennial kingdom period and for eternity in our glorified bodies. Hallelujah!

As a glorified Saint, your immortal body and clothes will always glow gloriously forever (Luke 9:28-36). Your glorified body and brain will possess supernatural powers. Your supernatural brain will be better than the most sophisticated computer or Smartphone in the world. You won’t need iPhone or Skype to communicate or vehicles to go from one place to another. Just desiring any information will bring it to your mind! You can also read the thought of another person near you or far away from you.

If you feel like, you can use any sophisticated computer or Smart-phone that will be available during the Millennial kingdom period. There will be new and sophisticated technological inventions during the Millennium due to our superior knowledge. Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

As a glorified Saint, distance will never be a barrier for you for eternity. Just thinking about going somewhere will get you there! However, if you feel like, you can use any vehicle, train, ship or an airplane. Just like our Lord Jesus Christ, you can walk on top of any river, lake or sea without sinking (John 6:16-21). In reality, you can also fly anywhere you want to go at the speed of light better than the science fiction character: “Superman.” As a glorified Saint, you can appear anywhere you want to go suddenly! Alternatively, you can also disappear suddenly! (Luke 24:13-49). Yes, as a glorified Saint, you will possess super-human abilities.

This is not a science fiction or genetics engineering. It is a reality! As glorified Saints with glorified bodies, we have been blessed with our eternal inheritance through the special grace of our Lord Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 15:35-58). For eternity, all the things you can’t do in your mortal body, you will be able to do them as an immortal glorified Saint.

You will never get tired or fall sick for eternity! You will have a youngish and radiant look forever! All glorified Saints will look young and handsome or beautiful forever! No aging wrinkles on your face for eternity! Your eye-sight will be perfect forever, no need for reading glasses again. No terminal disease or ailment in your glorified body forever! You can never die! You can’t die or become injured if you fall down from any great height. Gun-shot or dangerous weapons can’t kill you. No poison can kill you. Vehicle accident, car-crash or plane crash can’t kill you.

If you are swimming in the swimming pool, river, lake or sea, you can go down and breathe under water! Yes, as a glorified Saint with a glorified body, you will be like a “Superman” or “Superwoman” forever! Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ. In reality, you will be able to do what you can only imagine presently. Super-heroes in Science fiction films are fictional characters but glorified Saints with super-human abilities will become a reality during the Millennium and for eternity!

You will remain strong and energetic forever! You can walk through closed doors or wall (John 20:19-29).  You can float or fly in the air like a bird. If you feel like, you can ascend into the sky through the ceiling and roof of any building without causing any structural damage to the building. You can traverse from earthly Jerusalem or any part of the world to Heavenly New Jerusalem at will (Luke 24: 50-52; Acts 1:6-11). You can also get to any part of the world supernaturally within a twinkle of an eye! As a glorified Saint, there is no limitation for you for eternity!

Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN

Brother Moses.


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