What the mRNA “Vaccines” Truly Are – Michelle Katherine Orts

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What the mRNA “Vaccines” Truly Are

October 28, 2022 1:58 AM
Michelle Katherine Orts
I am submitting this "Holy Spirit Led Explanation of What the mRNA "Vaccines" Truly Are!" for your prayerful review and publishing. I have shared previously on this topic but Holy Spirit is prompting me to share this again in a concise, quick summary format so that everyone may easily read, digest and hopefully be prompted to share to help spare others from needless physical, and potentially Eternal Spiritual suffering, with souls ending up forever in Hell because they were deceived and willingly took The Mark of The Beast and denied Jesus as God in the flesh by obeying The Beast System rather than Creator God Jesus.

In Jesus' Agape Love,

A Quick Explanation of what the mRNA injections are as revealed to me by Jesus’ Holy Spirit and A Word of Wisdom and Teaching from Jesus for His Endtime Warrior Bride.

I felt led to briefly share my understanding of what the mRNA COVID JABS are and what they do to the human body and why injections and boosters are being pushed upon all humanity everywhere.

All humans, both male and female, are created in The Image of God. The enemy of God, Satan Lucifer The Anti-Christ Spirit, desires to destroy, dismantle, steal, kill and change The Image of God which is imprinted within every Child of God and remove that Image of God by the process of “transfection” which is infection of all cells by an obligatory intracellular parasite which compels all cells infected to obey the new commands given which are replicated within each human host’s DNA. Satan wants to change as many humans as possible and to recreate them by stealing their genetic will and forge them into his own Beast Image with The Mark of The Beast (injection/carving/poke) of the DNA changing mRNA “vaccines.”

The mRNA “vaccines” are not vaccines but are in fact patented (#060606) GENETIC MODIFICATION DEVICES containing many untold things. Jesus’ Holy Spirit has revealed to me through prayer, dreams, visions and much Holy Spirit led Bible based research that the mRNA “vaccines” contain: SERPENT’S SEED = Luciferase + Luciferine + Quantum Dots + Graphene Hydroxide + Mycoplasma Incognito Wild Strain which causes all blood to be immortalized and changed in vitro and in the human body + Fallen Angel DNA which includes aborted/murdered while alive baby blood and organ tissue plus molecularly identical to COBRA and CRATE VENOM as well as Scorpion Venom S-Spike Protein Codons.

Satan is using this One World Order’s Beast System = WHO WEF UN OIC CDC all Big Tech, Big Media, Big Banks, Big Governments etc. attempting to REWRITE or OVERWRITE our individual (and collective future progeny) God given genetic code by forcing ungodly, Satanically derived, fallen angel genetic code into as many humans as is possible. These are “The Days of Noah” once more. The transformation process is a gradual process for some and for others it is instant. If you or anyone you know have taken the mRNA vaccine please do not get any more subsequent boosters and immediately go to Our Merciful Lord and intercede and REPENT in Jesus’ Mighty Name above all names! We who love Jesus must submit only to Creator God Jesus! We must resist Satan and NEVER willingly or knowingly take The Mark of The Beast and NEVER deny Jesus is God in the flesh unto death.

In Jesus’ Agape Love,
Mrs.Michelle Katherine Orts aka TurtleDove wife to my loving husband Apostolic Ordained Minister David Orts

Photos courtesy Depositphotos 


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