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What God Says To Them That Have Taken The V – Anna


What God Says To Them That Have Taken The V

October 10, 2021 9:50 AM

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Yesterday evening I was praying and talking to the Lord, then after watching a video on “V” from a Cardiologist who was explaining how dangerous was the spike proteins for the body, the heart, the kidneys and the Liver, I prayed and asked God for His opinion, that I wanted to see how He sees it.

I had a dream that early morning, in my dream I felt the Holy Spirit on me I kept saying « you have defiled the temple of the Holy Spirit », he said it 3 times through me, He was grieved

Then I had the feeling, in my dream, that Christians who took the Jab have grieved the Holy Spririt and if they keep taking additonal shots (booster shots …) the Holy Spirit won’t remain with them any more.

That is all I heard.

God Bless you All, stay strong,
your sister in Christ



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