What Have You Done With My Son? – Cheryl Adama

Cheryl Adama

October 2, 2018

What Have You Done With My Son?

I have given You my Son, My most Beloved Son, My only Son. I sent Him to you, that He be born and live among you that He become the offering that is needed and acceptable in My sight to pay the price for sins you have incurred and the body of sin you inherited. We have perfect fellowship, My Son and I, yet, He chose to leave Me and do this so that He may give to Me what My heart’s desire is. My heart’s desire is to see the fullness of My Son, in all people, to have their lives filled with His Life, with Him. That they are My special treasure for He has been poured out into each one – as they accept and receive His sacrifice and believe Him as Lord and Savior of their lives. They be a people who expand into Him each day – which is My joy and delight. You see, this is what I will ask each one; ‘What have you done with My Son?’ For today, I see many take the Son of My love and throw Him around like he is some kind of possession of theirs! They slur His name – as if like a magic charm and chant. They use Him, like He is something to be used. They do not realize that they insult Me and insult the work He has done for them. That it is they, that My Son has provided a way that I may USE THEM! Yes, like the day He asked to have the vessels filled with water, so that they would be the wine for the wedding party to drink – are also those who I take and fill with My Son, and USE for others to drink! Many take too lightly the work that was done by My Son, so that they may enter My courts to petition Me. I count this against those, who walk flippantly and without reverence – and who gladly boast of My grace as they do so. Oh, that there be a desire to walk in My Holiness, to desire to understand the cost that has granted this grace, for I will surely reveal this to any who desire to see and understand and it is in your best interest to do so. Many have taken the words ‘For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son’ for their own meaning. They do not consider that in My Son is all My love bestowed. For in Him is all the fullness. It is because of My love for Him, that has qualified Him to be the one who was able to save all who would believe in Him. Though I love the world – that they would not perish – it is He that is the reason I desire the whole world to be saved, so that each one be filled with Him, the Son of My love and they would bear His Name. Do not think too highly of yourself, that you have been saved and can enjoy My treasures – but instead, understand that He is the reason, and be glorified in You – for you have nothing I desire apart from Him. See how many do not understand this, because they do not know the Son of My love. I counsel you to get to know Him, for He is the life that will be saved and must be found in you.

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