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What God is saying about the Coronavirus, the Locust Plague and the World Famine – Part 2 – Rachel Baxter

What God is saying about the Coronavirus, the Locust Plague and the World Famine – Part 2

March 6, 2020
Rachel Baxter


Auto Generated Transcript

hello I felt led to do this next video
to kind of pick up maybe where we left
off last with the last video that I did
a couple of days ago on March 3rd the
Lord had given me a continuation
continuation to that message and I just
didn’t feel like we had enough time to
get into it so I’m gonna try tonight
although there’s a dog barking my
neighbor’s dog is barking and my kids
are upstairs being wild so I don’t know
we’ll see how this goes tonight so the
first thing I want to say is you know I
had had mentioned that the Lord had you
know I I was led back to the Lord at the
end of 2013 and I began to hear his
voice and and to learn more about him
and learn who I was in him and I
received healing through a ministry
called one whole heart and I just had
those deep places of my heart healed so
that I could hear the Lord better and I
you know I I was no longer deceived you
know when our hearts are hurting it’s
easy to it’s easy to believe lies about
ourself and about others and to love an
offense and so I’m not there yet people
that know me and love me would tell you
that that I I still walk in my flesh but
I desire to walk in my spirit and that’s
what I’m going after so anyway it’s been
a journey so it’s only been just over
six years but I want to share with you
just something personal as I start this
video that recently the Lord gave me a
dream and I think it was at the end of
2019 actually that he gave me the stream
and in the dream it was really really
super simple was just that he had placed
a pearl in my mouth and it was a big
pearl and I woke up and I’m like that’s
interesting what does that mean and so
you know I researched a little bit
pearls and biblical meaning of pearl
and that kind of thing and obviously
there’s pearls of wisdom right but in my
research what I learned is that pearl
you know forms in a muscle and in pearl
farming what happens is a muscle first
has to be three years old before a pro
conformed and then what they do is they
actually in surgically insert an
irritant into the muscle and the muscle
coats the pearl over and over again to
protect itself and so if that coating is
actually what makes the pearl and that
process takes three years so it takes
three years first to reach maturity as a
muscle and then three more years for the
pearl to form and so I just felt like
the Lord had showed me that that that
was part of my journey was those first
three years from 2010 to 2013 and 2016
was just growing it enough maturity in
the Lord to be able to hear him and hear
clearly and understand and I’m again not
perfectly but to just to grow enough and
to be to be a vessel that he can use you
know we all have to grow yeah I had been
a Christian pretty much my whole life
but I’m seeing that place of deep
relationship knowing the Lord who Jesus
is all that stuff and so that was three
years and then in 2016 just the Lord
began to impart 2013 to 2016 and then
2016 to to 2019 really that was the time
when the Lord just really began speaking
to me and he would have me write these
things that he was saying and I didn’t
have context for the things he was
saying to me and I didn’t know anyone
around me really that was hearing the
Lord like I was and thank God in my
journey he’s connected me with people
that hear the Lord like I do or that
God’s desiring to use the way he’s using
me and so anyway there’s a place
maturity so what was cool though was my
son Boston he’s nine years old and he
had a dream as a few days after my dream
and he said he couldn’t wait to tell me
about his dream in the morning and so he
came to me and he said mom I had this
dream and in the stream god
next to God and we were in heaven and
Satan was standing in front of him and
God spoke and it was like he blew Satan
back like a block it was so amazing and
he said in the dream God turned to him
and said Boston we defeat the devil with
truth and so anyway he said that to me
you know you defeat the devil with the
truth and so I just thought that was
really neat and then he said and God
told me to tell you that my dreams
connected to your dream and when he said
that I didn’t really know what he meant
and then later on in the day I was kind
of going about my business cleaning or
something and it hit me like it was the
Pearl dream in my mouth in our mouth is
meant to be truth and when we speak
truth we defeat the devil so that’s my
heart and that’s the intro is that I
really really just want to speak truth
and I pray that anything that I would
share that the Lord’s given me it is an
encouragement I think the Lord shares
some really difficult things sometimes
but he wants us to know what’s coming so
that we are prepared and I don’t just
mean physically and everything oh you
gotta have your stockpile and all that
Andy I think the last video I said that
but it’s more what’s the preparation
preparation in our hearts and our
relationship with him so that he can
lead us when things aren’t going the way
we want him to go in this world does not
continue on like normal like everything
we’ve expected up to this point and so
so with that in the last video where I
talk about January you know the Lord
said I’m raising up the joseph´s the
date the famine begins is January 16th
and I told you that I didn’t know when
he gave that to me what year that was
and then now the Lord has confirmed that
it is January 16th of 2020 the famine
has begun and so I want to read to you
because I didn’t then I want to read to
you though
that he gave me at that time and this is
what the Lord said after he had given me
the vision and the angel was there you
know and I saw different things which
I’m not gonna go into this time but this
is what he said on January he said this
on January 3rd of 2016 when he said the
date the famine because it’s gonna be
January 16th and we didn’t know which
January 16th but now what’s happened
he said right what I have to say to the
nation’s you have not heeded my warnings
you have not stopped to bow to me and
now I will break your back you forget
that it is I that raises up kings and
nation’s and a desire that causes them
to fall but you will remember again I
call to you now my people to awake from
your slumber sober up so that you can
see what is going on around you listen
to my voice and follow me the war will
rage around you many will fall at your
right hand and your left
but determine to keep your eyes on me I
will lead you through the darkness and
into the great light my children and so
I felt like that was really important to
to share with you to read and to
recognize that the coronavirus that we
are experiencing the beginnings of the
corona virus this this pendant this what
will become a pandemic and the things
that are to come it’s not just about one
thing it’s not gonna just be one thing
that happens and then we’re gonna get
back to normal
that’s not what’s gonna happen we can
pray for a reprieve and for the Lord so
like let us catch our breath but I don’t
know that he will do that he wants us to
get shaken enough where we come out of
the stuff that we’re in that we’re not
supposed to be in and so I just when I
read that you know what I can’t help but
think about is the headlines in our
papers right now and you know this this
this disease started in China at least
what we understand and
even though China is incredibly
different than our nation of America
it’s an it’s a nation that’s been around
a long time and God sets Kings and he’s
saying I’m the one that raises up kings
and nations and I caused that cousin to
fall in China over the the years that
I’ve been alive in my decades China has
become a superpower and I think that’s
incredible and but what will this do to
their economy in the short term in the
long term I think we’re beginning to
contemplate the effect of this with
people not working products not being
sold products not being purchased
products not being shipped what is the
economic impact of all of this we’ve
already seen the largest drop in our
stock market in the history there was a
little bit of rebound kind of like a
bouncing ball right and it’s gone back
down again so I just think that this is
you know this these are this is what the
Lord said four years ago and so now I
want to read to you the rest of what he
spoke to me on March 3rd couple days ago
because today’s March 5th that I’m
recording this in the evening so I just
I asked him I said you know Abba did the
famine you had warned me about in 2016
begin on January 16th 2020 yes this is
what I heard yes a resounding yes yes my
daughter it is time to proclaim the
famine and what is to come you have been
called to see that which is coming upon
the earth and tell my people what is to
come I’m gonna stop a second and say
there’s nothing good in me I there’s no
there’s no glory here there’s nothing in
me that wants to be somebody that
proclaims this I know if you can you
know if you’re watching and you’re
thinking like what would that be like to
be saying those words well it’s it yeah
I’ve struggled and I wrestled I’m just a
regular person I’m a wife and a mother
I have a career but I love the Lord more
than anything and I’m willing to do
whatever he asks even if it means I look
foolish even if it means I lay
everything down and thank God you know
my husband you know he gods brought us
into unity and he supports any trusts
what God has spoken to me and shown me
and that’s why I can say these things
and but I am human and I am fallible and
so anything I ever say I pray you take
it to the Lord yourself and ask him so I
just needed to say that and so the Lord
said to me tell them what is to come and
I am going to endeavor to do that I like
I said the Lord’s given me a lot over
the last six years and I there isn’t
there isn’t you know we’ll just see what
the Lord does but he is beginning to put
the puzzle pieces together for me
because I perceive a word here and a
word here and a vision here and an angel
would come here and it all looked like
this make big mess in fact I will show
you I’ve been keeping this journal for
several years now this is kind of like
one of my special journals and let’s see
if I can find the page just to give you
a sense just like these are like the
highlights of the things that the Lord
spoken to me and things like woe to the
inhabitants of the earth and I’ve
already said to you you’ve been called
to see that which is coming upon the
earth it talks about war and about
famine and about the plans that that
Satan has the plans God has and covenant
being a covenant people and setting up a
kingdom and Dada Dada that’s a good
stuff so but right now we’re focusing on
this so the Lord went on to say Rachel
the locusts have come upon the
earth this plan has taken much time it
is not something that just starts
I have purposed the conditions so that
the plan will not prevail day by day day
by day my plan will come forward written
from the end to the beginning I think
that’s a reference to Isaiah when it
says he’s wrong he’s written the end
from the beginning he’s written the
beginning from the end he’s written the
beginning from the end even though he
said it the opposite another word
Scott’s not on a timeline he already
knows everything that’s gonna happen it
doesn’t mean he’s in control of
everything that happens that he does
everything that’s not what it means
it means he’s given us authority on the
earth and it’s he’s given this earth to
us and we gave it away
I Adam and Eve Adam and Eve gave it away
to Satan but when Jesus came back he
took the keys and he took back authority
and then when he left he gave it back to
us but the Lord he’s seen he’s seen it
all so he’s not confined by time like we
are and so he already knows all that’s
gonna happen
and so he says he goes on and says
proclaim the day of the Lord that is
coming this generation will see the
coming of the Son of Man and the last
Trump with all its glory and might to
the redeemed I am Here I am a good
father with mighty plans for my family
plans to give you future and hope for
Joyce again I say rejoice
and so there’s incredible encouragement
right and I I don’t want to be to be a
dead horse
I want the beat of drum too much I don’t
know but God you know the is the the
Israelites in Egypt they saw all the
plagues come upon the Egyptians but God
protected them through it if they were
living in the confines of Egypt they the
the Israelites like had their own piece
of land so they did not live as a part
of they weren’t and in other words they
weren’t living amongst it wasn’t like
you know like in my neighborhood I’ve
got all you know
all different tribes and nations in my
neighborhood was like that it was like
the Israelites lived on their own and
then there was the Egyptians right
because the Israelites were in slavery
so they lived in the slave quarters even
though there was hundreds of thousands
of them when the plagues came because
they were a part they were set apart
they weren’t they weren’t impacted they
weren’t affected and the last plague
specifically God – gave them
instructions to put the blood on the
door away on the door frames and the
threshold so that the Angel of Death
that I’ve met before when he passed over
and he slain all the firstborn sons he
knew they were saying or claiming the
blood of the Lamb so will be protected
so here’s the warning to us okay is
we’re living amongst them the them is
anyone who sets sets his sights against
God anyone who chooses to partner with
Satan and be a part of the kingdom of
this world and not the kingdom of God
that’s the them now that there’s an
invitation to every single person on
this earth to come in and be a part of
God’s kingdom it’s our choice so when we
choose God’s kingdom he’s saying come
out come out of all of that but the
problem is we’re living amongst it so
you say well if I’m a child of God why
am i why am I going to go through bad
stuff why am i well because we’re still
living amongst them that’s why if
there’s gonna come a time where God
literally is going to take us out of
where we are that may sound crazy I had
to get my head around it he’s literally
gonna take us out and he’s going to
protect us we’re gonna choose to leave
where we are and that’s how we’re gonna
be protected but I’m getting ahead of
myself but this is what’s gonna happen
in the years to come so there’s this
this plan of freeing us from the bomb
the bonds that were in slavery to this
broken world and being freed for his
kingdom that is to come
so in this timing of January of 2016
okay so going back to that when he first
said this word to me there was like this
unraveling that happened and so the Lord
gave me a dream on January 16 2016 the
dream was of
all of the systems of the world falling
and failing and in and he showed me this
building collapsing and but before it
collapsed it was like he gave me a view
of it collapsing it was like I almost
experienced it and then like the
building fell as I went down and I came
back up and so and then it fell and I
was outside the building and protected
and so this dream again as I put the
puzzle pieces together he was showing me
how I’m gonna show you and I’m asking
you to share it with other people so
that if they have ears to hear they’ll
hear the warning he wants to show us
what’s gonna happen before it happens so
that we’re not in the building we’re not
inside we’re not in the Egyptians you
know in with the Egyptians in their land
and so in the last video I shared a part
of the word that the Lord gave me on
January 28th of 2016 so again this was
this month playing out this is
unraveling and this was the dream where
I had the grasshopper hopped and it woke
me up and then this I had this
experience with the Lord and so I want
to read that I want to read the whole
thing to you because I stopped short
before because I just didn’t feel like
there was going to be enough time so
after the grasshopper experience I went
back to sleep and then I was woven again
by a sound that may have just been
experienced in the spiritual though it
felt real in the physical the room was
silent when I opened my eyes
so however I saw in the spirit about ten
feet from me a figure that appeared to
be holding a trumpet to its mouth ready
to blow and I heard the word right as I
lingered in my bed a little bit longer
with my eyes closed I saw a picture of a
tear that falls into the shape of a
cross then it turns to flames burning
brightly and magnificently it then
becomes clear that the cross I am seeing
is actually a cross plaque hanging on a
wall up high
I see people walking by it and passing
under it but never even noticing it I
then saw a picture of myself kneeling
down in my prayer closet with the man
find me with his hand on my shoulder his
eyes were blue his ice I knew that Jesus
was calling me calling to me so I got up
and went into my closet and I heard
Jesus instruct me to write this my
people walk by my cross every day it is
so commonplace that it’s meant that it’s
meaning has been lost but the for the
purpose of decoration my blood was
spilled for the transgressions of all
yet the hearts of so many are cold even
lifeless having been turned bitter by
the deception of the evil one
I never ceased to call out to whisper in
your ears the truth that you were mine
and I paid the price and fall to free
you from the bondage of sin you are no
longer slaves to sin and death and yet
you live as if you have already died I
call to you to stand with me in this
hour the time for sleeping has passed
you must be awake and poised to receive
my order I send out the call to my army
to rise up as one each must take up
their place that I can lead you forward
it is I that makes a way it is I that
directs each step you know it is me when
its effortless it will be like the
breeze blowing you along you will know
that you are not alone the trumpet
bearers stand ready to blow at my
command the trumpets are even to their
mouths and the breath and their lungs
this shall be a move of the one true God
like has never come upon this earth to
this day or ever again do you feel it
the winds of change once they blew cold
but now they blow with the heat of fury
it shall be unleashed upon the ungodly
they that she was evil over good they
that blaspheme his name they that have
covered themselves and every kind of
precious jewel enriches adorning
themselves for their own glory yet they
laugh at the righteous who for my sake
choose to serve instead of be served
they that passed the children by instead
of giving a penny to those in need this
wicked generation shall pass away and
then I will come and bring in with me
but will bring it life eternal you see
the lights and the firmament burning
brightly do you not know that the Lord
of all heaven placed them there for a
purpose do you not see them see that
these he purposed them to be signs and
signposts and so I just made a comment
in my post here that I said I feel like
this speaks to the the signs in the
heavens the significance you know now
what’s happened even after this with the
solar clips that crossed America and
will again across America in 2024 the
opposite way anyway the Lord is marking
us and so Jesus goes on to say do not
mock what you do not understand with all
the wisdom of this earth and the
knowledge that moves to and fro do not
suppose to under they understand the
things only my father can fathom his
greatness is unseen and unheard of man
cannot and will not grasp the depths of
his genius on this side of heaven yet
how good he is to give you a glimpse of
his wonder and majesty the seasons the
waves the animals from the lowest of
them to the greatest lives in harmony
and now his greatest creation man
desiring to become like God polluting
what he created imperfection requiring
no alteration can you imagine his
disdain over mutants man has tried and
succeeded at creating and then
mosquitoes the smallest of creatures
causing such great harm to his children
do you not feel his heart breaking for
what man has brought on himself and that
was the time Braun that time was the
Zika virus when I was hearing this so
here’s what he went on to say what I
didn’t share the last time know this the
blood of the Lamb protects all just as
my people covered their doorposts so
that the Angel of Death passed over
social the blood of the Lamb protect
every life whether in the womb or in a
home I freely gave of my blood every
drop is available to you and your
families so seal yourself and my name
right my blood on your hearts and on
your minds and let it cover your homes
and your children nothing outside of my
blood may penetrate that which is within
its covering which becomes righteous
pure and holy it is yours for the taking
all you must do is to ask me into your
heart and surrender your own protectors
which are foolhardy and only lead to
in any way the shaking that I have
warned of is upon you but my sheet must
fear not rest in me and I in you and
then here he gives very specific warning
so again remember that this was four
years ago woe to the inhabitants of
California you have not seen the worst
of what shall befall you the prideful
and the arrogant will fall to their
knees before my father’s judgment ends
woe to the inhabitants of Seattle for
the darkness you have welcomed upon
yourselves the stench of the fornication
has reached my father’s nostrils and the
repulsion is too much to bear
woe to the inhabitants of Colorado for
your drunkenness and your orgies you
have given up sober life for slumber and
lightheadedness you are raising up a
generation of thieves and bums woe to
the inhabitants of New England for your
political treachery you scheme and you
plot selling your lies and your
forgeries your way of life shall soon
change woe to the inhabitants of harlot
City New York City who lures men in with
her wiles only to gut them and take
their souls your fate has been sealed
the tall buildings will become jumping
grounds for so many and then I saw this
picture of suicide by jumping from the
tall building woe to the inhabitants of
Chicago for you have caused the death of
family you have caused men to fail to
become fathers and women to forget how
to mother you have torn the very fabric
of this country apart why oh why have
you chosen to believe the lie you shall
see these things come to pass and you
will know that the Lord has spoken
at the time you know I didn’t know why
the Lord was giving most specific
warnings of you know it’s not like he
said a city city city city it was like
you know state of California city of
state of Colorado city of Chicago city
of New York City in the New England not
and so like you know I just want you to
know that doesn’t come from me I don’t
know I don’t even know those cities very
well even Bend all those these are all
those places
so what I’ll say is I guess what’s what
God is really doing is he’s bringing
these places to my attention he brought
that word back to me and told me to
speak it and so I believe he has a
purpose in that and you know at the end
he says it’s so that you will believe so
that people will believe that he’s
speaking and they will come to him and
so that you know that’s the intention
when I see the headlines again today of
where we’re at you know Seattle with the
you know being the area so far here it
is March 5th 2020 the area hardest hit
by the coronavirus the greatest number
of deaths and I mean it’s tragic this is
no this this is this is difficult to see
and to see it unfold people real people
are losing their lives and and again
we’re not to fear so there’s this this
message here of woe you know the ungodly
are to fear those that have ears to hear
and are humbling ourselves before the
Lord we have nothing to fear in all this
but California you know as the state
what I was reading several weeks ago
they were quarantine enlarged not
thousands of people at one time and
anyway you can read the headlines so I
don’t want to just regurgitate headlines
but I’m watching it those areas to see
what is going to happen and then I my
prayer is that people would recognize
they need to turn to the Lord that’s the
purpose of judgment its redemptive in
nature until it’s not until Sodom and
Gomorrah where the Lord rained down hail
and brimstone and they were no more that
wasn’t redemptive right that wasn’t
redemptive because that was final and as
long as we have breath in our lungs any
judgment we experience is redemptive God
desires to redeem us to himself and
bring us back
himself and so I’m I’m just boldly I’m
reading what he gave me four years ago
and saying I don’t know are we seeing
this unfold are we gonna see more unfold
possibly then I want to switch gears
just a little bit and say that again in
that 2016 time period August 20 August
17th the Lord gave me this I’m not going
to read the whole word but these words
are out my my wordpress blog is called
scroll and fig-leaf so and there’s a
story behind that that I won’t go into
my spirit is being poured out without
measure stand up the time for hiding has
ended and then he says what must my
father do to get your attention
earthquakes famine pestilence take your
pick or choose all three and so I
believe that’s a warning
I’m the the time of famine has begun and
it will continue for whatever period of
time the Lord deems pestilence I already
shared in the last video there’s there
is pestilence there’s the plague of
locusts and it’s not in America yet is
it gonna come to America are we gonna
see that are we gonna see another kind
of pestilence I believe we are and
earthquakes we experience those but are
we going to experience if were in a time
of redemptive judgment are we going to
experience earthquakes famine and
pestilence I believe we are a word the
Lord gave me November 19th
of 2016 so again we’re still just here
in 2016 so this is encouraging and so
this was an at this angelic messenger
came and it’s this angel came and I knew
that he had a message and that’s
typically what angels do that’s their
job if you don’t know for the most part
that’s their job
is to give messages so I guess they have
lots of jobs but that’s a primary job so
this is what I heard our release is
coming unlike anything that has ever
come to the earth in any generation and
then later on the latter rain is coming
and there will be such a deluge for an
extended period of time that God’s
children will begin to change so to me
that is very encouraging and I am
looking for that this is all tied
together so that’s what we have to
realize as we see these things come to
pass prepare our hearts let our hearts
be ready to receive what God has to
offer because we look we need to look
around us at all the people who don’t
know where their hope comes from we know
where our hope comes from we know we’ve
it’s like we’ve been asleep for all
these generations right all Americans
and all yea Christian nation doesn’t
just going through the motions we go to
church on Sunday and I guess that’s
enough and yet you know how many of us
are are living out every kind of sin
imaginable you know each of us can self
reflect and the Lord it’s not hidden
from the Lord he knows all of our sin
right oli hat says that we must do is
come to him repent fall before and
repent and ask for forgiveness turn from
our wicked ways that’s all we need to do
and ask Jesus into our hearts to help us
and ask for Holy Spirit to come and be
our teacher and and you know the release
of power that Jesus made available to
his apostles to his disciples that same
power is available to us today and if
you don’t believe that I’m sorry
seven years ago I wouldn’t have believed
it it’s not something that’s taught in
my in my as a part of our normal church
doctrine in the church that I go to
but I’ve experienced the power of God
and so ask the Lord to allow you to
experience that if you’ve never
experienced the power of God feeling his
power hearing his voice speaking when he
tells you to speak and seeing someone
healed watching others pray in the name
of Jesus and see people healed in
incredible things you know the power of
God is available to us today
my sweet brothers and sisters all we
have to do is ask the Lord we’ve got to
prepare hearts so that it’s all his
glory and not ours and then we need to
step into who he made us to be so the
latter rain is coming and we need to be
excited okay so I’m gonna end with this
this video tonight with this last word
and it’s a word of encouragement and
hopefully a word that causes you to stop
and think and ask the Lord if you’ve
really given him here yes like your
resounding yes so this was December 3rd
2016 so kind of ended the year the Sun
and the stars cry out to me all of
creation groans for the manna-fest sons
and daughters to come into who they were
created to be this is the time this is
the season where new life breaks forth I
am building my kingdom on this earth now
at the same time the kingdom’s built by
man in flesh will fall until they are
all rubble demolition will be going on
at the same time as construction we will
run this project concurrently that guy
has a sense of humor some of the land
and the hearts have already been
prepared with proper foundations so that
now we can build upon them but the vast
expanse is yet to be demolished my angel
stand ready at my order four great
sections to be triggered like a
well-planned mission one column of
society after another will come down
down down fear not my people for when
this happens my truth will be on your
lips your eyes will look out upon your
fellow man with empathy anew with words
of hope that comes only from Jesus
Christ my son it is felt like your lips
won’t move or that your throat is too
dry to speak but I will cause your lips
to part with my words and will rinse
your throat with living water you feel
like you’re a shell today hollowed out
dead to this world waiting in
anticipation of the move of God and it
is coming it is coming it is I who will
fill you with myself my love my
or in my glory I placed my dreams and
plans deep inside the recesses of your
heart and I will cause them to bubble up
they will begin to flicker in your
mind’s eye you will ask are these from
you Lord and I will be faithful to
answer with a smile it is time for my
manifest sons and daughters to step
forward to step away from the crowds of
the sleeping and the distracted it is
time for you to step into who I created
you to be
there has been no mistake in you there
is no mistake in your life all of your
life until this day has been carefully
preserved to bring you into this moment
this time this purpose this is not for
the sake of greatness
what is greatness there is no desire of
greatness in your heart apart from the
greatness of my glory that is a lie that
the clever one seeks to speak into you
see it for what it is a lie
the truth is that you were predestined
before time began for the purpose the
revelation I’ve given to you it’s
already there and it will be begin to
come into clearer view find a lie that
is because of anything you’ve done or
said or for any other reason than for my
love my great love that I have for you
you will say Lord how can I am a man of
no special talents or gifts to Shepherd
this dream I answer you it is not you
who will do any good thing for my
it is me working in you it is me living
in you that will cause you to become
what I’ve always created you to be
say yes say yes to this revelation and I
will reach down into your heart and
begin to bring it forth I will show you
the plans that I have for my kingdom and
you are placed in those plans I have
plans to prosper you and bring you peace
in my plans there is safety and
provision in my plans for you here in my
plans for you here is joy exceeding joy
the choice is yours as it has always
been I’ve chosen you you’ve been called
you’ve already been equipped because as
it has been done in heaven it will be
done on earth ask me Who am I Lord who
did you create me to be and I will tell
you and I will show you and I will
it is I who placed the dream deep in
your heart I will bring it up and out
and into being this is the time of my
manifest sons and daughters and then
after that word the Lord set me to
Romans 8 and so he gave me the
scriptural confirmation so can read it
for yourself but it talks about the
manifest sons and daughters and that was
not something I knew before he sent me
to Romans 8 so again I’m gonna end with
you know so much is coming he’s making
us ready he’s making away so father God
I just thank you for ears to hear or
what you’re saying what you’re doing
what you have for all of your children
every single person that you love and
that you desire to bring to yourself
father God I pray that this message
would go forth and that anyone who’s
meant to hear it would hear it and that
you would do something in that to help
them to know who they are in you and to
grow closer to you all this we ask in
Jesus name thank you

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