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Warning to All: Message/Word Pre Plandemic warning still exists during Post Plandemic times! – K Williams

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Warning to All: Message/Word
Pre Plandemic warning still exists during Post Plandemic times!

June 11, 2024 4:13 PM

God’s USB Stick:

Before the plandemic first hit our shores in Babylon America, I warned of it’s falsity and over reaching scheme of something more sinister. It was the first week in February of 2020 at my firehouse role call when the announcement first made televised news. The initial proclamation took less than a minute, as the reporter touted of the quick spreading doom, chilling unknown causes, and quick death of the Corona virus NOW in America. My Holy Ghost radar went off immediately as we watched in silence until the reporter stated “more to come…” There was complete silence in the firehouse kitchen (never happens). After about 15 seconds of silence, I stepped out of the cubby hole I hide in, and said “If you think that’s something, wait until they push for the mandatory vaccinations.” All eight firefighters turned and looked at me at the same time. I then commented “…you can’t see that coming?” and walked out of roll call.

Prior to that event was an even more eye opening occurrence. My wife changed occupations and left a state auditor position for a similar position with the Department of Defense. In their 2 week training protocol the very first directive covered was “Pandemic Training”. This occurred during the middle of September 2019… 4 and a half months prior to the plandemic hitting America, and 30 days prior to the famed mock plandemic of Event 201 in October 2019. Are you seeing a pattern? We did.

In the successive weeks after the televised scare, as more muck was forced down every ocular and auditory opening a body has, pushing fear and doom that “if something isn’t done to stop it…”, the only hope would be if someone could come up with a vaccine against it. Now where is the hero to save the day? Will it be your governments, under the guise of the pharmaceutical companies that miraculously came up with the lifesaving serum in record time? We warned them it was coming. My wife was one of the first whistleblowers of what was happening, and it was as if we were told to stop making all that racket. Few, and I mean verily, verily few listened, and even fewer took heed… even family members.

Weeks of more cases, falsified live news reportings in front of hospitals showing lines of people outside waiting to get in, only to have those lines completely disintegrate moments after they finished broadcasting. As a firefighter during the plandemic, we had a name for covid cases that were announced over the emergency audible… “Code 20”. Many cases were simple cold and flu cases drummed up to be more than what they were by sensationalism, as every symptom for the cold and the flu now was a major symptom of the virus. Those outside the EMS field would not understand how easy it was to see what was going on being a first responder… unless those responders were also mesmerized by the lie of the media… of which many were, and then forced to take the substance to keep their jobs. Arguments ensued among personnel as to whether it was covid or a cold, covid or the flu, covid or a fever, covid or an allergic reaction. You must remember, when it hit our shores it was during the height of the flu season of October 2019 through April 2020. As the season ended the lockdowns began because there would be a definite reduction of cases and no way to ensure compliant fear with no one getting sick. Did you notice that among the essential employees there was a group that kept working called 5G installers? While I travelled to work on empty roads and highways, I saw all semi-truck traffic continue, railway traffic now include lengthy rail cars of military tanks, trucks, and Humvees. Many others saw the transport of all sized coffins on the semi-trucks that were written off as being for those who died of the virus, rather than those who would die of the vaccine. At that time the question I asked was “Were we at war, or is this internal?”

You all remember how China told Russia to hold off the war until after the Olympics? One comrade helping out another comrade.
Listen people… You do not know the extent your government went through to ensure you stayed locked down. Here is a true story. Many firefighters are ex-military or currently active military personnel. I have a friend who is an active military sergeant, and during the plandemic, I wanted to give him an updated version of God’s USB Stick. I called him to see when he would be at his firehouse so that I could get it to him with ease. He stated to me that he wanted it, but he was not available, as he was not in the city. With him being active military, I presumed he was deployed and asked of him “Where are you stationed at now?” There was silence. I then said “Okay, I’ll get it to you when you return home.” He said that as it was currently going, it was possible that he could be home within a week or so. I advised him to call me when he was home. After a few days he called and said that he had returned, and to come by his home and to bring God’s USB Stick. When I arrived, he opened the door and he was dressed in full military regalia. I asked “I thought you were done?” He replied that he will have a meeting to attend shortly, and that he must be in full uniform, and that his superiors will have them all stand and show their boots to the camera to verify that they are in “full uniform”. As he was now able to advise me of his deployment station, I asked “Where were you that you returned so quickly?” He said to me… “Keith I was deployed with my unit to ensure that there was no civil rioting behind the mandate of the lockdown. My unit and many others were stationed just outside the city and county limits in full force.” He looked disturbed as he made the next statement. “Man… I was hoping nothing happened, as we were advised to use live ammo.” You have seen the videos from Australia that ported the beatings of civilians for not wearing a mask. You have seen the videos in China that ported the invasion of homes where they dragged out civilians and forcibly vaccinated them. What makes you think America is any different? The only difference is THEY FOUGHT BACK, we tucked our tail. Your government was going to kill you to keep you inside while they set the stage for the next phase of their nefarious leader’s plans. Those 5G towers.

It was during this time I investigated, through foreign sources, what this vaccine was really about. I had to use foreign sources because the other countries had already started vaccinating, and they were the true sources of the how, what, and why. It was chaos. Their governments were stating one lie, the news was reporting another lie, and no one listened to the truth told by their citizens. No one died at home, they all died at the hospital under “care”. Look in The Science folder at the patents. Do you know they patented the hospital protocol, step by step, to kill you as you were placed on the ventilator years before they implemented their plan? Go to the kiosk, look in The Science folder at pdf 15) System and Method for Testing for Covid-19 Patent US20200279585A1, and pdf 15a) KA-05327.

Fear mongering started and citizen turned on citizen, neighbor on neighbor, and family member on family member. I was able to gather an extensive amount of information and data adding new folders to God’s USB Stick, as he gave me source after source of easily verifiable accurate information via doctors, scientists, whistleblowers and His Word. That is when He told me to warn. I told Him, “I had already been warning, but no one was listening. Through the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Distributions of God’s USB Stick, from CDs, DVDs, to USB media, the warnings became coffee coasters, trash, or wiped media for other uses.” Warn them watchman!
Yes Sir…

The Lord had me create the small documentary called Warning to All. It was local as I had no connection to social media, and refused any relation to it. The documentary was hard hitting and factual, with proofs coming straight out of the sources mouths. The Department of Defense is not defending you, it created the vaccine, literally gave it to the pharmaceutical companies and told them they will make billions… and they did. Go to the kiosk, look in The Science folder of God’s USB Stick. You will find their patents, now follow the money. Follow the DOD in meetings they had in 2005, that gave great assertions to the vaccine’s start that they already had initiated live trials on you in Warnings to All Part 1. One of the creators of the rfid chip explains in detail how they made it in Part 2, foreknowledge of what the vaccine would do in the body in Part 3, a physician clarifies how it will change your DNA, and that only God can change you back, but why do it in the first place in Part 4, and the summation of getting the pre-empter to the mark in Part 5.
The most disappointing factor from all that has occurred over the last four years is that people are still getting boosters. People are still vaccinating children. People are still suffering immediate and long term side effects. People are still dying suddenly (The Vaccine folder – Died Suddenly and Died Squared). What are they thinking?

They will change before your very eyes. It will be like the worst sci-fi/horror/apocalyptic/dooms day/destruction and total annihilation movie ever made starring you, co-starring your friends and family, if you are not ready for our Lord Yeshua before the darkness descends. As the 3 Days of Darkness lifts and power is to be restored, the first power turned on will be the 5G towers with enhanced signal strengths and increased frequencies, then their transformations begin, with war, fallen ones, giants, demons, and drastic climatic and weather anomalies beyond your comprehension, as first born die and the Great Harvest begins. I know more Christians that took the vaccine, and are unrepentant about it, than unbelievers who just knew better and refused it. How will it look on behalf of Yeshua, as the supposed Christians are chasing the unsaved looking like demonic zombies? If you took that poison, YOU need to REPENT! If you took someone to get it, YOU need to REPENT! WE need to REPENT!!

They can now cause a plandemic to happen at the flip of a switch. Go to the kiosk, look in The Science folder at pdf 1) Pfizer Vaccin Data PDF 5.3.6 pgs 29-38, 9 pages of adverse reactions separated by semi colon. They can make you feel sick, cause any type of illness, ailment, organ failure or cancer by sending a frequency to a local area, group or individual since every person who received the inoculant now has a personal mac address. You cannot hide. The more boosters you get, the better the signal, thus the term booster. The body will try to fight against the foreign assailant, as our Lord created the human body with mechanisms and defenses against any foreign intruder, but you must remember… this has changed your DNA. Your Spirit and Soul are also now in a constant, and even greater battle against your flesh. You were warned not to get the mark and anything resembling it, but now with the implementation of the rfid chip (The True Mark) inserted in your right hand or forehead, satan’s AI system will have total control over your very existence. He O’ so wants to be able to be like God, and now he is ever closer as he can now send you thoughts, cause you discomfort and pain, give you feelings of elation, even send out group communications via 5G (and greater) frequencies over the internet. You didn’t get the jab and you didn’t accept Yeshua Ha Mashiach as Lord and Savior, and you missed the rapture, and you were left behind, now the hunt that you have heard so many stories about begins, as they hunt you down to make ALL existing compliant under antichrist’s control.
But this is not happening, you say. Yes, it is. It is just not occurring on a broader grander scale because of God’s mercy and grace, as satan’s time is now at hand. Currently they can only perform what they are allowed to perform by God’s Heavenly Counsel, but soon more permissions will be granted them, as they get their time to rule. Those who have yet to call on the name of Jesus, those who are luke warm will now have to be stirred by the judgements to make a decision and a choice before it is too late. Go to the kiosk, look in God’s USB Stick in The Vaccine folder. These events have not stopped; people have just become tired of viewing them. There is no sensationalism in repetition.

Now… knowing what the pharmaceutical companies have done to you and your loved ones, are you still so trusting as to continue purchasing their prescribed medications? Or even trying the new ones they are inventing overnight? What is in them that you know not of? The vaccine’s documentation sheet was blank. Look at Paul’s circumstances. He didn’t run to the medicine cabinet and pop a pill, nor did he make a “special blend” tea (root concoction which is witchcraft spell casting – pharmakeia taught by the fallen), or try Pfizer’s new extra strength Excedrin/Tylenol Plus. Nor did he sprint to the corner drug store to get his seasonal flu shot. He suffered through the thorn in his side, knowing that in his weakness the Lord is strong. Most of us suffer for decisions we made of our own accord that were bad choices, and then we want Jesus to fix it, so we are pain free to make more bad choices.

Trust in Jesus and the power of His name. REPENT always, asking for forgiveness and healing.

Watch the scrolling dossiers in Warning to All Part 1 and Part 5, and if you feel led to, watch all five segments of the documentary totaling 1 hour and 30 minutes. Yes, the warning is pre plandemic, but there are many still in delusion, and the warning still applies to today. Warn them…warn them to repent.

For what is in them will transform them into an abomination rejected by God, only to be used of satan. The 5G frequency (now 6G or 7G) will activate the graphene that was in the injection, placed within them that modified their DNA, and they will become as the fallen.

Warning to All Part 1 https://k00.fr/c40zzb4o
Warning to All Part 2 https://k00.fr/a8cp4ugu
Warning to All Part 3 https://k00.fr/ablyz58p
Warning to All Part 4 https://k00.fr/pahb9f2z
Warning to All Part 5 https://k00.fr/s3f070jt

The Demons of the Covid-19 Plandemic round table: EVENT 66601

I grow tired of the same old game of placing evil intentions in their minds so that we may cause them to kill each other through wars, jealousy, greed and strife. Pestilence and disease takes too long to reach our death quota. Our time is short anyway, so let’s have some fun by making our minion leaders create a wave of fear by a disease that does not exist, and make them believe that without a certain elixir, that we will make up, they will die. We can use the elixir to make sure we will be able to literally control, surveil, and manipulate their very existence, even though through the use of this substance we will kill them and cause them irreparable physical harm. We can watch them drop like flies. It will be hilarious as we will not be able to know when, where, or how they will die and by which one, or by what combination of the many different medical ailments they will die from. But we can speed up the process by making it mandatory that everyone on earth get it, and even put it into their newborn offspring. Even though each and every one of their genetic and biological make up is different, this will cause an untraceable connection as to why they suffer so from an innumerable host of complications.

They will all die. Let’s take a vote… All in favor… say DIE!

Meeting adjourned. Let’s get to work. I know a minion name Fauci, whose name means death sickle… Scriptures:
Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

1 Corinthians 3:16-17, 6:19 that says that “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.”

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? 20 For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.

2 Corinthians 7:1 Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.

Revelation 13:16-18 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

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This is not n push for God’s USB Stick, for the kiosk is available for everyone to use, view, and share at no cost to anyone… as it is one of many End Times sources from the Lord God of Sabaoth. He is your only source of help in these Last Days. 444 Prophecy News, End Times Prophetic Messengers 144k, Vicki Goforth Parnell, Ancient Manuscripts, Dreams and Visions all downloadable and updated daily.

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