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What The Enemy Meant For Evil God Turns To Good – Ian Kibet

What The Enemy Meant For Evil God Turns To Good

2019/10/20 at 4:58 PM
Ian Kibet

Dream received 29th August 2019.

The setting of the vision was a rural home in Kenya. Our home was crowded by over 20 people presumably because they felt safe there. I was talking to them when suddenly through the window we saw like giant spaceships gliding over the levels of the cloud. They were black and white, and they were so big.. It’s like they were monitoring people. At this moment, we all froze but I was confident because I knew the Lord was close to us. The first two went past our home so I thought they’d not seen us. After a few minutes, another giant spaceship, also white and black in colour glides over our house too, and it is lower in height. It drops a large circular metal which was sophisticated, and it seemed to defy physics and glide on its own. We all watched this in fear from the window. I saw people who were prophesed atheists in humility, and they opened their hearts to the knowledge about Jesus in this dream. And so after the spaceships glided away, I taught them about Jesus and told them about the antichrist. Then I woke up


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