Almost Tripped on A Fence (Offense) – Sarah

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Almost Tripped on A Fence (Offense)

April 29, 2024 11:28 AM
Lesson over the last 2 weeks, Rhema given 9am-noon 4/29/2024
Note from Father to reader: I want you to search My Word that is mentioned in this message. You seek Me in Word to see the Truth in this message. Sarah will underline words that are in MY WORD for you to look up if I lead you to do so. (Sarah – I am sorry, The Lord told me not to underline things, He Himself will highlight to the reader what to search for in Word) Therefore, Bible Verses are not listed by book, chapter, and verse. YOU seek Me for yourself, My living Word will teach you what I want you to know from Me! Seek Me and call to Me! I have much for those who do!
Almost tripped on a fence (offense): Exposing the ways the enemy works to trip Mine

When the enemy comes in like a flood, The Lord lifts up a Standard against him

The inheritance of the saints of The Lord: every tongue that rises against them will be put to shame

Evil is in the rise. The wicked will raise up…so that they may be destroyed: forever.

Do not envy the wicked, those who have no fear of The Lord. They have no wisdom, for fearing – reverencing My holiness to the point of flesh submission to Me, Word, is the beginning of wisdom. I said not to fear people and what they can do to you, as the demons operating with them, influencing them, that those who love darkness are chained to… fear Me, Who has the power to cast a soul that loves darkness and not My Truth into hell.

Fear of The Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom. If you fear My Holiness, and know that only I Am Good, and that only I AM your Father, Creator, Potter, Husbandman, Savior, that Only I AM your Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, Mighty God, Wonderful, Counselor, Faithful and True, King of all kings, Lord of all Lords. I alone am Your God Whom you give all your worship to. I AM Everything I say that I AM in Word. I will be your Provider if you trust in Me. I AM your Healer and Deliverer of demons if you obey Me, turn from sin and the ways of this world. For those who submit to My Word and My Higher Ways, for those Who choose this day, this MOMENT, to trust in Me, knowing that only I AM your Deliverer, Your Covering under My wing, I AM all you need… for those who draw near to Me, and seek Me with a humble and contrite heart, asking My Holy Spirit to teach them. For those who obey what I tell them to do..

Expose the works of darkness, teach Mine how the enemy works so that my saints see the enemy rise against them and they know what to do. Do Not fear man, nor fear what the enemy can do through people. Knowing I AM your Provider in all things and that nothing happens to you unless I allow it. If I allow the enemy to affect/come against you, it is that I use him as a tool to show those who are Mine how to defeat him in their lives. I AM The Victor, I have already defeated the enemy. One day people will look on that one who causes offense and say, THAT is the one who deceived nations? Yea, satan is nothing to Me but a tool in My hand. He put himself in that position.

I, Jesus, never shouted demons down. Nothing in your carnal nature can defeat the enemy. I simply told the demons to leave, get behind Me, depart. To the people I said go and sin no more, for sin is how demons enter/influence/chain a person. Any love for/agreement with darkness allows the enemy to remove peace from your mind. The mind stayed on Me will be in perfect peace. Your mind is to be renewed and transformed by My Word. My Word, Me, is to be on your mind and heart, not things of the flesh world. I have told you I go to prepare a place for you, do you believe Me in faith? Or do you ask Me for “proof of My Love” by asking Me to bless and bring comfort to your flesh? I told you that this earth is not your home, so give Me EVERYTHING that the enemy can use to cause you to trip.

Example: Sarah almost tripped by a fence (offense… Abba makes awesome connections like that 😊 )

Offense… (From Sarah: First, I ask that you pray for my husband’s salvation. He has been listening to Spirit Filled broadcasts with me and I rejoice in this. I bind the demons who he invites in through his sin choices. I know God put me here that he will hear Word and be saved. Thank you. This is not gossip about my husband, this is exposing how the enemy uses those who love darkness. Thank you, siblings!)

A FENCE: The land our house is on butts up to an apartment building, many apartments face our yard. Our back yard is not fenced in and many times people walk through our yard to get to the street instead of walking to the other side of their building. Through the years, satan has used my carnal logic and emotions for what I think I need (a fence would protect us from people walking through and tossing trash in our yard) in the past to cause me to sin in this area…and feel justified in it. I thought I had repented of all that, and then this fence issue came up again 2 weeks ago, my husband mentioned it in a way that I (finally, thank You Lord God!) recognized was AN INVITATION TO ARGUE. And my flesh was confident that I would make a great point, etc.

Instead of defending my logic and felt need this time, I drove to a park and laid it out before My Father, Who sees what I don’t. He taught me to repent, give up self again, and trust that HE ALONE is my Protection, etc. That I could make tracts of His testimonies and salvation to give to those who come into the yard, etc. That the enemy does not want to let go of my husband. That the enemy wants me to be angry that what my flesh says is a legitimate NEED is not being met. Well Abba said people are not to meet your needs anyhow, not even your SELF. So Faithful and True is a Strength to the poor in spirit and He dwells in the praise of His Own! He taught me to get my mind off things/self and put them on Word. Renew, transform the carnal mind…

In the end, Abba showed me that the carnal self – if there is some we still trying to keep alive and resuscitate – WILL BE POKED AT, and that Father ALLOWS this to show His Own what to overcome. Praise His Holy Name, it does not FEEL fun, yet once you KNOW your Abba, Daddy, you KNOW His judgements are good. Praise Him! He wanted me to share so His children in these last days know how to recognize the works of the enemy that need to be defeated, and dealt with RIGHT AWAY. And to love and pray for those bound by self-will to the enemy and give demons access to poke at the saints of God…even to weary them. Yea, I AM a Strength to the poor, Strength to the needy in his distress…a Shelter from the storm, a Shade from the heat!

All praise to Abba who did not allow a fence (offence!) to trip me this day! Praise You Lord, cause the saints to overcome by The Blood of The Lamb Who rose from the dead to live in us by His Holy Spirit! Jesus has defeated the enemy and He wants to defeat the enemy through US. Mercy triumphs over judgement.. those who sow mercy will reap it. I will give mercy to my husband and continue to supplicate to God for his salvation and freedom from the chains he has allowed to bind him.

I ask for prayer that God helps me to love my husband with His love, that my husband will draw near to The Lord, that Father’s perfect will is done in his life, my life, and our home. Thank you, precious brothers and sisters. Perhaps this is another way the enemy is defeated…by my not slandering my husband, but seeking saints to pray for his release from the enemy’s grasp. I desire his soul to be saved, and Jesus died for his soul also. Praise to God Who hears those who cry out to Him in Truth. Teach us to worship You in Spirit and Truth YAH!!

End of lesson, now Rhema Word from Lord and King Jesus Christ, Praise You Lord as You teach Your children:

Remember: that which causes offense (demonic powers) and those who love to promote satan’s ways WILL BE REMOVED at a time that I decide. Until then, I know you contend with demonic things, I have told you in My Word that you will contend. I have told you HOW to do so with My Help. Your help is in The Name of The Lord. ONLY. Not in people, not carnal self, not in Egypt. In Me alone.

Your job is to learn to let Me cleanse your heart from any world love-desires and to trust in and learn to WAIT ON Me, allowing Me to grow your faith as You wait faithfully. I am not slow. I will deliver in My time. It is your testimony of My wonderous works in your life, and My Blood by which you will overcome, and you must learn these lessons now…for I am laying precept upon precept in your life. I said to build on the foundation of My salvation. What is supposed to be built? A house that will withstand the storms. Hear, o ears!

You may not understand My ways, but I give My wisdom and understanding to those who treasure My Ways to the point of “selling all that is yours” to buy the field in which My treasure lies. You have to make the choice to give up your candy necklace that you treasure (making this life your home and comfort, etc.) and trade it for the pearl necklace I want to adorn you with. Yea, I will do a good work in those who die to their wants in this life, who die to self-promotion, who die all things that the world offers that say they are a substitute for what I can give. The devil does not have My Spirit, neither do the people in the world who love darkness (whether they claim to know Me or not, I have told you to learn of Me regarding My Holy Spirit discernment, for in your flesh you cannot discern My will and what is good and what is evil…it is the little foxes that spoil the vine…)

I am exposing how your enemy to Mine and how he operates so I defeat Him and you give Me glory for the battle belongs to Me. (Your enemies are those spiritual entities that I instruct you to dress for battle against, not shout at in your flesh, you can overcome NOTHING in your flesh)…My power is in My meekness and lowliness, in My Own submission to My Father and HIS WILL…then He delivered Me from that which My flesh feared, I confessed and knew My Father was able to deliver Me from death if He chose to, yet He wanted you to be saved, and so I submitted My flesh to Father and declared His Will be done, not Mine. You are to do the same. And Father will also deliver you but not in ways that your flesh thinks of. My Ways are higher, and your flesh may not understand. I said with all your getting to seek My Wisdom and Understanding…so that you may live…so that you will KNOW that My Word is Very Pure, and My servants will love Me, Word. My Word, Me, is all you need, and Everything you need to have a firm foundation, and a house that WILL NOT FALL when the enemy comes in like a flood against you.

Lesson: The enemy will use ANYTHING that your flesh (emotions, logic, feelings, self-protection, self this, self that… as long as you try to defend your dead self by your flesh, the enemy will attack this area to try to make you fall (your wants are to be dead in Me, and I live through those who abide in Me and obey/love Me).

Sarah’s flesh logic said: a fence will protect us from people walking through the yard and tossing trash in it. A fence will prove that another person cares enough about Sarah to protect her. (And no fence means she is not cared for (all lies!!) The enemy will raise your emotions and all carnality in your mind and heart regarding self in this world…(which is to be replaced with My Word…My Word alone defeats the enemy when he rises). If anger rises up in you, it can mean that your dead self feels entitled to something that I have not necessarily ordained. Preachers who yell at congregants who disagree with them show this. I have told you that I do not ordain those who walk according to their flesh, who do not serve The Lord as I did, washing feet in My Spirit.

I use the enemy to show what is still in you that needs to die/be denied so that I can live through you…and do My Work which is to defeat the enemy, to rescue those bound by his chains (Only I can remove people’s chains that is why I said not to argue with a fool…do not argue with those who show that they do not have Fear of The Lord and I, Jesus did.) Bring it all to Me. Ask your Daddy to fix the mess. Do you believe that I Am your Father Who fixes your mess, your carnal self that wants to raise sin up? Can I not give you what I know you need, not what your carnal SIGHT says you need?

Do not rely on people to give you what you need/want. You are called to live and walk by faith in ME and Who I AM. Get to know Me. You will learn of Me IN your trials. How would you know I am your Provider if you never suffered a need/lack? Do not curse the darkness, be My light in this dark world. Mine will not look anything like the world, and in many ways, look OPPOSITE of what the world and its churches promote. Learn of Me, Word. Yea, it is through your trials that you learn of Me in one way.

I am teaching Mine to recognize My Ways. I use the enemy through people who love him to test Mine. Is there still flesh and self-“rights” that you cling to? Have I not been Good to you and have shown you already in your life that I Provide for what I think you need? Have I not been Faithful and True in your own life? Do you have food and clothing?

When the enemy comes in like a flood:

Recognize: How offense works: (come to Me, let Me teach you your personal potential pitfall areas!)

1. Your emotions are stirred (I rebuked satan who came to tempt Me through Peter who did not want me to die, he did not understand what My full work on the cross was at that point and satan used his emotions to come against Me, to tempt My carnal emotions)

2. Your (dead/denied/his in Me) self rises. Anger, defending your logic, demanding people do what you think you need, gossiping about them, etc. If you don’t check your anger (kick it out) it will cause your dead self to rise up from its grave and demand self-gratification at the expense of others and your own faith. Let go. Let go of what your dead carnal self wants and seek Me, for nothing compares to My fruit of My Spirit…or My wisdom which I teach to those who submit to Me and do what I say to do in My Word.

3. At this point your emotions are stirred. Give Me the anger and feelings, do not let them remain not submitted to My Word or else these will cause you to sin. Demons in people are ruthless against innocence and My Truth… only I, Word of God, Truth, can stop the enemy, so come to Me immediately… Only I can break the chains off of you, and cleanse you as you submit to Me so that you do not sin with your thoughts, words, actions. This is My Holy Spirit warning you in this moment, when satan stirs ANYTHING that the dead self wants to cling to and become offended by…child of Mine, bring it to Me to fix! THIS is the moment in which you choose this day whom you serve. Your emotions are not sin in themselves, yet if you do not master these things, like I told Cain to master his anger for sin was at the door…the demons were knocking, they only need you to indulge your carnal flesh and demand your ‘rights’ from people. If you choose to agree with the enemy and indulge in your emotions, you will die. You will sin and feel justified for doing so…this is the slippery slope that leads to death…sin is born in the emotions that are not immediately submitted to Me…then the dead self rises to defend itself…then lust for revenge and getting your needs met by YOUR SELF- not Me- takes priority in the carnal mind. Sin eventually begets death. Stop lusting for thing of this life to be how you want. Let me use the enemy that comes against you to expose, then defeat the enemy’s work.

4. If you recognize that the enemy has provoked your dead self to rise, your carnal emotions and logic are a key in this…remember pride will cause you to fall from Me. Do not defend your dead/denied/hidden in Me self. Deny your self AGAIN. Deny the logic that tells you that you deserve to have what you think you need from people and from Me. Defeat the enemy’s work. If you do not, sin will enter into you and many could be defiled by sins of your mouth and actions.

And people who see that you proclaim to know Me will be defiled by your sin, and they might turn from Me because your agreeing with the flesh makes you a hypocrite.


There are many lessons in this and in those things and people in your life that the enemy WILL USE (because I ALLOW HIM TO) against any part of your flesh that still loves this world and darkness. Overcome evil with good. Love those who satan resides in and comes against you through. I said your enemies will even be in your household, satan will use ANYONE who loves the flesh and does not deny it and seek me to live in them. I will not live in the disobedient. Your lesson is to learn to live according to My Holy Spirit not promote ANYTHING of your carnal self. I AM Your very Present Help, so call on and seek Me.

Learn how satan is attacking you to make Mine fall. I said times will be so evil that My own will groan to Me because of the wickedness that comes against Me. Satan came against Me, and he attacks Me in you. Rejoice, for I would not allow him to poke you if I didn’t have a plan for you to learn to walk according to My Word. This is your training, learn and BE TRAINED.

Defeat the darkness with MY LOVE. Do Kind things for those who do not think you are important, etc. Learn to bless those who curse you in any way. You must grow up and eat the meat of Word, meaning do away with the flesh and elementary things of My Spirit…I want to grow you up, but you must ask Me to. I have so much to teach you as you become WHO I CREATED YOU TO BE of which you do not know…so seek Me now. My ways are NOT yours. I do not toss My Truths to those who love sin (dogs and swine) and Mine follow ME despite the cost in this life. And there is a cost to any who desire to be godly.

Yet with food and clothing you are content in Me and godliness with contentment (as a child weaned from its mother is satisfied, so shall I fill you if you seek Me and turn from what I call wickedness) is GREAT GAIN. You don’t even KNOW the treasure you are storing up in Heaven when you obey Me, Word of God!!

If you submit your flesh to Me, you will be free indeed and satan will not move you, just as he cannot move ME!! If I live in you, and you abide in Me, Word, Jesus Christ The Lamb of God… then you will have eternal life with Me.

Glorify My Father through Me, Jesus Christ. I AM The Everlasting Father, Mighty God. You choose if you want to serve Me or self.

Do not be ignorant of the devices of the enemy, be wise to evil and overcome it with My Help. I do not lie…. Your Help is in My NAME. So call to Me, bring those stirred emotions to Me, IMMEDIATELY…do not give satan a foothold, do not let the sun go down before you have given Me the anger and all carnal things that satan is poking you in, that I AM using to show you more areas to give to Me, so I may heal you completely and train your hands for war and your fingers for battle. I overcome with My Holy Spirit LOVE, and you will also.

My children, when offense comes – as I said it WILL – recognize the sin that wants to rise in you, come bring it to Me asap. Overcome with My Blood : remember how I defeated the enemy with My obedience to Father’s Will, with My Blood. Overcome with My Testimonies: thank Me right now for what I have already done for you. Do you have food and clothing? Yea, be content and thank Me. Enter My gates with thanksgiving. Praise Me and worship Me in Spirit and Truth, as My Holy Spirit to teach you… and plant Word into the situation NOW. Enter my courts with praise, in which I inhabit. I will teach you how to defeat the enemy what pokes at the flesh in you that still needs to submit to My Will and Way. Learn of Me. Learn Who I AM. Return to your First Love by knowing Me… get to know Me. I will answer you speedily in these days and show you how to battle. Overcome with a meek and lowly heart, with My fruit from My Spirit.

Those who walk according to My Holy Spirit and bear My fruit are FREE INDEED.

Blessed be The Name of The Lord, in Whose Holy Name is your HELP!

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